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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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yeah [19 Jun 2001|04:41pm]
so today i woke up....still in shock my hair is blonde.i got to get used to this.. miri newman-paul called me and was like "i'm in the hood let me come pick up my stuff"..so i was like cool.. chris came over.. we didnt goto rockville.. we went to giant and then to his house and heather gave me a ride home

i'm going to rockville tonight though.. to polly esthers.. marc (my baby) is gonna give me a ride there.. i'm not sure how i'm getting home though... if they kick kimi out i'm going with her.. so its all good.. umm... yeah..

hopeful everything will work out

kimi is so great, she got me 20 bags! OF BALLOONS!! she's so great.. damnit i love that girl!....ahhh!!

"cause i'm a blonde, yeah yeah yeah"--julie brown(not downtown)

so yeah.. the end

"ooo ooo ooo oo oo i wana sex you up, i dont want anybdy else when i think about you i touch myself, cause i'm a blonde yeah yeah yeah"--me and chris
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avi rocks [19 Jun 2001|05:33pm]
[ mood | evil ]

avi wants mail.. hehe.. he'll be at camp ramah in MA

send him mail:

Avi H
Bunk 10 Senior Counselor
Camp Ramah in New England
39 Bennett Street
Palmer MA 01069

he wants a lot of mail... if u dont know him and write him anyway just tell him you're Viva's Friend somewhere in ur letter

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[19 Jun 2001|07:19pm]
k..i'm out..call my cell..254-5308
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