June 3rd, 2001



i miss daniel a lot more than i thought... what's wrong with me..i guess i'm partially sad cause i didnt get to say goodbye...i really miss him... oy..i gotta stop.... anyway...

lyric of the day:
"Girl, you're my angel, you're my darling angel
Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby
Shorty, you're my angel, you're my darling angel
Girl, you're my friend when I'm in need, lady"--angel --shaggy

apparently i have fans..who read my LJ..which i feel special about... its all in good fun..this is my life...welcome to it.

i've been hangng with Erica,scotty,jordan and greg like ALL DAY!!!.... then fedeli and jenny came t hang out fo like an hour...jenny brought me cookie mix (YAY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!)....so i made more cookies...movies, aliens, movies, gamini's pizza,runing into carl joyce (DAMNit CARL!)...speakin the jive with Jordan and greg.. "but superfly wouldnt say that to G-d"....so funny... crankin out nelly.. white chick knows the words... jordan dances...88 ford torus with a broken drivers door.. the pimpmmobile apparently..i dont get it..THE TRANSITION (best band to come out of va beach!)..random baptists stopin by to see Jordan.. john paulicen, and matt..the other one...hehe..porn...DETROIT ROCK CITY!!!, the black knight bfrom monty python and the holy grail... m and fedeli watching 3rd rock at 1:30am.. i think thats it....

umm.....whats up with tomarrow.....anyone??? i wanna hang with chris..but i dont know what he's doin

random thought of the day: daniel
other random thought of the day: sex with a midget...ya think????

its crazy

i'm really sleepy....goodnight.....until tomarrow..err..later today

ineed hugs....i'm in denial....where's my buff... she gives the best hugs

anyway....i feel sad....i really miss daniel...i gotta stop...anyway....night
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again with the late sleeping.....i went to sleep at like 4:30-5am and woke up at like 10.....thats really annoying....but i'm ok...

i really wanna hang out with chris...i think i need some degree of sanity....which i probably wont find with chris (I LOVE YOU!) ...but i need the type of conversation with chris that makes me feel good..i just need to hang with him... i dont know

i'm still listening to Angel by shaggy.....i seriously gotta stop.. its crazy...damnit.....i hate this feeling of emptyness..its driving me crazy!....

i miss avi..i wish i could hang out with avi!..

oh ryan!, did u get me the pics yet? can u? copies or something??

whats goin on next week.....i know Fedeli is having a party the night of June 7th so everyone can watch the MTV movie awards... PARTY AT FEDELI'S!!..hehe......i had a good conversation with him yesterday.. he's ok in my book....

do i want to goto work today?....i called KS and marji was like, i could have used u earlier.....i was like sorry...MARJI'S HOT! (inside joke)... anyway.. i love her.....i miss marc....if marc was there i wouldv'e probably walked there...but he wasnt....so i'm probably not...

i got nuthin to do today..probably just chillen.....i have like 3$ in my wallet...i want more..i have a 25$ gift certificate to borders...maybe chris will go with me.. that wouldd rock...... Lesbian bedtime stories 2!


ok..i'm out
call me i'm home!
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this has to be the most boring day in the world!

lyic of the day: "if you want to call me baby, just go ahead now and if u like to tell me maybe, just go ahead now and if u want to buy me flowers just go ahead now and if u want to talk for hours.. just go ahead now.."--two princes-- spindoctors

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i think i'm angry....im not sure.. i KNOW i'm confused...but i think i'm angry.... because i want daniel and i cant have him anymore.. so i think i'm angry... i dont know....aaaahhhhhh

someone shoot me......i dont know what to do..

i'm leaving in a month....july 1st....i'm kinda nervous...i hope i get to see Naor..i love that boy...he's my best friend in israel.. i cant wait to see him...i hope i get to see him....i dont know.....i hope i dont die while i'm there....that would suck...gettin blown up and stuff...that would realy suck

random thoughts...

i wis chris would wake the fuck up!!....damnit...its 3pm and he's still asleep....i hate it when he does this!.....err....anyway...

i dont know why this whole thing with daniel is bothering me so much...i just dont get it...cause it realy shouldnt.. stuck in my head..damn feelings..err....

i want to see buff..i miss my girlfriend.. buff rocks my world.. she has like some project to do today..so i sad..

i wanna hang out with chris.. DAMNIT CARL!

i want an excuse to chnge out of my PJs.. but i'm not going to....so i want an excuse,.....like going to chris's house....tht wold ive me a reason to put on some better pants.

hmm....no ones calling me

i sad


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(no subject)

chris called......yay.....he has to do homework so he cant hang out and im sad....but i dont know

yeah...call me if u wanna hang out today


OK!.....YAY....it worked

basically all these pics were from parties i had... at my house... or my bday party.. and then me and ryan who be stylin..

in the first pic the chick in the orange shorts is Buff...buff's my gf....she's hot!..hehe i love buff

umm...i have done literally nothing all day except be on the computer.. and watch the first 20 min of the mighty ducks 2.. i'm such a loser

anyway......i met this cool dude from catonsville md online.. his band is called " jesus in the microwave"..how cool is that...anyway.....so um yeah

i'm tired..i'mchillen at home tonight....might go out to dinner with my stepdad.. call me at home...if i'm not there....call my cell..

i think thats it..

