June 1st, 2001



i've been sleeping all moringing....then my mom called to tell me she's the president of canda or something that has to do with massage....i was half asleep i didnt get it.. then my gandparents called to tell me my mom is the president and thats annoying....but its ok

i send *good vibes* to jeff.....i'm really sorry..i love you!! dont be mad at me...

my grandma is taking me for chinese food ..oh sweet noodles, i've been craving for like two-3 days... other than that, i'm gonna sleep

i had a dream that buff ranup and gave me a hug and then at the same time we bth screamed " I MAKE OUT WITH GIRLS", then chris said "its true ya'know" ..then me and buff started makin out an chris said "see" ....and it was funny cause chris and iwere talkin about it earlier'

i havent talked to daniel in a few days..... i miss him.. its sad..i'm dealing... i wish he'd call just so i could hear his voice...he has such a sexy voice..

i had the most interesting conversation with chris last night.. somehow it ended up about masturbation..which was really REALLY disturbing, because its chris...and chris and viva dont talk about dirty things.. well chris doesnt..aaahh.. i think we progresed in our best friend relationship... weird isnt it..

i have a month before i leave for israel...who wants to party?..heehee......hey.=-kimi --when do u leave for bootcamp??? we need to have sex before u go! its all good!...i love you!..

anyway.. buff and my relationshi isgoing good....granted i havent seen her..but still....i'm gonna try and hang out wth her this weekend..i'm gonna be good to buff....i love me some buff.. i like or desire you enthusiastically!


anyway.....laters...i'm home until like 2:30...call me on my cell after that...

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ok..everyone (everyone being adults, parents, grandaretns) are makin WAY to big a fuckin del abtuchurchil's prom tonight.... its NOT A BIG FUCKIN DEAL!!....they are like, bitching and nagging aND like oh what r u gonna wear....i'm wearin a fuckin dres....shut up its none of ur busins!!!!!!! is fuckin aggrivating!
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ok.....so i'll be here all day....i'm not going to lunch with my grandma.she doesnt feel well....i wanted some fuckin noodles!!!!......now i'm pissed!..errr

ok anyway...i might go up to the school.....yeah i think i will.....


call my cell 254-5308

i still make out wth girls!

so yeah....i went up to the school..i love marc frankel SO MUCH!!! he's my baby....i think he's gonna be one of the ones i miss the most!.. i love him.. so cute!..i went up to the school....i saw people....it was good..

i stll make out with girls--its true ya know!
so funny

i've been thinkin about daniel a lot... i dont think he's gonna call anymore.. i dont know.. i guess he's happy with cathrine.. which is good...i want him to be happy...i guess i'll live.. i'm leavnig in a month anyway..he probably wont even remember me by the time i get back..


prom tonight

i'm wearing the blackdress i wore to JDS prom..with my back velvet coat..(the most orgazmic coat in the world! all velvet!...and so yeah....mike's pckin me up at 6...then back to his house so his 'rents can take pictures... then to dinner, then prom, then to his house to change, then post prom, then home.. or i might just crash at his place until like 12..i dont know..i probly kinda want to go home.. i dont know..its all good...i'll have my cell...

whats up with tomarrow night.. lets do something..party at erica's?? dennys?? somewhere??


SO ...tonight

ok....yeah...i'm leaving tonight..i have my cell phone......it will be off for a lot of the night..but i want you all to call and leave me random messages.....cause it will make me feel speciall....just call and be like..whats up


anyway....thats all.....i love you guys!

i make out with girls.. buff's hot