June 21st, 2001


wow....today is gonna suck

i think more people are actually coming today than yesterday.. we had a LOT less people yesterday.. i know mirabai isnt coming.. but its all good.. nicole is, which probably means mike is.. i think Daria left for Kiev already.. btw-Jordan have fun in Ukrane...umm..

i'm kinda wnting to cancell the whole thing on account of i feel like crap and i'm burnt to a crisp (yum, taste like chicken--or not).. but i'm not.. too many people are comng..

erica should be over in like an hour or so to come help me fill up balloons and talk and stuff...she's bringing me aloe for my back..erica rocks.

my stepdad is gonna be home today.. so we should like be careful and stuff... i dunno..

this weekend i kinda want to go see Bye Bye Birdie at watkins mill (offbroadway production).. i think it might be interesting...anyone wanna go with me???

anyway...i guess thats it.. call me at home if anyone wants to talk.
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    get ur freak on (remix w/ nelly furtado)

Really Rosie

ok.. Erica came over and she brought me Aloe --she rocks!--

then we watched Really Rosie.. an animated thing that i used to watch everyday, like 3 times a day when i was little at my grandparents house.. its all about chicken soup.. he's the man..everyone should watch it!.. rosie is really conceited.. but its ok.. cause the movie rocks..

so umm....yeah.. i'm tired
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    chicken soup with Rice--really rosie