June 24th, 2001


bye bye....SCREEEMMMM( damn teeny boppers)

Bye Bye Birdie was awesome.. some parts were better tan others, other parts were NOT great.. Scott Selman,from Magruder and Kehilat SHalom, (who i used to have the biggest crush on and hooked up with at one point in my life ) is the Technical Director for it.. his 'rents who i know and love were there... he looked SO good..i was like DAmn!.. he's apparently up at syracuse.. which ROCKS!..he's a techie and a nerd..... absolutely adore scott selman!..ok anway.. the play wasa bunch of children who loked like ages 4-14.. the 2 12 yr olds were like sucking face on stage.. like serious makin out.. ryan and i were like whoa!..aside from the really REALLY loud screaming..i didnt know anyone..all RANDOM people except for scott selman..but like in the audience..i knew no one.. it was scary..like really scary...anyway...ryan and i left after the show.. i'd say its worth seeing...yeah..just to compare from the other ones people have seen..it was good

so ryan and i left..we ended up going to dairy queen and got ice cream and then went joy riding..i we talked about anything and everything for HOURS.....it was one of the best conversations i've ever had.. and everything that was discussed just needed to be discussed with someone!..you all just have no idea.. clique..future.. past...connections with each.. good, bad.. more.. it was all just needed..

i love ryan.. i couldnt live without her.. i swear..

so yeah.... i feel good and sad and lonely right now..but i'll be ok

i really dont want to goto DC tomarrow.. does anyone wanna come with me.. my mom wants me to go tosee the closing ceremonys for the aids ride thing.. and i've just been on the metro so many times this week i just dont want to.. but i guess i will...what else am i gonna do tomarrow?

oh geez

i need a hug..

question of the minuete: where's fedeli? whats he up to? (besides cleaning pools)

OH--my cell phone.. only call if u need to get in touch with me.. cause apparently my minuetes ran over.. its my fault but still...i have to share minuetes with my mom.. so its all good... but still i dont wanna run over..cause i'll have to end up paying for it... but yeah.. ny call if u need to ge in touc wit me.. call my home first..email me for the number..


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erica is home..yay.....we are going to the mall today.. like now..call my cell.. or goto the mall and come find us..

its all good


evil is back *bum bum bum*

so yeah..me and erica went to the mall today..i got movies -- Peter Pan (the mary martin version cause it rocks--i love peter pan), But I'm a Cheerleader (a movie about lesbians.. with goodlooking people in it..rob bought it for me as a bday present), and the buffy tapes for chris(his bday present that i PROMISED i'd get him)..i love chris

i got a new found glory cd (selftitled)..

i got a deck of cards with a whole bunch of "your momma jokes" for chris too

my mom comes home and wants to go out to dinner... erica is still at my house.. my mom doesnt ask me if i want to go (that means she doesnt want me there)..my stepdad asks me and erica..but erica's mom is coming to pick her up soon.. i'm hungry but i dont go because i didnt want to leave erica by herself at my house cause thatwould be really rude of me.. so i ask my mom if they could bring me back something.. she says "NO"....my mom doesnt feed me... i think she's still pissed cause i didnt goto DC today....which is sad.. my mommy is mad at me

i really want to go out tonight.....ANYWHERE!!!!.....just away from my house.....i like it SO much better when my mom isnt here..my stepdad is nicer.. no bitching at me.. its good... i really wanna go stay at rob's house or something.. or goto chris's for a few hours...i dont know SOMEWHERE...

sends *good vibes* to kimi and her family..i hope everything is better! i love you baby!...thinking about kimi.. mmmmmm... i love her

this weekend..audrey has asked me to help her set up a party for her bday which was on the 21st.. but the party is probably gonna be this saturday...everyone that knows her is invited..audrey rocks!..

umm...call me at home...i feel like goin out or talkin to someone at least... come over and take a shower with me.. hehehe.. everyone can use more showers!..hehe

so yay..4th of july..jeff's party..that should be fun.. i dont know who all is goin yet.. and hopefully i can get a ride there and then crash..cause that would rock..NICKTOONS!

so yeah...someone call me to hang out tonight.. cause " iWANNA GO OOOOOOUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT TONIGHT!!!"--mimi (RENT reference)
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i'm SOOOOOOOO BORED>...i really wanna go out tonight...or like hang out ith peopel......someone call me at home..please

QAF is on tonght....season finale!

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wow..i just watched QAF.....it was SO SAD!! anyway....i'm all like alone and sad now...i need a hug..

oh wow. i have nothing to do this week

random poem:It's a fuck you yes it's a slap in the face
Behind everything I do there's something needing to be chased
There's a hidden motive
You can see it in my eyes
And when you think about alternatives
You think about the lies
There's a warmth in your throat
From tossing back the shots
and you can't just play it straight
you like your whiskey on the rocks
If you want to take me down
I won't go down without a fight
Cuz I'm just dying to be caught
and have you be the one who's right

wow...who wans to hang out tomarrow?

call me at home.....i'll be up for a while i guess

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what can i get for 10 dollar
anyting you want
oh me so horny
oh me so horny
oh me so horny
me love you long time

thats been in my head for the past 10 min....