May 31st, 2001


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Oh, Rubber ducky, you're the one.
You make bath time lots fun.
Rubber ducky I'm awefully fond of you.
Vo-Vo-Vo-Di Oh.
Ruber ducky, joy of joys. When i sqeeze you, you make noise.
Rubber ducky you're my very best friend it's true.
Oh, every day when I make my way to the Tubby,
I find a little fella, who's cute and yella and chubby. Rub-a-dub-dubby.
Rubber Ducky, you're so fine,
and I'm lucky that you're mine.
Rubber ducky I'm awefully fond of you.
Hey rubber Ducky. Would you like me to scrub your back with my nifty little scrub brush?
You would! Ok! How's this?
Hey, you want me to scrub behind your ears? Oh, I see. You don't have any ears, do you!
Well, how bout your tummy? Scrub his little ducky tummy. Oh! He's ticklish!
Oh, every day, when I make my way to the tubby.
I find a little fella who's cute and yella and chubby. Rub a dub dubby.
Rubber ducky, you're so fine, and I'm lucky that you're mine.


basically all morning i've been vegging in front of the bigass television... i havent done that in the longest was cool..i watched a movie on the Turnr Cassic movie station with Judy garland in it.. it was cute.. its like a really old version of you've got mail...except with snail mail and a music store.whatever....i watched the "quackpack" on the toon channel and "ducktales" and i watched like really old episodes of "the wonder years"..i think i've seen every episode of that.. i grew up with that.. i love that show.. where's fred savage now?

anyway...i'm probably just gonna chill at home all day....people can come over if they want... its all good..

i've lost a lot of weight in the past 3 days.. i havent been able to eat because of the stomache pains.. fuckin pains.. i'm really hungry.. i have no food, well i have rice krispies but no milk..and thats sad...

i still have a caving for chinese noodles..

i wonder how much money is in my wallet.. i could walk to the school.....but that smacks of effort and its already 7th period.....i dont know.....

lyric of the day : "cause i am a pretty peice of flesh i am a pretty peice of flesh i am a pretty peice of flesh.. i am"--radiohead

i'm bored.. call me..i'm almost out of cookie dough...where's JDS (JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!) me

i'm home .. or just randomly come over
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kiss me

i'm tired.....i want someone to come over and hang out with me.. i'm lonely..bein alone sux...

erica would come over but she doesnt wanna walk..i dont blame her.i dont feel like walkin....granted if chris was home i'd probably walk there...

new lyric of the day : "so kiss me"--kiss me--sixpence none the richer.....i love that song.....its pretty me..there are still more hours in the day to hang out
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    kiss me-sixpence none the richer

personal desicion

i've made a personal decision to get my tongue peirced in israel this summer... it wil be fun..good reasons.. my mom will freek.. it will be good



random info

ok yeah......the mathew that worked at dennys with the sparkly eyes(so cute--they sparkle)...his brother is the evan dude who jenny and fedeli hate...weird


in the yearbook they have a picture of pat "pat in the hat" gallardy,, when i duct taped him with bubble wrap and duct tape so he was bubble pat.. there is a picture.. I DID THAT!! i made him bubble wrap.. that had NOTHING to do with school spirit.....kimi ave me this GIANT bag of bubble wrap and i had nothing to do with we duc taped pat.. me and crystal did it.. WE DID!! .. they put it in the yearbook with no recognition of the people who made "bubble pat"

the end

i make out with girls!!!

so i met chrisat clearspring park and we went to giant and for some random reason i was just saying " I MAKE OUT WITH GIRLS!" really was amusing....the people at giant were like whoa... then we went back to his house and you know......watched bet friends do...suprisingly enough neither one of us fell asleep on his couches..weird..then he took me home and he went to like walmart or something..

basiclly today was my TV day...i watched in the mornin, afternoon and night.. will and grace was funny! sandrabernheart...she's crazy..hehe

i'm, talkin to mcnugget right now.. its crazy.. i miss him like anything... for some odd reason i love that guy! (SHUT UP!!)

DivaVivaLF (10:06:15 PM): what r u doin this summer?
Air4me2384 (10:08:08 PM): Football
DivaVivaLF (10:08:29 PM): playing? watching? camp?
Air4me2384 (10:10:46 PM): ALL -the watching
DivaVivaLF (10:11:07 PM): score....crazy jock boy

i want a pic of him...apparently he's supposed to be hot or something now.. i remember him in 4th grade..BRIGHT red cute (SHUT UP!!!)

Air4me2384 (10:12:26 PM): you the one to talk miss I grad A WHOLE year early
DivaVivaLF (10:12:51 PM): well u know..high school was pissing me off....i needed to get out
DivaVivaLF (10:13:34 PM): i come back from israel at the end of september, nuthin to do until january (bein college).....october-novemeber....i imight goto FL to bother you

apparently marc got a vibrating cell phone

Marc8382 (10:13:36 PM): guess who has a vibrating cell phone ?
DivaVivaLF (10:13:40 PM): me and jeff
DivaVivaLF (10:13:47 PM): did u get one
Marc8382 (10:13:53 PM): ok, well now Im a part of that group as well
DivaVivaLF (10:14:06 PM): welcome to the wonderful world of vibration

funny shit

aparently me and mcnugget are gonna hook up (shut up!!).....anyway

i'm tired

buff is hot..she's my girlfriend.. i love me some buff.... oh and she showers naked!
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