peace out
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i finally got my chinese noodles!!! YAY.....i also went to giant where i saw my hot tutor, natasha, and her hot HOT boyfriend (really hot)..i was like damn!... anyway.. so eah....my stepdad rocks....he got me waffels (chocolate chip waffels) and GOGURT!!!! gogurt is the shit!.. and lucky charms......and orange soda.. SWEET!! its the shit

so yay!!... hmm

queer as folk is on tonight!!!...i dont know if its a new episode or not but its on tonight!!! YAY

ryan reminded me that my birthday is in 7 days! its next sunday as well as Judy Garland's and my cousin Aaron from PercyHill (look up on napster) and Earth Suits OFf

lyric of the night: "oh romeo give me a chance.. uh uh tigen i dont need a girlfriend,walk me home fro school anyway, ha ha ok, oh romie ur the cutest boy i know, i know i know, solt me be ur girlfriend"--lil romeo-my baby

still thinking about daniel.. stupd feelings...
i'm getting better...

i'm probably gonna hang out with Kimi tomarrow... cause we both have nuthin to do.. then later i'll more than likely end up at chris's house....i get to chill with Kimi tomarrow....she's hot..hehe

anyway..i'm home the rest of the night, i guess....call me at home

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    my baby--lil romeo.......blu cantrell--hit him up style


so umm yeah.....my mom came home tonight....which is random...i thought she was comng home tuesday or something......she's leaving againn tuesday to goto Boston... she's coming back thursday for graduaton...the she'sleaving again to go back to boston....she's *presents* missing my birthday *presents*(which is sunday) *presents*......hehe subliminal messages..

the episode of QAF was when justin came out and michael first started going out with dr david... i hadnt seen it before...it was a good episode...justin's dad is a bitch....anyway.. is all good.....new episodes starting soon!! YAY!!

i'mprobably gonna hang out with kimi tomarrow.....i dont know whats up with chris.. its all good...hmm.....

still have him on the brain..i just dont understand why i cant stop thinking about him..apparently he got to me..

lucky charms is the greatest cereal ever!
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songs in my head at the moment

"Girl, you're my angel, you're my darling angel
Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby
Shorty, you're my angel, you're my darling angel
Girl, you're my friend when I'm in need, lady"-angel-shaggy

"I'm dumb she's a lesbian
I thought I had found the one
We were good as married in my mind
But married in my mind's no good
A Pink Triangle on her sleeve
Let me know the truth, let me know the truth"--weezer--pink triangle

"I think I'm paranoid, manipulate it
I think I'm paranoid, too complicated
Bend me break me
Anyway you need me
All I want is you
Bend me break me
Breaking down is easy
All I want is you "-garbage--i think i'm paranoid

"Hey yo, now that I'm a fly guy
And I fly high
Niggas wanna know why, why I fly by
Hey yo, its all good
Range Rover all would
Do me like you should
Fuck me good, suck me good
We be them stuck niggas
Wishin you was niggas
Poppin like we drug dealers
Simply cause she bug mackin
Honey in the club, me in the benz
I see cute tellin me to leave wit you and your friends
So if shorty wanna... knock, we knockin to this
And if shorty wanna... rock, we rockin to this
And if shorty wanna... pop, we poppin the chris
Shorty wanna see the ice, then I ice the wrist
See me talk, Nelly listen
Nelly talk, see me listen
Wanna fuck fly bitches
When I walk pay attention
See the ice and the glist
Niggas starin on the glist
Honeys lookin on they wish
Come on boo, gimme kiss"--nelly--ride wit me

"we never talk about the future
we never talk about the past anymore
we never ask ourselves the questions
to the answers that nobody
even wants to know
i guess the honeymoon is over
so much for the afterglow "--everclear--so much for the afterglow

"the needle on my record player
has been wearing thin.
this record has been playing
since the day you've been with him.-newfound glory--hit or miss

"it's over now.
you watched me as i turned around.
it's not why, but how
the light is on.
i'll come home now."'--new found glory--the goodbye song

"As such a sad love
Deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel
Open and closed within your eyes
I'll place the sky within your eyes

There's such a fooled heart
Beating so fast in search of new dreams
A love that will last within your heart
I'll place the moon within your heart

As the pain sweeps through
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill has gonst
Wasn't too much fun at all
But I'll be there for you-oo-oo
As the world falls down
(As the world) Falling down
Falling in love

I'll paint you mornings of gold
I'll spin you Valentine evenings
Though we're strangers till now
We're choosing the path between the stars
I'll leave my love between the stars

As the pain sweeps through
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill has gone
Wasn't too much fun at all
But I'll be there for you-oo-oo
As the world falls down"--as the world flls down--labyrinth--DAVID BOWIE (so hot, so sexy, YES it IS david bowie--YUM)

"Baby come on over tonight
we can make it allright
Take a piece of my heart
and go from the start
Baby come on over tonight
we can make it allright
Boy theres noone like you
Do you feel it too"--samantha mumba--baby come over

"That's it sir you're leaving
The crackle of pig skin
The dust and the screaming
The yuppies networking
The panic
The vomit
The panic
The vomit
God loves his children
God loves his children, yeah "--paranoidandroid--radiohead

"Siento algo que me mueve
Un ritmo que me hace bailar
Tomen todos su parejas
Todos vamos a gozar

Baila, baila esta cumbia
Mueve, mueve la cintura
Todos, las manos en alto
Y griten, griten con locura

Baila, baila esta cumbia
Un ritmo, ritmo sin igual
Nadie se quede sentado
Todos vamos a bailar"--balia esta cumbia-selena

"Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she's in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand

Jesus freaks out in the street
Handing tickets out for God
Turning back she just laughs
The boulevard is not that bad"-tiny dancer--elton john

"This world can turn me down but
I Wont turn away
And I wont duck and run, cause
Im not built that way
When everything is gone there is
Nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause Im already here, oh no!"--duck and run--3 doors down

thats all right now.. i think anyway....tryin to block out certin people with music..its not working...