June 6th, 2001


hey i'm graduating tomarrow!!

so yeah....i went to school early today to talk to people...i got lots of hugs.. it was good..i was happy.. i was talking to people when kimi came in.. we ran up to eachother and made out in front of the entire population of the middle level halway.. which was funny.. then we went over to the wall where everyone else was and was talking to people.. there was this row of guys byt the stairs who kept starin at me to see if i was gonna make out with another girl.. buff showed up..we hugged.. then mirabai came! YAY!! and she kissed me.. then Audrey kissed me.. audrey's been kissing me a lot lately.. i think she has a crush on me.. heehee..even though she's straight.. she doesnt kiss any other girls.. except me..so i was like whoa..hey now that i think about it.. i'm single for another 14 hours or so... cause kimi and i agreed to start datin afer graduation.. so yeah i'm single..who wants to hook up???...i have until after 12-something tomarrow..then kimi si my gf...i love her.. heehee
i saw Zack too.. he rocks.. back from the mental hospital.. in a shiny shirt.. he's doing good.. i'm so glad.. i gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek..

side note: i have a really big hole in my pants.. i just noticed..its ok i wore shorts over my pants..so it doesnt matter...the end

on track: SO all the seniors had to meet in the cafeteria t take some really huge boring senir survey.. i couldnt answer most of the questons cause i idnt have all senior classes and i didnt apply to any colleges... cause i'm goin to israel.anyway...the survey ws boring..and they wouldnt let us leave.. it was realy annoying..then they told me i had obligations (which i knew i didnt)..but kimi was like GO SEE!...so i went to the financial office and wited for liek 20-30 min in line to find out that i didt have any..cause i did it yesterday!.. so that was a waste..then when i got back to the cafeteria it was time to go to the gym for the rehersal part of it..so we get to the gym and we have to find our chairs..there are cards with names... i t took me forever to find mine..but it was funny cause fter i wa siting the only person left standing looking for their chair was fedeli..heehe... umm...so i sit next to random people i dont know..i dont know anyon in my row except ashley rogers (who's a bitch--but really hot)... so yeah...i'm gonna be in seat Q115...and i'm PL158.. dont worry about understanding it.....so yeah....we had to sitthere or like 3 hours and in those three hours we had to go outside and get in a line which took forever and then go back inside ad sit....UCh.....it was just annoyin...we also had to go through the ENTIRE name calling thing...that was so boring...i have now decided that i'm going strut across the stage and in the middle im gonna do a little dance then keep walking..it will be funny....and yes you can scream obscenities at me..it is OK ... hehe....so yeah...then it started downpouring and they had to move the senior picnic from the stadium to where the gym doors to outside are.. under there.. ...it was amusing.. we stopped by the lunch room (we being me, kimi, AC, Ayana and brett).. it was fun..audrey kissed me AGAIN!! everyone was like whoa..including me... then we went outside to get food.. when we got to the table there was no food.. thenwhen more food cae it wa nasty and was thrown up at a later time...Ayana was SO pssed off cause there wasnt any MAY-OH-NAY-ISE (pronouncing each sylable like she does..ayana's SO hot!absolutely amazing)..anyway.. i stole HUGE bottle of ketchup (it doesnt say anything on the label..its just really big) ..so that was cool.. ayana took a 3 liter bottle of COLA(not coke but COLA--the cheap kind).. s umm yeah....7th periodi hung out with Chris and Ms Ogaz..and mr sampsell brought me the prom pics.. one of me. one of Oreo and Ayana (so HOT!!both of them..oreo had the gloves and the cane.. i was jealous)..and one of Jason B and Cale and their group of skanky hoes..and then one of matt frazier as the whole devil/angel thing...which is cool.....

