June 5th, 2001


went to grandmas house

so i'm at my grandmas house... we played cards, we watched flawless, three to tango, austin powers 2, ..boston public..

i love boston public.. i want to start taping the episodes...

dude i'm so bored.. and they dont have AIM so i cant talk to people and no one has called my cell except chris.. and so yeah..

i had noodle soup for dinner.. and cherrys after.. i love cherrys..they are the best fruit ever.. (NOT LEMONS Scotty!)

i wanna go home.. err...

while driving up to silver spring..we went on muncaster mill rd.. and past best buy.. so that imidately put daniel in my head... and i got really sad.. but then i rememberd that i have kimi now.. which i have been waiting for for like 2 years.. strike that.. all my life.. i love her

i swear i'm gonna be so sad when i leave for israel.. and then she goes to bootcamp august 14th and i wont get to say goodbye and its so sad.. anyway.. for the time being i will cherish every moment i have with her..

as for buff...i love buff with a passion and i get my hugs and i will always love buff...its just my heart belongs to kimi..it always has.. she's my world

so yeah.. good dreams of kimi tonight...hopefully not daniel anymore (still on the brain)..

anyway...thats my update

i shall be home tomarrow... call my cell if u want to talk to me 24/7... 254-5308


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UCH.....i hate going to my grndparents.....they bitched about my cap and gown for like 2 days straight...i'm so annoyed... as if its any of their business.. YES igot it.. today we stopped by school..i picked it up.. i saw erica...she came over and hung out for a while.. then she left

i want to see kimi....i'll see her tomarrow...but still....i have to goto school at like 7:30am tomarrow....fuckin early.. graduation rehersal... then thursday is graduation...

i dont know whats up with fedeli's thursday night.. apparently its not happenin acording to jenny.. whatever...erica's gonna come over and crash here that night.. i'll have a mini thing..me, erica and possibly chris...

i talked to jeff today.. apparently he started a GSA at JDS which is SO awesome....i so support it.....i want to be apart of it..but i dont go there... but Jeff rocks..he's president and founder of the CES/JDS-GSA..lotta letters..

i'm so happy knowing i have kimi.. i've been waiting for like a year ad a half--2 years for her to go out with me..she finally said yes.. and now its sad... because i leave in a month...and then she goes to bootcamp and i dont know when i'll see her... but i will be completly faithful to her.. she is my entire world! i love her with every cell in my body!...she rocks!
here is a pic
she's the hot,beautiful, yummy chick sitting next to the flower

she's also here...behind Norrid.. (stupid punks in the way of kimi)

as i was at my grandparents house yesterday.. i was going through my childhood stuff.. like my room (when i first moved to the states from israel i lived with my grandparents)..there was a pillow that we pu our teeth in when we lost them .. for the toothfairy...we got halfdollars...i found the pillow thing and it still has some of my baby teeth in it.. i was like whoa.. memories.. and then there was my secret hiding place which isthis playground that only me and Nikki (my friend who used to live next door) know about...i started to cry.. so many memories...good and bad..i was like whoa..

as for daniel.. i still miss him and as much as i should be mad at him..i'm not..at all.. i just wish i could've said goodbye and i truely hope he's happy with cathrine.. because i'm happy with kimi.. i wish him the best..

OH.. as for my digital video camera aspirations.. i want/need someone to go with me too look at them. i really want to get one before i leave.. places i want to check out are :

circut city
best buy (strictly business)
camera websites--and such
any other suggestions?

i'm kinda sad i didnt get to hang out with Avi.. i really would've liked to see him

i miss that crazy jew

apparently june 19th is thewhole thing at polly esthers.. i dont know if i'm going.. apparently the weekend before or the 17-18th is some chapter thing..i'm not sure..i gotta talk to cheryl

june 10th...my birthday..this sunday is the annual brunch thing for all the Staff of Kehilat Shalom..its at Jill's house..which is in Jon's (my ex-jon) neighborhood.. i gotta call marji to make sure i still have a ride.. rides are good..it should be fun.. i think..i hope

i'm hungry..i havent eaten all day..i'm about to go downstairs and get me some go-gurt...that stuff is the shit
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oh and:

congrats to Marc...you are now a bama-alumni..or an ex-bama.. hehe..

