June 23rd, 2001



this morning i as just so angry at certain people.. i still am..but whatever, i'm dealing.. my day consisted of taking buses and metros to get to white flint to "anthropology"..ny new favorite store..its like one of thos antique stores but not antiques.its got great candles and random clothes..and its just one of those cozy stores..i love it.. that was AFTER i ran into on-going traffic (i'm the smart one--sarcastic)..yes i actually went into traffic and the light turned green.. i met up ith jeff....and we hung out for like an hour.. then we wentback to shady grove and met up with chris..chrs and jeff needed to see eachother....its all good....then we all went back to my house and watched movies.. is been pouring..like major downpouring.. i was like whoa..chris went home.. jeff is currently asleep on my couch (goat) in a thong..hehe..funny.. he's so cute.. he's eating my house.. but its all good..i went all jewish motherly on him and keep feeding him.. i'm just like EAT!.. so yeah.. yay.. i really didnt want jeff to go home...i'm really glad he stayed tonight..he too gives really great hugs..

i randomly was thinking about daniel today.. weird.. i consider us friends now.. just friends.. its all good..

ALL my love and support goes to kimi right now..if need me baby i'm here for you! always.. you can always come to me to talk! i love you

tomarrow i'm going to justin's bday party...its from like 10am to like 4 i think...i should be free tomarrow night..i wanna go se BYe BYe birdie up at the school tomarrow night..it starts at 7:30.u can pay at the door..i'm not sure how much...who wants to go see it with me????

nyway...thts all for now..lates

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soaking wet in muddy water..hehe.. capsize it!

so i woke up at like 6:30 and couldnt go back to sleep.. then my stepdad left to go work out..i had to be at school by 10 in the am.. jeff was still sleeping.. then he woke up.. a random sears guy showed up to fix the refigerater that wasnt broken.. weird... just as i was about to leave.. jeff's mom pulled up.. so jeff left.. then i left.. (well first the sears guy left)...i walked to school...saw biggie sittin there.. then my love (kimi) showed up.. i didnt think she would come, but she did and it was all like YAY. then alona showed up.. THEN justin's dad showed up..

we went to White Ferry which is in MAJOR BUMBLEFUK poolesville.. we got there.. went canoeing. viva in a canoe.. whoa.. weird... i was with justin and dana and alona were together.. and i was frekekin out.. i've never been in a canoe..well that i can remember... first kimi and biggie were in the canoe..then kimi got out and justin's dad was in the caoe with biggie..then they tiped over and was soaking wet and it was funny.....justin kept splashing me, so i was soaking wet..then we came back and i stayed on land with kimi and biggie...then we ate..then dana and alona and justin and justin's dad went back out and everyone fell over in the river... kimi took pictures..hehe...then we ate cake.. whoa..cake..hehe.. i drank 2 cokes.. like real caffinated coca cola.. BAD VIVA! hehe.. i win

i'm insane..

i'm gonna gosee the play up at the school at like 7:30.. cause i can..anyone wanna com with me??? its all good..call me at home..until like 7, then call my cell

thats all for now

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