after school i hugged some random dde cause i tought he was myfreshman and he was lie " WTF dont hug me" i was like HEY ur not my freshman.. anyway.. OH i made my freshman mike, pretty, he was wearing a black robe and i used colored duct tape (orange and yellow) to put stripes on it.. and it was AWESOME.....plus he had caution tape in his hair which made it cooler.. he rocks!!..so umm yeah...then ryan gave me and chris a ride to his house.. then me and chris went to Giant.. to pic up his pictures.. they are so cool..i got some.. one of daniel and me (we'll get to daniel later--oy)... and so now i have prom pictures from..erica,rob, sampselle, and chris...soon to be ryan added to the list...hopefully

so me and chris went to 7-11 after giant and there is now Cherry mountain dew.. i had to try it.. it could be better... but there was this old guy there and he was like " i want to be buffed,spanked,dominated, and called dirty names"--i was standing right next to him, and i was Like WHOA!!! dude thats gross.. he's old.. so umm yeah.. oh also again withthe whole "i make out with girlsthing" and ive also been saying " WHATS UP MY BITCHES!" a lot today... really loud and ghetto.. then me and chris went back to his house and just hung out and watched tv..then he gave me a ride home.. so i didnt have to walk.. and it was good

OK--yeah i've been extremly hot lately..as in hot and botherd.. as in i want some ass...yeah.. and i like 14-15 hours i can get it from kimi...but yeah.. i dont know..i guess i just want a man, if only for a little while.. and i've been thinking about Daniel ALL DAY and like yesterday.. again.. i seriously have to stop..i think i was fine until he Imed me... i'm glad he did.. but u know..i'm sure it wasnt the best move on my part.. i dont know.. i just really want him.. he's incredably sexy.. its just like YUM.. so yeah he's back on the brain.. i really wanted him t randomly call and be like u want to hang out.. but i knew he wouldnt (he didnt)... and its ok i guess.. as long as he's happpy.. with cathrine....umm yeah.. as long as he's happy..it will be ok..yeah.. damit i still want some ass.. its annoying.. but yeah...

OK chris is having a party saturday night and jeff is crashing at my house...i really hope kimi can come...i want to spend as much time as possible with her before i leave... oh geez.. i'm so sad..i'm leaving soon..... but it will be ok.. i could remain completly faithful to her because i love her... i couldnt with anyone i didnt love.. but wit her i could..i just dont think she can.. but i dont know...she'll be in mousurri and then texas..when i'm in israel and then back in Maryland.. ..so i dont know whats gonna happen.. if ryan and rob can do it.. i guess we could.. i dont know..i love her more than anything in the world.. she's my world..( best pickup line--you remind me of a poptart..hehe...so funny)..anyway.. umm yeah..

my cap and gown.so my poppa calls me and is like you have to iron ur cap and gown and stuff becuase of the creases and stuff...i ot have an iron..and if i do i dont know where it is.. its crazy..i tried on the gown and hat and stuff....i look horrible in it.. its crazy..it just doesnt look right.. plus i have no clue what to where under it... I HAVE TO WEAR SOMETHING>...shut up people...so umm yeah.. i have the shoes though... it works

erica is crashing my house tomarrow.. cause her moms out of town..i just have to remember to tell my stepdad..its all good..

apparently ari (r) got in a car accidnt today..which is sad...he's fine but his car is apparently gone here read:

