June 25th, 2001


50 Terms for Female Masturbation:

If the 'M' word leaves you cold then pick another name for it! - A rose by any other name is still a rose...

1. Jilling off
2. Finger pie
3. Fingering yourself
4. Playing with yourself
5. Checking the undercarriage
6. Sexercising
7. Rubbing yourself down/up
8. Going solo
9. Petting yourself
10. Seeing to yourself
11. Giving yourself one
12. Treating yourself
13. Dialling 'O'
14. Tickling your fancy
15. Southern Comfort
16. Mistressbating
17. Splunking off
18. Hand jiving
19. Strumming
20. Pampering pussy
21. Buzzing off (with a vibro)
22. Digitising
23. Paying lip service
24. Pleasuring yourself
25. Getting off
27. Blissing yourself
28. Frigging
29. Pushing the button
30. Furry fun
31. Dating your palm
32. Finger dancing
33. Self love
34. Comforting yourself
35. Having a free ride
36. Creaming yourself
37. Relieving yourself
38. Scratching that old itch
39. Starting a bush fire
40. Hand sex
41. Wiping the smile onto your face
42. Self servicing
43. Having a manually assisted fantasy
44. Sex for one
45. Visiting the magic kingdom
46. Doing a Meg Ryan (Harry met Sally)
47. Polishing the pearl
48. Rustling your knicks
49. Indulging yourself
50. Touching yourself up


i'm still bored.....i've been watching tv for the past 2 hours.. spyder games.. what a weird show.. stupid Mtv shows.. i know i love 'em.. hehe

i watched porn on cinemax for a while....for some reason i'm addicted to the plot lines.. i love porn plot lines..they are SO funny.. thats probably the only reason i watch anymore... and the jewlery .i. saw some nice necklaces.. they sould be on QVC

anyway.....who wants to hang out tomarrow

call me at home

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lunch w/ uncle allen

So... my uncle calls me and is like "what r u doing wednesday"
i was like "nothing"
he was like "come down to DC and have lunch with me, dress nice"
i was like "ok..sure."

so i'm thinking he found me a job or something lke that

i dunno...his building is like down the street frm Dupont.. so u know.. score..maybe i'll like go visit chris at howard or something..and we'll take the metro back to shady grove together...i dunno..

its all good

AUDREY is having a birthday part this weekend..everyone is invited.. hehe.. she called today...audrey rocks.. she's so hot.. apparently she's my wife.. well one of them.. crazy straight people..so yeah....i'll send out the MASS email when she sends me the info

i'm free the rest of the day..i'm bored...come over or call or something

all my love goes out to kimi! men n kilts...rock!.. bad circumstances but amusement..i love you sweetie! nothing to be sorry about..



i'll get over you
i know i will
i'll pretend my ships not sinking
and i'll tell myself i'm over you
cause i'm the king of wishful thinking

i'm gonna be at homeall day filing stuff for m mom....feel free to stop by and/or come pick me up.. and we'll go do something

i POSSIBLY might have 3 tickets to see Artificial Intelegence tonight..its a premere.. my grandpa is probably gonna give me the tickets.. i wanna take ryan and erica and chris.. but it someone else wants to go or somethng i dont know.. i dont even know if i even have them yet..i dont know


so i filed stuff all morning for my mom .. with my grandpa.. then we went to the JCC so he could go swimming..i just walked around... i saw Bonnie first.. BONNIE ROCKS!!!! i saw erin pickar..or at least i think it was.. i havent seen her in forever...she didnt recognize me if it was.. i saw Jesse Speigel..he looks exactly the same as that last time i saw him..and saw Marc..he was just getting back from a field trip or somethin..cute kids..screaming.. oh i could never be a councelor again.. OH i saw Jason Rothman.. he looks so good now.. (jared's brother).. he was stylin int he hat and the suit.. snazzy is the correct word.. i didnt see stacey even though i passed by her door like 8 times... and i didnt see ari.. or mike (churhill bud)

toniht...movie.....random......call me at home...bye


me, erica and my poppa.. went to see artificial intellegence tonight...it was ok......the MOVIE DOESNT END!!.....its crazy...slutman rocks!.. the crzyloud reneck was sitting next to me and erica..he was REALLY LOUD.....crazy redncks.. he had a mullet..he rocked!

i tired

chris is comin over tomarrow....yay

my random coconut cravings only come out at night.. random nightly coconut craving....

ahhhhhh........hehehe......call m if u wanna hangtomarrow..or call me tonight anyway
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