and Jordan--i erad ur livejournal..probably more than anyone else... dude update more.. (btw--i made the penguins explode--my bad)

i'll be in school tomarrow.....Peace

this afternoon

ok....so today daniel randomly Imed me which brought up a whole random other set of feelings.....ahhh.....chris was no whereto be found (aka sleeping--aftertold him to be awake cause i was gona call him eventually)...i really wasnt expecting daniel to IM me.. so i was really unpepared and freeked out.. and asked erica for her opinion on what i should do..she said to talk to him....so i talked to him.. the conversation was more

him: hi
him: hi
me: hey whats up
him: nuthin..u?
me: same..how have u been
him: tired..been workin a lot
me: thats too bad..
him: yeah... i gotta go clean my room
me: ok..later

not the exact words but something along that.. it was awkward.. nothing about us, nor cathrine came up which was good.. i guess....i really wanted to ask him if he was happy..if everything was going good for him in his life right now..if there were any problems.. but i didnt.. i was afraid of the answer.. i just want him to be happy..

i feel bad because i couldnt get in touch with Buff to tell her whats up with kimi.. cause she wasnt online for any time after i talked to kimi..and then i had to goto my grandmas house.. so its like..ahh.. i never ment to hurt buff...thats the last thing wanted to do..i still love buff..i just love kimi more.. i hope she's not mad at me..buff is awesome and she's so HOT!! buff rocks my world!

i feel so horrible...i'm leaving july 1st..i'm leaving my friends.. my loved ones.. most of all my friends.. i'm fine with leaving my family.. bu my friends are my entire life.. they are closer than my family..i know i'm gonna be a wreck without them...i hope they'll do better without me than i will without them...
in israel i have to look forward to:

my family aka my ssters and my brother.. my grandparents and my aunt nili and uncle Lior..

Naor--my best friend in israel.. my first time.. my other world...i'm gonna be so sad when he goes to the army....i hope things are good between him and danna

Rockscene--the punk club where the infamous 12-person orgy took place...AWESOME club.. lots of nice people...not near the club that got blown up

not dying is a good one

hot israeli people...Dizengoff Square.. the old guy who sits and stares at people.. the random guiar players... the guy who makes jewlery from spoons...the Yeshiva boys across from my aunt's house who i flashed the last day i was in israel cause they kept making obscene comments at me..and other stuff

israel rocks..

hmmm.....i need a hug

i'll be at school tomarrow....so i get to see everyone...i got to be there by 7:30..so i'll be there reglar tme...maybe i'll get to say hey to everyone in the AM...ryan and chris...look for me walkin in the AM..

saturday jeff is stayin at my house..apparently.. thursday night erica is crashin at my house...

SUNDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! i'm gonna be 17.. a year over the legal age of consent.. hehe...NC 17 movies.. i could buy showgirls.. granted i already own it..but whatever

June 10th...wow...judy garland...YAY.....my cousin Aaron....yay....some chick from school who i dont know...june 13th.....YAY RYAN!!!!...june 27t...YAY JORDAN!!!!

tomarrow is Jake's bday.. jake rocks..i've known him since 6th grade.. first year in kadima..jake is SO awesome...whats up homey G funk word... yeah i remember that


i think thats it...i'll be out tomarrow but can stil call my cell...and thursday u can call my cell too....even though i'll be at graduation..call me anyway....i wont have my cell in israel.. i'm gonna be inlike denial or somethin
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the random survey thing from shara's journal..i wanna be cool like shara..she did a survey

1) Starting Time: 10:08
2) Name: Viva Sigal SuzannaLynn Iyala Zohar S

3) nicknames: Viva, DivaVivaLeFreek, DVLF,Diva, DivaVivaLF, Freek, phil, vivian snuffalupigus titsworth(shut up, its not true), superjew, bitch,etc

4) School: Watkins Mill HS GRADUATE as of thursday

>5) email: DivaVivaLeFreek@aol.com

>6) Eyes: hazel

>6b) Hair: dyed reddish-brown (without the tint of green)

>7) Height: 5' 6
>8) Siblings: somewhere around 9-10..whatever

>10) Been so drunk you blacked out: once
>12) Missed school b/c it was raining: no
>13) Set any body part on fire for amusement: hehe....FIRE!
>14) Kept a secret from everyone: of course
>15) Had an imaginary friend: a few
>16) Wanted to hook up with a friend: i did.. a lot.. its bad..i gotta stop doing that (NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU..BD)

>17) Cried during a movie: like maybe twice.. i hate chick flicks

>18) Had a crush on a teacher: mr richini baby.. 3rd grad.. and ms stone--2nd grade..and.. hm..i think thats it

>19) Ever thought an animated character was hot? KENSHIN baby!.. and megaman.. oh we cant forgt huey (as in huey duey and luey.. huey was the hottest)..

>20) Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: i LOVE NEW KIDS!! they rock my world!

