June 10th, 2001



today was an ok day.. better night..

i'll talk about it later...i goto sleep now...

hey!.....its my birthday!!! i'm 17 as of 5pm tonight!

ryan gave me good present...Judy Garland VHS tape in a duct tape video holder....and a radom stuffed cat..cause according to ryan and jeff i'm a cat lady.. (i dont own any cats)..and then also random pictures from prom.. a few of me and daniel...he looks so good..mmmm...anyway..i have good memories.. its all good.. so yeah

the last time i was at robs tonight....isaw kimi and she gave me the biggest best kiss in the entire world and it just made my night.. it was completly amazing.. i dont even think she knows how much she means to me.. i dont think there is ever a moment that i'm not thinking about her.. kimi....yum.. so sweet..so wonderful....good dreams

GOOD psghettie.....yummy....hit the spot....

myback and neck is still killing me.. i need massage.....any offers??

erica, chris and jeff are all asleep on my couches downstairs.. they are so cute.. they all spent the night..

tomarrow i'll be at Jill's house in rockville in the AM...from like 9:30-whenever... then i have to goto ryan's at some point to do her survey bioetics project thing...

who wants to do something tomarrow for my birthday?? call or email me

oh thursday..me and erica are going to the backstreet boys concert...we are goin to dye our hair bright pink and purple...to look like wannabe punks or honerary kandie kids.. and wear N'Sync shirts.. and scream at them to play random N'Sync songs......just for amusement..then we are going to beat off a whole bunch of 4th grade girls who will want to kill us....hehe.......free tickets..i love Randi Martin (aka Aunt Randi now)

its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!its my birthday!!!....i'm 17....i rule

i hope this year doesnt suck..

anyway.....people i want lots of money to goto my new camera for my bday...unless u want to buy me the camera....which would rock..anyway....i want presents...
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its my birthday! call my cell and leave me a msg to wish me happy bday 301-254-5308!....

i'm 17..i can buy my own porn now.. ..hehe....wait..i dont need to buy it!...anyway..its all good

i'm out in the mornin...i eventually have to goto ryan's to do her thing.. its all good. jeff and erica are watching a random whoopie goldberg movie..

erica and i ate the rest of the chocolate chip eggos.. they were good...umm....thats all folks

HAPPY BDAY TO ME, AARON KATZ (of Percy Hill and Earth Suits Off...my cousin aaron!), and JUDY GARLAND!!!!!!




aparently that is the song in everyone's head
but whatever..

jeff and erica left and soon after marji arrived to goto jill's house... marji's so hot.. i love her... so we get to jills...hang out there....eat bagels..do the whole jew thing.its all good

marji couldnt give me a ride home so she took me to Shady Grove Metro station..icalled avi....cause i knew fedeli was at the beach and he couldnt give me a ride...so i called avi on a chance he wasnt busy!.and he wasnt......so i forced him to come get me..he had to go shopping.....so we went to khols..he got a realy prtty rign for sarah with green stone...its realy nice.....anyway...he told me jon came back from israel....i was in his neighborhood today...that where Jill lives..anyway.. avi leaves in 10 days for camp ramah in MA with sarah... after khols we went to target.. (TAR-GET..not that french crap..its with T!)....avi got a whole bunch of crap..toletries and shit..then we just hung out and talked...and then he took me home.....avi ocks..i love him....dork

anyway...then i came home.. and then i went to ryan's to help with her projct thingie.. erica picked me up on the side of the road...then we got there and chris was there...then all we had to do was wait for Diane....she finally got there and we went to DALY and started to tape..i got to be the head protester for bioethics... and potester #2...i got to hold signs..they rock......anyway....then we went back to ryan's and just tallked for a while...the erica's mom gave me a ride home....and thats my day

my aunt nili called from Israel....i love her.. she rocks

Oh me and erica are definatly going to the bakstreet boys concert on friday night...not thursday....sorry scotty..hehe....its gonna be funny


thas all for now

call me at home
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my birthday was ok..i'd have to say its been the TAMEST....i can remember... last year ws my party at the bowling ally.....that was the FUNNEST thing EVER!!...then the year before..i was going out with the random indian dude--jereesh--who i dont think anyone except jennifer knew about..wyeah that year we went to baskin robins and walked around the random lake.. whatever....only 1 more hour left of my bday!.. scary.. i want more presents....i didnt get that much this year.. everyone was supposed to give me money for my new camera (which i cant afford) but they didtn.. its sad.. Ryan rocks.. and i love the card that chris gave me! (oh baby oh baby)...and the psghettie...

tonight my stepdad made REALLY good mashed potatoes...and caesar salad..it was REALLY GOOD!..then my grandparents came over and we watched the mummy...its a good movie...i hadnt seen it....the guy who played the mummy was hot.. i like him...it makes me want to see the second one......

so yeah...erica and i are going to the BSB concert on friday in Nsync shirts.. hehe.. i'm gonna see if i can get a ticket for jordan too..he wanted to go also.. jordan at a Backstreet boys concert would be just TOO funnY!

i wish i could talk to kimi today.. for some reason it would make my day better.. its sad.... i didnt see my girlfriend on my bday.. :(...i'll live

i actually wished daniel would call or email happy bday or something... but i knew he wouldnt..and i'm ok with it..i think its getting bette... the kiss from kimi last night helped A LOT!!...i so needed that...my gf is hot!

QAF was so great...i taped it...its the greatest..Justin is the king of babylon!!..so awesome!..wasnt expecting it

anyway.. i'm not doin anythig tomarrow...call me if u wanna hangout and do soemthig...i think my mom comes home from wherever she was tomarrow...
i still wanna hang out..

hours after hours

i'm 17..wow... graduated when i was 16.. i actuall turned 17..i'm still alive... there is so much more life to live and it already been such a struggle in the first 17 yrs..its crazy

who wants to hang this week.. call me at home or email or something

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thanx to everyone who said happy bday to me.. or is going to....to all who didnt or isnt.... FUCK YOU!!!!!

shout outs-no particular order

Ryan S
Sean R
mike l
mike h
hot guy mike (cause he's hot)
jeff (most definatly)