June 22nd, 2001


wowies..it happend again

well.. today was a LOT tamer than ysterday.. erica came over early and we went to scotty's and filledup the remaining balloons..then we got soaked witht he hose.. and it was amusing.. then we went back to my house and Brian showed up.. we played catch with the balloons.. a lot of them popped becaue of the heat.. that was sad.. but it was all good.. brian left early then ryan came, and then jeremy came.. so there were 5 of us playing catch..we got soaked..then we went back to scotty's house and got soaked again with his hose (nothing Dirty--perverts)

then we came back to my house and watched tv.. we watched "dick" and random parts of "Go" and then random TV... we got pizza.. but thy messed upour order so we called to bitch..they hug up on me.. so i called back really angry sunding and they gave us a free pizza.. so score!.. Jenny came over and then chris.. then kimi.. and it was all good

me and chris got in the hugest bitch fight.. the little fucker bit my forhead and my hand! lots of times.. then kimi got in it...and chris bit kimi.. all over the fuckin remotes! that was the most random fight ever.. and i think one of the biggest that chris and i have ever head.. littl fucker bit me! DAMNIT!

then people left and it was sad.. jeremy left at like 11:30 and scotty left at like 12:15ish.. it was amusing..

i'm sleepy now.. whats up with tomarrow?? who wants to go see the play at WMHS with me (offbroadway production)...i'm infavor of seeing that at some point..

oh my mom wants me to goto the finish line of the aids ride thing on sunday..between 3rd and 4th at the mall (in DC) at like 3pm..people should come with me

SHARA_--- and everyone else going away to camp louise or Arie or something far away... HAVE A GOOD TIME! TAKE PICTURES!! ...miss me!..heehee i know i'll miss you all!

i havent written avi--he's gonna be pissed...MY BAD!...

my back is SO burnt..OUCH..it hurts SO much.. someone should come kiss it better.. heehee


the end..
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its raining.....really really hard... aaahhh.....rain rain go away.. your pounding too hard against my window.. fuckin rain!... hehe i picture mirabai and nicole dancing in it.. cause that's probably what they're doing!!

i win

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i wrote this whole big entry on how i was feeling about certain people in the clique and i got fuckin booted and i'm really fcking pissed off.....so basically fuck ya'll......if u wana hang out call me.. if not...then whatever..
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this is to everyone

ok, i know everyone(by everyone i mean certain people) is pissed off or depressedor whatever.. but no one is talking to me about it and at times when they do talk about it with me, they go off and feel something completly different..like everything they told me was a lie.. or something.. if i'm part of a problem i need to fuckin know about it.. if i dont know about it, theni cant do anything to fix it.. i just want everyone to be happy and stuff.. you know!.. right now i'm really angry at certain people who i'm not gonna name, because of certain things, but whatever and i really want to talk to chris but he's at class right now.. so whatever.. i dont know.. i'm gonna go on living my life.. basically to everyone pissing me off.. fuck you! seriously...

whatever....i really want to get out of here... someone come take me away....PLEASE


my plans today go as such......i'm going to goto White flint metro station and meet Jeff....and hang with him all day.then when chris gets back from HU we are going to abduct him and hang out..or he'll come to us or something.. i dunno.. but yeah..i'm gonna goto white flint today.. i wanna goto the mall today at somepoint... its all good

i'm probably gonna leave soon..or maybe in an hour....i dont know....i'm so sunburnt..it hurts so much.. anyway


i'm not complety histerical anymore..i'm ok now..its just like whatever.. call my cell today if u want me


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aright....i'm out.....call my cell 254-5308


i wanna stop by best buy to look at my camera.. but i might, i might not..i dunno