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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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something i havent done in a while [14 Jun 2001|01:13am]
[ mood | hot ]

for some reason i just felt like watching an obscene amount of television tonight... nothing good was on so naturally i watched porn.. i'm still concluding cinemax is better than spice but only cause it has better jewlery and better looking people.. like there are some BUTT FUCKIN ugly people on the spice channel (did you get the pun)..anyway.. i saw a nice necklace that should be on QVC... that was amusing

i really hope chris comes over tomarrow..if he doesnt i think i'll live.. if chris doesnt come over i hope kimi does.. i miss her

as for the water balloon thing.. i'm debating on just throwing two.. one on the 20th and one on the 21st.. which means i have to get MUCH more water balloons than expected.. yes, i think thats what i'll do.. it works out for most people...
SO it will take place on wednesday june 20th, at 3-4 pm in front of my house...and same time on thursday june 21st ..3-4pm...feel free to come earlier or later...whatever..its all in good fun..bring balloons to use if u have them.. and money to order pizza later.. or we can just send Jordan to gamini's t pick up pizza..hehe..so yeah....invite everyone you know or want to hit with a water balloon.. hehe...its all in good fun!

friday night i'm oing to daria's house.. saturday night i'm probably going to end up at KS for the chapter thing.. it all good.. i get to hang with my jew crew

n-e-wayz.. (ghetto spelling)..night peeps

oh i realized the vent doesnt work to the guest room...so i have no AC in my room.. i use my fan.. its really hot up in this junx

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i'm over it [14 Jun 2001|09:39am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i think i'm over the whole "my mom stole my concer tickets" thing...i'm dealing.. i also think i'm over the whole daniel thing...i think i'll be ok... i'll hopefully get to see kimi soon.. and with the waterballoon thing keeping me busy it will be all good..

i'm planning on heading up to the village today..to the dollar store to get more balloons.. why not get them cheap..at the dollar store...i got 10$....so yeah...hopefully it wont be too hot and stuff.. and hopefully chris will come.. wow i'm hopeful...i want a LOT of people to show up..so tell the people ur bringing to bring people

i've been listening to linkin park's Crawling.. i love that song.. and the music video.. its all good.. last night i was watching VH1's thing on brian setzer..he was so cute when he was like 3.. thats all i have to say about that..

i LOVE TANG!!...but i miss my SOBE..i wish i had some SOBE right now..

its early...i'm tired.. anyway..

umm...i have to go to the mall when rob is working..he's gonna buy me anything i want from SUncoast as my birthday present...any ideas on what i should get?

i might get job..weird.. i finished my resume for the application.. she left out A LOT of stuff that i have done.. but whatever....as long as it gets me the job..

oh chris...the thing in my pillowcase..i cant find it..i lost it again!! how does this keep happening!!! err!!

so yeah...everyone call me today or randomly stop by..its all good

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[14 Jun 2001|09:51am]
whats with these homies dissin my girl, why do they gotta front"--buddy holly- weezer.. just funny.. 4 dorky white guys singing that.. i love weezer..they rock
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[14 Jun 2001|10:26am]
ok..... really really really wanna change my hair color.. but
1)i'm going to bleach it first
2) i'm gonn have to leave it blonde fo a while and i'm positive i will look horrible as a blonde!
3) i cant use the blue hair dye becuse if i get this job, they might not appriciate it as much as i do!!...

what should i do???... should i just dye it blonde?

aaahhh...i'm confused
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4th of july [14 Jun 2001|12:24pm]
party at jeff's house..hehe....maybe.i dunno
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[14 Jun 2001|12:31pm]
had a random conversation with ari this morning....he rocks!..he's workin at jCC camp this summer...crazy jews..hehe

i'm goin to meet erica in the village.. lates.. call my cell
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[14 Jun 2001|07:21pm]
i'm prbably gonna end up at rob's house or erica's tonight...either way call my cell..

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today [14 Jun 2001|07:48pm]
erica and i have been here for 6 hours....not doing a damn thing... and just now we're talking abuot underwear and thongs.. go figure..

blowing up random fallic shaped balloons....

we went o the village and bought 11 bags of water baloons.. each bag has 25 balloons in it..

we got mad at jordan for no apparent reason.. so its all good..

oscar is supposed to come over.. and we're supposed to goto robs house or something....whatever


all my cell 254-5308
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[14 Jun 2001|08:28pm]
OSCAR SUCKS!!!!!!! he's really late!
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