June 8th, 2001



i went to fedeli's and hung out with erica and jenny and fedeli..jenny was in a random bad mood.. which is like whatver and she had to leave at like 10.. me and erica were hyper and it was random.. we were randomly dancing and making obscene gestures at eachother..straight people.. whatever.. heeehee.. rightnow erica is asleep in my room! WHOA>. chick sleeping in my room..score..straight chick and good friend.. ehh.. .. i sleep in guest room.. its all good

so we watched the movie awards at fedeli's....much fun!!>. i gave fedeli a backrub cause he was bitchin that it hurt.. and then he and erica put change down my shirt..which i am contributing to ari's BAANC fondation (you owe me..i;m gettin u money!)...it was a good night..

yah i'm not really an eltonjohn fan....i like that one song.. and maybe one more... not really....infact i realy dslike elton john.. he bothers me immensly.. just fyi for piano man..

i'm stil really upset about not being able to goto israel.. mybe all the programs werent cancelled and my mom is just bitching....but shes going to italy all summer so what does she care... i dont know....i guess they were all cancelled....i'm REALLY upset...thats 3 years i havent been there....no more than that..since '98.. i'm really upset....i wanna go!!!!
i'm TRUELY angry at myself.. seriously..i have the most wonderful girlfried.. she's sexy, hot, smart, funny, witty, she's everything.. my entire world.. why am i still thinking about daniel???...im mad at myself

Jeremy is coming over to hang out tomarrow....in the morning... then i'm going to best buy with fedeli, cause i dont wanna go alone... to look at cameras...and i just wanna look....get best buy over with first...then go on to sears and circut city and stuff.....my mom actually suggested that i get a job at bst buy..in the video dept... i was like....i'll think about it.. which means probably not..
even though i've been working with cameras since i was 7 yrs old...and i'm a certified field technician for the montgomery county cable company.. but watever.. i also took some college class on photography at college park when i was 10 or 11..but whatever.. i got conenectiions at MC..i might get a job there.. or start classes or something.. i dont know....i'llfind a job...

hmm.... saturday...rob's party starts at 3pm...to whenever....i'll probably leave around 5-ish and goto chris by way of bus.. unlessi get a ride......PSGHETTIE...YAY.....also the my and ryan's party at chris's house is also in honor of chris and jeff's one month aniversary! SO CUTE!!!

also my new friend Ryan's bday is on june 11th.. ultimaterandom1 is the Lj name.. its interestinG!!....

ok i go to sleep now..! night
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well well well

today is my little halfsister (in israle)'s birthday!.....happy birthday Tomer..

yom huledet sameach!...

so yeah

jeremy's comign over to hangout this morning....i love that kid...crazy military dude...anyway

then late i'm supposed to hang with fedeli.. so its all good

i'll have my cell all day..i'll probably update like right before i go out.. so ifu allneedme u can reach me..

erica left early this morning.. i was like whoa... i woke up and she was gone.. i love u erica.. she slept in my bed..heehee..granted i wasnt there..but still

so umm yeah..thats all

my birthday is in 2 DAYS!!! yay

OOh! Camera....i love kimi, i love kimi,i love kimi, i love kimi...you get it

so Jeremy came over this morning and we watched half baked......he's so adorable...i love him topeices..then fedeli called and was like "lets go i have to be at work by 3:30" ....i was like ok.....so jeremy went home and fedeli picked me up

they resurfaced my street.... its random

so fedeli and i goto his bank and there is a box thing and the box thing went up a tube and then came down the tube and that was the coolest thing in the world....then we went to best buy

i was so nervous... it was random...i really had no reason to be....i found the cameras...digital....but not the video cameras..it took me about 15-20 min to realze that the digital video cameras were like right behind the BNC cables.. anyway... i found the greatest camera ever !.....its 999.99$ though.....anyone want to give me money??

i'm starting a new fund... buy Viva a camera fund!..

this camera is amazing...it has :

2.5" SwivelScreen color LCD monitor
18x optical/500x digital zooms
Super SteadyShot picture stabilization
Super NightShot 0 Lux System lets you shoot in total darkness
7-mode program auto exposure for a variety of shooting situations
Digital still memory mode with Memory Stick media
Playback zoom
MPEG Movie mode for capturing 60-second MPEG movie clips
1/4" megapixel color CCD, 1,070 pixels
Photo mode lets it double as a digital still camera
Super LaserLink infrared transmitter enables wireless connection to a TV or other devices with optional receiver
Up to 9 hours of recording on a single charge with optional Stamina battery

