June 26th, 2001


new things!!!

OK....new info.....my mom comes in this morning wakes me up and is like

#1) we are going to montana for the aids ride july 27th to august 6th......so yeah i'll be gone then.. whoa (i'm going away)

#2) i have to register for MC today online..which is ok and i can do

#3) evil offers to take me to haircuttery to get my hair trimmed or cut... do i want that???

#4) i still need a job


chris is supposed to come over today.. yay!!!
tomarrow i gotta goto DC to have lunch with my uncle..

that is all.....call me if u wanna hang today or thursday or friday or this weekend..etc
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ok..i've been watching TV like all day.....mtv's real world boston..genisis is a bitch..i dont like her.. hehe....i also watched the wonder years and VH1's BILLY IDOL!!!! oh so hot i wanna touch the hiney.. he's so great.. i want to rape him and then steal his purple shirt! billy idol rocks my world...if i were to hook up with a fmous person like right now..it would defiatly be billy idol.. .david bowie is just TOO old with TOO many face lifts..even though he is a buddy of mine! i love him too!


erica is comin over...we're gonna figure out something to do.. ANYONE WANNA DO SOMETHING????

i did my admissions thing online for MK--i have to register for classes now though..weird..

my back itches like NO ONES BUSINESS!!!! fuckin back..i cant reach it to scratch it..i'm SO ANNOYED......erica and i are probably gonna buy a coconut today

itch itch itch....people call me at home today!!

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hi....my name is Viva and i'm going to be up in montana at the aids ride helping out at the end of august... i was wondering what fun stuff is there to do in montana??...i'm from maryland

yeah....someone tell me what's in montana???

erica MIGHT come with me!...whoa viva and erica in montana..UH OH!!... couple of marylanders causing trouble...the aidsride is july 27th to august 6th...

Mark brill Imed me today..he rocks.. i love that boy..

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Dont walk in front of me, i may not follow. Dont walk behind me, i may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend, together we will walk in the way of Hashem

other stuff

bobby came over today......he rocks....he's so cool..i wanna be like bobby.. he rocks..he has a bubble butt.. he's so cute

chris was supposed to hang out today...but he only stopped by for like not ven 10 seconds to pick up his present.. then he bitched cause it was 2 months late...whatever....i told him i would get it for him and i did.. i couldnt afford it any other time....sorry....whatever...i was kinda mad that he couldnt hang out....i havent hung out with him in a while.....tlike even that day when i went to hang out with jeff and then we met hi at shady grove...like that was for him and jeff...which is fine...i dunno..he's just been all busy lately and like in 2 weeks he's goin to australia...whatever...*sigh*

so yeah.....audrey hasnt emailed me at all about her party info so i dont know whats up with that

my mom leaves for italy on sunday..for like 2 or 3 weeks..i dont know....i love it when she goes away..my stepdad is nicer.. i donthave to deal wih the bitching....i can cause trouble without getting cought..most of the time anyway

so anyway....tomarrow i'll be in DC for the morning and early afternoon...but i'll probaly be back at night....i'm meeting my uncle for lunch..his metrostop is dupont..thats where his building is..so yeah i'm suposed to meet him at like 12:30ish

i think i'm gonna dye my hair with the blue streaks tomarrow night....either tomarrow night or thursday....just streaks......rock

i miss kimi...i really wanna see/talk to her.. i hope everything goes well

jordan's bday is tomarrow...i can so see him at some club in the ukrane just bein like..."hey baby--i'm from the usa--wanna fuck"--hehe....jordan would never say that...but it would be SO FUNNY..i love jordan

heh heh....mule

anyway....thats all for now...later....call me at home
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talkin to oscar

i just got into this like 5 minuete conversation about how hot daria is.. dude oscar doesnt think daria's hot....he's fuckin crazy.....she's SO hot...i got in this random arguement.....it kept me amused for like 5-10 minuetes...its all good

Big OOOHHHH!!!!!!


avi called me from camp ramah in MASS!.......i love avi....he rocks..i really should write him soon.i keep forgetting... i'm bad....teehee

anyway... so yeah.....his cabin is right next to sarahs! BEHAVE!...its all good