June 18th, 2001


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how many licks by lil kim is the dirtiest song... wow..thats kinda whoa... anyway

today i'm off to DC with Chris and Erica (maybe if she feels like goin).. to find howard University and then to wander aimlessly around DC.. fun fun.. i'm tired, i got 5$..oh yeah thats gonna get me far..hehe.. its all good..

i talked to sean last night on the phone.. LJ-zzyzx
he's in Ca right now.. he's such a cutie.. i love him to peices.. he likes to cause trouble.. he's one of us.. hehe.. anyway

mirabai asked me to go swimming with the freshman on tuesday.. but i have priar commitments i have to do.. but the offer was nice..

i really hope Jake can come to my thing on wednesday.. he might crash at my house tuesday night...which would be cool.. but i dunno.. Jake rocks..

so yeah....i'm gonna leave for chris's house soon.. i dont know whats gonn happen from there..

i'm proud of myself i did laundry.. and i washed my slutty blue tank top so i can wear it on tuesday.. yay..

umm.. big safety pins are the coolest

Peachy Keen

th best day EVER!!!!

getting up this morning wasnt a problem cause i slept all day yesterday..so i woke up.. called chris.. called erica.. called chris again and left.. i stopped by DALY elem.. (my elm school) to see my kindergarden teacher who is a really good friend of mine and my grandma.. so i went there and the office people were like "no u cat visit not even for 2 sec"...which is annoyin cause they always let me before!!..err..i'm angry.. anyway

i met chris and erica at Clearspring park.. and we walked to chris' house.. then walked to giant and 7-11..i ge a call from kimi.. she's at my house.. she brought me flowers, movies to watch, and PIE!! my gf rocks!..she brings me apple pie.. so random, i love her...
so my mom brings kimi to where me,chris and erica are and then takes us to the metro!... kimi looked so good, wth the green shirt and hair thing. OH YUM!! orgazmic! amazingly awesome.. so amazing..

in between i deal with the video production comapny...there aret any new openings for job but they have my resume on file.. that sux!..now i gotta find another job :(

so we get to te metro.. we sit and sit and sit some more until we get to howard university.. then we walk.. and find chris' buildig..which is cool..then we go back tot he metro and goto Dupont.. they closed the circle..i'm so sad!.. but its ok..we call jeff, but hes studying.. so yeah.. we goto starbucks where kimi INSISTED on buying me a salad.. cause i wanted it but i have to save my money.. and i was like "no and she was like "YES".. so i was like ok.. it was ok.. it could have been better... but its all good.. then we went to Regal movie theatres cause someone was like lets go see a movie.. so we went and we decided not to see a movie.. so we go back to my house and watch little nicky..i love that movie....then chris and erica leave.. and me and kimi watch the random soap opra thing on Mtv..then we watched telemundo.. then we started watching traffic...it was slow and heavy and all about drugs.. we'll finish watching on wednesday after my balloon fight..so yeah.. we ate pie.. it was good.. oh baby oh baby..hehe.. it was cute.. when we're together.....i'm different..i'm not the horny perverted freek i always am..i'm cute..and like respectable..cause i'm in love..

then she left and it was sad.. hopefully she'll come with me and chris to rockville or the USY dance tomarrow.. i'm just gonna tell people she's from NERUSY.. temple emanuel..she's visiting.. heehee..

i talked to avi tonight on AIm..apparently jon is now a big loser who is hooking up with some ugly chick (or is going to).. hehe.. and is still at CP.. so i'm glad his life sux.. hehe... YAY.. mine rules..

i need more balloons.....everyone go buy lots of balloons...LOTS OF THEM..

tmarrow me and chris are hangin out with JDS folk..all in good fun..

i'm dying my hair blonde tonight.. i didnt get the job..i got nothing to do..then in a few days i'll dye it with blue and red streaks.. ..so umm..yeah..score...its crazy..

i've had "i wanna sex you up" in my head ALL DAY.. its been really annoying and crazy...and COLOR ME BAD..is the group.. yeah.. i remember now..

i've been talking to Len Rodman for like an hour now..he's a hottie in Silver Spring.. USY boy... VERY HOT!.. he used to goto JDS but doesnt anymore..we've just been talking about all sorts of shit.. he rocks..

so umm yeah...i think thats it


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    so in love--random boy group from '95 or '96..


so i dyed my hair..it doesnt look completly horrible..its ok i guess.....it has a REALLY cool red tint to it...like over the blonde.. so i'm gonna keep it around for a few days..maybe weeks....i dunno..its kinda cool..its crazy.. viva s a blonde.. someone PLEASE take pictures..i want as many pics as possible..its crazy

so yeah

i dunno about rockville tomarrow..but its all good

"look i'm a cheap blonde"--hehe no offence to blondes..