how great does that sound!...anyway

when i first walked back to the cameras, i saw daniel..he bleached his hair.....he looks so incredably sexy....i was like damnit...i wanted him....its really bad..i love kimi....she's everything i want/need.. why do i keep thinking about him...anyway...he waved, i waved back... then i wet to go lok at cameras fol like 45 min ...i'm not sure where fedeli went.. then i met up with fedeli and he bought like 2 computer games and a mountain dew... i was still looking at cameras... then i went to go look at really big tvs... and then i started walking back to the front to leave and i saw him again and i said goodbye.. and he was all like....alright, see u later...and he smiled...and i was like...."i love kimi, i love kimi...." going in my head.. then me and fedeli left.. and i came home...we past "the mill" and Justin and bobby were at the bus stop....so me and fedeli made obscene comments at them.....and was like "YEAH SENIORS!"....they were like fuck you....so therefore it was all good...

erica's gonna come over later.....anyone else wanna do anything tonight.....i saw we all randomly go somewhere....or u all could come here and watch movies or somethin...i dont know....call me if u have any ideas.... know the number....if u dont...just ask..call my house

anyway...thats it..


oh julia's giving me my whole astronomy thing:

QTpie12132 (3:37:01 PM): ah, I see now why you seem to have lots of Taurus friends
DivaVivaLF (3:37:08 PM): yeah why?
QTpie12132 (3:38:47 PM): well for one thing, your descendant lies on Taurus, like me. ^_^ This basically means that you attract them. In a way they provide what you don't have.
QTpie12132 (3:39:05 PM): and you're also half Scorpio, which is the opposite sign of Taurus, and opposites attract
DivaVivaLF (3:39:11 PM): score
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ok...chris and erica are here

chris made an obscene amount of calls to jeff and left VERY random messages on his answering machine....

SON OF A......

anyway...apparently its the day after chris starts mentstraiting.....as he quotes from friends

whatever......we are all tired except for chris who is as giddy as school girl...hehe

his anti-drug is pimpin..
erica stole the blankets--oh baby oh baby

so um yeah....thats all

(naughty french laughter)

dirty thoughts

chris and erica left..

chris is right...
i need to get over him somehow...

i really just want to do horrible dirty DIRTY things to him.. really...i really want to see him..
i miss kimi.. i havent seen or talked to her since graduation...i just rally want to be with her.. when i'm with her, i dont think about him at all...but if i spend too much time with her.. she might think i'm like needy or posessive or something...which i kind of am.. but u know...i hav good reason to be.. well no not really.. ijust dont want to screw things up with her..but this whole daniel thing is bothering me... maybe erica is right and its just the fact that he has a penis...or maybe chris is right agian...maybe if daniel was an asshole to me like the others it would be easier to get over him...but he wasnt.. and i think thats what was different.. he was incredably sweet to me...much more than ari ever was.. (no offence but its true).. so i dont know.....i'm re-confused again..its driving me insane..someone help me..

hm...call me if u wanna do something tonight....its only like 9:10...
especially if ur name is Kimi and your a hot sexy bitch!... or especially if u are bored and lonely and ur name is daniel..and u live in MD, but u know...whatever

if anyone else wants to do something tonight...its all good....cause i'm most likely gonna be home alone..well my stepdads here...but no friends....they left......call me at home...or on my cell
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nothing is going my way right now.. i'm kinda sad.. rally upst about the whole israel thing..today is my little sisters birthay and i cant be there cause she's in israel..

i really need a hug.. i really want a hug from buff.....she gives the best hugs..she does..she has so much passion...when buff hugs you , u feel tha she cares.. very few people have that.. only ome of my friends do... buff is the one who give the best hugs though... buff and marc and kimi...but i'd have to say buff and marc...more than anyone else.. lord do i need a hug..
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my day starts off:
tomarrow i'm meeting buff in front of 7-11 at like 11:30-12pm to walk to rob's house.. i'll chil at robs house for a while and the i'm going to shady grove metro to pick up jeff.....then we bus back..i really wanna stop back by robs house since its on the way to chris' house.. by bus that is.. so i might do that.. unless jeff has to get to chris like imidiately..then we'll go directly to chris...but i dont know....whatever

i talked to ari tonight... he's workin the JCC camps this summer.. so is marc and so is stacey... and some other people..its crazy..anyway.. umm yeah...he's holdin up w/out his car.. he'll be ok... i'm still in support of BAANC foundation.. just give more money to my "buy viva a digital camcorder fund"....my goal is less than ari's..i only need 1000$ as oppsed to 24,000$....so yeah...give me money too

who wants to give me a job this summer?
or take me traveling so i can visit friends?

anywy just a random question...

i'm very sad.. i need hugs.. and love.. i'm really upset about everything..


i wanna cry
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(no subject)

someone give me advice on what to do about everything......daniel/kimi thing.. israel/summer thing.... where can i get some hugs!!