June 20th, 2001



so kimi picked me up (not marc).. and her mom rocks, she's like one of the coolest moms ever and she's a nerdlover..hehe.. so me and kimi goto polly esthers. .and we find marc and jeremy and cheryl and josh greenberg.. they let her in.. which rocks!.. i saw a lot of people i knew.. scottie too hottie freedman,zach schreiber, and the JDS folk wasnt there and that was sad.. but me, kimi, marc,jeremy, ashley (sexy soph-now junior), and herhot friend isabelle chilled out.. we danced.. marc did his whole, "'i can work my glwsticks better than you" thing...good times.. the bartender (steve) rocked!..the DJ could have been better...becca gardner was a bitch to me.. arin leiberman gave me a hug, she rocks, she sang us to sleep at encampment..or spring.. or something with cabins.. jocelyn gave me a hug, i love her... rachel fersh gave me a hug (she's so cute).. josh rabin wore a tux.. that was crazy..i was expecting like a toga or something more crazy...kimi got the whole Jew Experience.. hehe.. we wre like makin out and like the random guys were like whoa and it was funny ..kimi dumped a cup of ice down my shirt which was SO not cool!.. and it like went down my pants and it was cold.. but so yeah.. that was NOT COOL!..jake ended up not going..so he's not comign tomarrow.. Len is so hot..he's the slut (erica say bong).. so yeah he's gonna ttry and come thursday and tomarrow.... he's really hot...anyway..lots of dancin...random stripping frshman..bad dj.. good company.. BIG BILLY IDOL PPOSTER! i wanted it@ ......i wantd to like rape it!......billy idol......yum

ok....lates.. i tired

waterballoon fighT!!!! tomarrow....u gotta come!!!
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heehee.....UH OH!

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so yeah its like 9am and i'm up!.....WATER BALLOON FIGHT TODAY!!!!!! YAY!!

Uh oh-hehee

jake's not coming, and its sad.. but its ok.. Len might come and he's hot so its ok!.. a lot of people are coming today.. i really hope we have enough balloons for tomarrow..feel free to come party with us today and/or tomarrow..its gonna be fun....i'm in g-burg maryland..u should all know my cell number by now.. so call and we'll talk and/or leave a msg and i'll get back to yoU!

i can hardley talk again.. i'm a blonde yeah yeah yeah.. heehee

so everyone come over today!.. ROCK!!

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kimi and erica are here... we need more balloons.. and more people to show up.. its crazy.. call my cell if u wanna come.. come over anyway! ROCK!! ......starts at like 4-ish



and it begins

i wake up.. walk to the village to meet erica.. bought more balloons, we met kimi in the village..walked to her house for like 10 min... then walked back to my house.. then we chilled at my house.. then we realized my hose didnt work, neither of them(i have 2)..so me,erica, and kimi are trying to fill water balloons in the bathroom and the kitchen, and it doesnt work... so we go upstairs to see if anyone online is here.. we see scotty's sister (scotty's in the shower apparently or somethign)... so we ask her..she says yeah.. so we walk up to scotty's house.. then we start filling waterballoons, we have a box and a laundrey basket.. then scotty gets more laundrey baskets....and a wheel barogh (sp)...SCOTTY ROCKS!!..so rob,james,tiha, and stacey show up and coe up to sottys, and bring the wheel barough back to my house to drop off the balloons...so we're filling water balloons for like 2 hours.. then we walkback to my house.. jordan,greg,diane and gini show up..we battleit out..it lasted like 3 minuetes before all the water balloons run out..so we stop..then my friend Len (hot jew-boy) came, then we pile into Diane's car andgo back to scotty's to fill more balloons.. then we walk back.. do a few more runs back and forth.. then chana shows up at my house... then we start the battle of guys verses girls.. we won.. jordan lost..hehe.. gini kicked greg in the balls.. thats gotta suck..i also bit greg and made him bleed (he stole erica's random balloon)... my back is SO burnt.. my shoulders and back.it hurts like anything.. erica is right, i need some aloe..OUCHIES MCGOUCHIES!!!!!

chris showed up..took pictures.. then got like mad or some random attitude and kept to himself..

we all watched rocky horror picture show... which is one of the greatest shows ever brought to the public eye.. we devirginized scotty (in the RHPS sense)..and james was still tramatized from the last ttime so he stayed outside...

marc randomly showed up and diane got really mad and that was somewhat amusing but not really cause it was really bad circumstances.. so whatever.. then marc gave len a ride home.. and then people left and yeah..

thats it.. it was an ok day.. apparently more people are comig tomarrow.. i dunno how its gonna work!...ahhh..

i wanna try to start it earlier tomarrow..erica saved 3 bags of balloons for when/if chris comes tomarrow.. so it will be more amusing.. and he'll get to play wih us (nothing dirty--good clean wet fun--hehe)...if he doesnt it will be sad... but i dunno..

hopefully my stepdad wont be TOO mad about tomarrow..he was kinda pissed about today.. but hopefully it will be better tomarrow..

my cable box still doesnt work..i missed queer as folk..i'm sad.. i can only get my movie channels from the cable box..and thats broken..an there was a random leak in the basement today..weird...


that is all

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