>21) Prank called someone: yup
>22) Been on stage: yup..as a techie...techies do it in the dark u know..

>23) Shampoo: herbal essence

>24) Soap: the clean kind

25) Color: aqua-marine-turquoise blue

>26) Day/Night: night

>27) Summer/Winter: summer
28) Online Smiley: :)

>29) Lace or satin:satin

>30) Cartoon Character? lots

>31) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yup..kimi is my world

>32) Like anyone?: sure do
>33) Who have you known the longest of your friends: chris (bluedude)
>34) Who's the loudest: jordan

35) Who's the shyest: scotty

>36) Who do you go to for wise advice: chrs and if he's not home..ryan

>37) Who do you get the most surveys from? jaime paige(kurtlover)

>38) Who do you cry with: the corner
>39) Have you ever cried: yes
>40) Shaved your head bald: attempted..started at the back and then was like.. wow this is a bad idea
>41) Worn a skirt: yes
>42) Been mean: all the time
>43) Been sarcastic: definatly

>44) Met someone new: of course

>45) Talked to someone you have
or had a crush on: yeah...all the time

>46) Missed someone: i miss everyone....all the time..i need hugs

>47) Hugged someone: i wish....all the tie..bt i need more.. (HUG WHORE FOR LIFE)

>48) Fought with your parents: what about today?

>49) Wished upon a star: i wish upon ice cream

>50) Laughed until you cried: if you're funny
>51) Watched a sunrise/sunset: yes..
>52) Went to the beach at night: made out at a beach at night.. what about fall convention..hehe
>53) Read a book for fun: noooo books are not fun! books eat your brain!

>54) Ate a meal: not a full one
<< 55) Are you lonely? sometimes

>56) Are you happy: yep

>57) Are you talking to someone online: yea

58) God/Devil: yummy
>59) Do you believe in love at first sight: only twice
>60) The Closet Monster: is my friend

>61) Heaven/Hell: good nightclub...aadams morgan baby
>62) Superstitions: some of thenm
>63) What is your full name? viva sigal iyala suzannalynn zohar s----
>64) who named you? myself

65) Backstreet Boys or N*Sync? christina..umm..what?? irrelevent conversations

66) When was the last time you showered? half an hour ago

67) What was the last thing that you said online? no i will not have sex with you
<< >68) What is right next to you? my cellphone and my real phone and my yearbook
>69) What is your computer desk made of? wood
>70) What are the last 4 digits in your phone number? 1800-ur mom
>71) What was the last thing that you ate? chocolate chip waffles
>72) Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? the bedrrom....anywhere with kimi

>73) Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Kimi CA--

>73b) Why?: she is my world

>74) How many buddies do you have on your list? 156

>75) How's the weather right now? hot in my room..
>76) Have you ever smoked pot? a few times
>77) What did you do last night? waTCHed tv all night a my grandmas house
>78) What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? um...penis
>79) How do YOU eat an Oreo: inside out.. its how i eat almost everything (that was meant to be dirty..shut up)

>80) All-time favorite tv show? sesame street.. in hebrew..RECHOV SUM SUM!!! SHALOM SESAME

>81) Dream car? fast and loud
82) What do you want to be when you grow up? videographer for porn movies
>83) What are your future goals? not die i the next 5 min
>84) Favorite music? anything thats not country--excluding the devil went down to georgia--that song is the shit

>85) Favorite food: ice cream...
>86) Favorite movies? empire records, dogma, hckers, meet me in st louis,etc..whatever is in my house...hehe

87) Favorite song? i want an alien fr xmas--fountains of wayne.. or sugarhigh..coyote shivers

>88) Do you like to dance? who doesnt?
>89) Fast or slow? oh baby oh baby
....depends with who
>90) Are you too shy to ask someone out? no

>91) If you could change your name, what would it be? legally to DivaVivaLeFreek
>92) Have you ever been in love? yes
93) What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? hmm....Jon..no just kidding... um..chris knows the answer..

>94) What will your first son's name be? ethan eugene-------enter 3 cool names there--

side note--buff's not mad..its all good.....i love buff....she's hot.. i make out with girls..its true ya know... i have a secret..buff showers naked!!.....hehe

i LOVE BUFF!! buff's HOTT!!!!!
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(no subject)

someone should call me...hehe.....at home..its all good..........ahhhhh........heehee

jeremy called......he's home from military school

yay.....we might hang out this week,.....i might get to hang out with avi next week.....YAY!!!

i get to see my girlfriend tomarrow..she's so hot!...

oh baby oh baby

chris--pillow case..hehe...think about it..
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