DivaVivaLF (6:15:50 PM): hey sup
Beesonwhatnow (6:15:53 PM): nm
Beesonwhatnow (6:15:56 PM): twusup witchoo
DivaVivaLF (6:15:57 PM): cool
DivaVivaLF (6:16:01 PM): nuthin graduatin tomarrow
DivaVivaLF (6:16:05 PM): its crazy
Beesonwhatnow (6:16:05 PM): OOOOOOO, I GOT IN A BIG ACCIDENT TODAY
Beesonwhatnow (6:16:10 PM): MY CAR IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beesonwhatnow (6:16:12 PM): :-(
DivaVivaLF (6:16:12 PM): what happend? are u ok?
Beesonwhatnow (6:16:18 PM): yeah, i'm fine
DivaVivaLF (6:16:25 PM): like totalled or ur 'rents took it away
Beesonwhatnow (6:16:49 PM): basically, a guy in an oncoming lane starting having a seizure, crossed a double yellow line and smasked in my car
Beesonwhatnow (6:16:52 PM): totalled
Beesonwhatnow (6:16:55 PM): almost
DivaVivaLF (6:17:13 PM): thats so sad..
Beesonwhatnow (6:17:20 PM): i know, i'm very sad
Beesonwhatnow (6:17:26 PM): now i have no car :-(
DivaVivaLF (6:17:26 PM): as long as ur not hurt.... will his insurance pay for it?
Beesonwhatnow (6:17:32 PM): well, i'm not sure
Beesonwhatnow (6:17:42 PM): they prob won't pay for damages, rather just pay the cost of the car
Beesonwhatnow (6:17:48 PM): since it's badly damaged
DivaVivaLF (6:17:56 PM): i dont know.. he had a seizure..did he live?...how much is the car?
Beesonwhatnow (6:18:13 PM): i think he lived
Beesonwhatnow (6:18:22 PM): my car's worth about 2000 bucks or so
DivaVivaLF (6:18:41 PM): u could buy a new car...well a used crappy car or put it in ur buy a jeep fund
Beesonwhatnow (6:19:02 PM): maybe, i don't know what my 'rents are going to do
DivaVivaLF (6:19:24 PM): thats sad.. it will be ok

Beesonwhatnow (6:19:47 PM): www.suprememp3.com/baanc go there
DivaVivaLF (6:19:54 PM): i've been there
Beesonwhatnow (6:20:00 PM): good
DivaVivaLF (6:20:23 PM): i contribute all the change in my pocket....which is a 1.25$
Beesonwhatnow (6:21:09 PM): nice
DivaVivaLF (6:21:15 PM): anythign to help
Beesonwhatnow (6:21:40 PM): thanx
DivaVivaLF (6:21:49 PM): np
Beesonwhatnow (6:21:49 PM): now your names on the webpage
DivaVivaLF (6:21:53 PM): sweet

i'm having a party...either the 16th or the 22-23rd of june.. one of those weekends...one last party of the year..before summer oficially start...bring yearbooks and movies, food, and such... i'll give more details later...everyone is invited
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i'm upset, but not really, for 3 reasons..

1) no ass
2) cause i'm not on ari's site yet and he said he'd put me there for donating 1.25$ to BAANC
3) cause chris is mad at me for my opinion on the question jeff had.. chris yelled at me for encouraging him.. so ERR to you...he asked my opinion...and dont EVER yell at me for expressing my opinion...i hate that.. my cousin bobby did that to me once.. i got really pissed off

anyway.. thats all.....Oh i got to feel up Gini's leg today while i was signing her pants.. hehe.. SWEET!

and be proud of me..i didnt make any obscene comments during graduation rehersal even though i really wanted too

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DivaVivaLF (6:51:03 PM): i graduate tomarrow!!!!!!!!!1
B Dogg5079 (6:51:25 PM): I graduate a week from Friday and Congrat u fucking lations

YAY for Stacey

Stacey got a livejournal.. she rocks....he sn is njg00

i knew met her somewhere...i forget where...but i knowher through JCC and friends and Brett.. STACEY ROCKS!!!!

she goes to towson.. everyone be nice to stacey..

YAY again

only 15 hours until kimi is my girlfriend....YAY....she rocks my world!....in the meantime i'm still single...i need a hug...

piano man fan

Sr Piano Man Fan... i do read my comments.. i get them in emails whenever i get a new comment.. i dont understand what you want me to write or something.. i have seen every comment you've made.. and i thank you for being an avid reader and taking interest in my life.. what do u want from me?

ways to reach me

OK pianoman there are other ways of reaching me also... like emailing.. u can email me DivaVivaLeFreek@aol.com or DVLF@hotmail.com

or u can AIM me at DivaVivaLF or DivaVivaLeFreek

or u can call my cell 254-5308 and leave a message on there

just fyi...

chris's party

i'm claiming chris's party for me and ryan's birthday.....he's making us psghettie... it for OUR BDAY!!!...thats our party....u have to come!!

everyone bring me and Ryan presents.. cause we rock!..hehe.....
me--june 10th
ryan--june 13th

thats right.....i've claimed chris's party for me Viva and Ryan


any objections...too bad