June 9th, 2001



i was watching the movie "girlfight" on paperview (cause i get it for free).... and he chick.. she's butch..she kicks a lotta ass....i like the movie.. it shows womanly pride but not feminism.. it shows equality.. i'm all about equality..

i dont know why i mentioned it... i just felt i had to..

i'm meeting buff at like 11:30-12.. i already said that.. chris said she can come to his house.. which is good..i dont spend enough time with buff.. i'll hopefully get to see kimi tomarrow.. i know she's going to rob's house..but i dont know when... i have to leave early.. but after getting jeff i have to go back to Rob's to get buff, then it will be all good...

still thinkin about daniel.. trying to figure out why i cant stop thinking about him.. i just dont get it.. maybe if i fuck him or something he'll leave my head.. but i doubt that will happen.. i dont talk to him as much..which hopefully means he's happy with cathrine.. i really hope he is..

i'm such a loser.. someone shut me up..

its 2am.. i really kinda want someone to call me...but thhats not gonna happen.....cause like everyone is sleeping..the whole 2am thing.. yeah...

i want my camera.. its gonna take forever to get 999.99$....i know i have at least 300 in my acount......and i know random relatives gave hecks to my mom, for me..buti'll probably never see those again.. goes into that magcal fund i've never seen nor heard of...whatever...

i'm really mad.. stupid war... i really wanted to goto israel..i'm probably going to be bitching about this all summer.. "i should be in israel by now"--that phrse gets to come later in july... whatever

"life is like a thirsty whore...it sucks"

i'm currently going back into my random R & B/ hip hp phase... with random weezer on the side..

my current song for the weeken is "you remind me" by usher.. it has Chili from TLC inthe video..she's so hot.. anyway

my new stylin outfit:

*my moon+stars PJ pants
*my blue jean sk8er shorts over my pants
*w/ my ghetto belt with the duct tape square in front
*my silver bra (the new one i was talkin about a while back)
*the blue velvet tank top thing that i took from Miri Newman-Paul..the straps broke so now i just tie them behind my neck
* my button down blue and black trippy shirt..with a BIG safety pin in the front... looks more trippy on weed..not that i know or anything.. hehe

i dont want to sleep alone... i'd rather have someone else here.. i feel like Mirabai.. i want to sleep with someone..

i really want to be held for a while..just be locked in a hug for like an hour.. and not let go..

"oo ee oo i look just like buddy holly"--weezer
random old weezer song...
  • Current Music
    u remind me-usher.....let me blow ya mind-eve and gwen

this morning

so yeah....i think i'm better now.....i'm not as sad as yesterday which is good...i'm still sad though, but i can hide it....

i'm meeting buff at like 12-ish
buff is so hot..hehe

umm....i updated my wbsite a little....minor changes to the dates and stuff... http://www.expage.com/divavivalefreek

i'll make an html page when i'm not as lazy..

i want a chocolate chip waffle...heehee....YUM

i'm gonna go shower.. later

guess what......MY BIRTHDAY'S TOMARROW!!!!!!
i'm gonna be old!

and congradumalations to Becca unspellable--she's encampment chair!....GO Becca...she rocks!

ok thats all..


so my uncle just called me.. apparently randi has 2 extra tickets to the backstreet boys...which she offered me..the concerts like thursday night... i would go and sit through that amount of crap if one of my friends came with me...

its at the MCI center...free concert tickets.. good seats more than likely.. peiceofshit band.. but whatever.. if someone will come with me..i'll go.. and prove my side of the irrelevent conversations

i have to let my uncle know in like 1 or two days.. so if u wanna go..then tell me... or we can sell the tikets..... i dont know

whatever....get back to me

meetin and greetin

ok....so..i'm about to leave to go meet buff in the village...i will be out ALL DAY! from party to party.... call me on my cell--301-254-5308...

i got it with me... its all good

wahoo.....everyone will be at robs house from 3:00-- to whenever..then onto chris's house......inbetween we pick up jeff at the metro.. and then get buff back at robs house since its on the way