June 15th, 2001


whats up my bitches

so umm yeah.. me and erica are at rob's house, just chillen like a mug.. busted out Nelly on Rob's CD player.. dancing and grooven.. now rob's playin video games..whatever...i'm chillen

erica and oscar are chillen.. its all good.. we be chillen yo

undale undela mama seaboard seaboard.. OH OHHHH!! what's comin tonight!..hehe

umm..so yeah a LOT of people are coming on wednesday.. which rocks!.. i'm not sure about thursday..

tomarrow is Daria's party.. hopefully kimi will be able to go.. umm.... it starts at 7:30-8ish at daria's house

apparently the TMLE is playing at corner kick this weekend.. i wanna go.. anyway.. i'll try and talk jordan into goin with me..

my foot hurts.. i need a hug

i hungry.. no food all day..except random chocolate chip waffles

tis all good

call my cell if u wanna talk!.. leave a msg ifi'm not gettin service.. i'll call ya back

anyway.. random update.. lates


oh yeah...me and erica beat the crap out of oscar!
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wow.....after wating all day or oscar to not show up.. me and rica finally go a ride to rob's at like 11-something... we hung out, blasted Nelly on rob's computer.. watched rob and oscar videogames.. beat the crap out ofoscar for not picking us up....u know good fun

random observation... Oscar is a LOT like daniel.. manipulative.. funny..sweet.. oscar is a random little hispanic dude.. but u know.. they have the same voice tone..they sound alike..its weird... i notied it last night.. whatever daniel was better.. just a random observation

i sad.. kimi isnt going to daria's party tonight.. its sad..i have to wait until after fathersday to see her.. :*(.. to quote avi "damnt i love that girl"

i only need 500$ for my camera!!..YAY.. hmm

so yeah.. the main day to come to te Water Balloon thing is on wedneday.. more people are coming that day... people are still coming thursday.. just more people are comign wednesday.. COME BOTH DAYS!!!

umm... chris is supposeably coming overtoday to watch thelatest episode of Queer as Folk that i taped

Daria's party is an open party.. so anyone i know or whoever wants to go, can go..its all good
i have the address and phone number and stuff

it think thats all for now.. i'm definatly going to the randm chpter sleepover on saturday nigt and i'm definatly going to polly esthers on tuesday!

thats all for now.. lates
OH..i want suggestions on what costume to wear for otakon!! i'm going..at katsukon i was Etoh, the preist from lodass wars... i dont wantto do that again.. i want cleavage!!!.....hehe....suggestions??
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apparently my mom gave the BSB tickets to the applesteins.. which they are good friends with.. Lisa, brian,karen and ted..the applesteins.. lisa used to go out with my stepbrother...she got kicked out of college for alcohol abuse and she's a really big slut now.. stupid bitch.. i never liked her.. she always botherd me....anyway..whatev