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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Jun 2001|05:39am]
random night wake up-----7 hours....first thing i thought of
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YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! [07 Jun 2001|02:42pm]
[ mood | good and bad ]

in good news i graduated...in bad news....i cant goto Israel :*(

Graduation was cool i guess....bad morning...got up atl ike 6am...got dresed and everything.mad downnpouring... my stepdad was pulling out onto the driveway and he hit the side of the garage and so my beutiful dodge shadow's side mirror was torn off....and its sad... more downpuring...we were driving to my granparents house...by way of muncaster mill...and at the end of the road it was like blocked off so we had to turn around and go off of emory ln..and so umm yeah....i got there... and lori (my stepsis) helped me with my gown nd stuff.....mad annoying..my tassel Kept falling of...stupid button thing.. so we got there..i had to wlk down the isle ith Jared Rothman.. (punk)... that was odd..i was like ok, whatever..... Twiggs was there....he was at the top of the bleachers screamin " JEW-TANG-CLAN!"..that was the funniest thing ever...i made obscene comments at people.. people made obscene comments at me.. i waled across the stage without falling.i got a rose but it broke and i was sad..in Ms Jobe's speech she was like "giv the flower to someoe u couldnt live without" ...so i was gonna give it to chris, but i couldnt find him after the ceremony.. it was sad...i couldnt find fedeli or erica either... but i saw Oreo..he got a haircut.. and lots of other people.. its all good..i saw geoff hyson..i love him....he's so cute...i grabbed his ass..it was amusing.. then i went to eat chinese food wih my family.. my mom, stepdad, poppa, nana, lori(stepsis),and my uncle allen.. it was amsing....i've been wearing my cap nd gown all day..i really dont feel like taking it off yet.. i dont know..i just feel...special.. throughout childhood everyone waits to FINALLY graduate...its like ok thats done....now what?...so umm yeah

ISRAEL--fuckin wars.. ALL of the programs were canceled..due to the war...so i'll be home.....all summer...i'm crying... i really wanted to goto israel.. i'm reall upset...bt i guess its good..i get to spend more ime with my friends..and kimi who is now my girlfriend.. YAY.. i feel really bad though...i'm still thinking about daniel.. i dont know why i just am.. i really wish i could've gone to kimi's party.. but anyway...so i'm home all summer unles i can convince ro and oscar nd rob's mom to let me go with them to florida..i can visit mcfadden......more than likely i'll get a job and end up working and being bored all summer...i'm so upset......i really wanted to go.. DAMNIT THIS SUX!!... anyway

i got mail--mike--my date from churchill's prom.. he sent me 2 Cds..one of nelly and one of Outkast...cause i was tellin him about how i was just startin to get into that..and he sent me 2 Cds in the mail!!! its the coolest thing in the world right now!......anway

i reall want to party really hard for the next like week or so...i want to be out ALL NIGHT and i want to get lots of ass....i want to hang out with kimi....just being able to know her is the greatest thing ever! i have to be theluckiest person in the world...i'm gonna be everything she wants.. she's my world

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[07 Jun 2001|03:08pm]
i'm FINALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!! No more mill!!!!!......AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!.....its crazy.....itsa relief.....its...good.

i'm now a high school graduate!....someone take me out....cause i wanna go OOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTT tonight! (RENT reference)
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jewish week [07 Jun 2001|03:17pm]
i've been reading the jewish week.. dude....sad, bad things.. but my friends are in it this week.. Elihai Braun...from USY is in it...and chana solomon-schartz..and Ari Teichman (JDS peeps). they rock...good for them!
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[07 Jun 2001|04:45pm]
i not going to israel this summer......i sad.....my program got cancelled because of the stupid war
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[07 Jun 2001|05:37pm]
i goto fedeli's tonight with erica...... call my cell 254-5308

its ok.. call me tongiht ...who wants to hang out tomarrow or next week??? call or email me time and place and other details......its all good

call me tonight
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