June 27th, 2001



so i left this morning and i took the bus to shady grove...and from shady grove i went to dupont.. from dupont i walked around the circle tice n then called my grandpa to get my uncles work number...so i called and i got directions to the work... its like half a block down from the circle... so score...then i wet up to my uncle allens office...i met a hole bunch of his co-workers and saw his office..then we walked around outside before lunch.. basically we talked about mybrother and drugs and my brother doing/sellng drugs and the consequences and years in jail.. my uncle being the criminal defence lawyer knows about this stuff... then we went to lunch at The Palm ..we had really good string beans and potatoes and more potatoes and like cheesecake imported from new york (my first chesecake experience--i've never had it before today).. cheesecake ROCKS!...

then i took dupont to shady grove and then a bus to the mall to meet erica.. i got there.. daniel was there with his *new* girlfriend (go figure)... i wonder what happend to cathrine?...whatever he looked good.. itwas good seeing him.. he gave me a hug.. his new gf is hot.. she is apparently going to israel on tuesday... i'm jealous.. i want to goto israel.. anyway

so me and erica are incredably bored but Marc is supposable coming to hang out with us so we'll figure out something to do.. so its all good

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    king of wishful thinking--go west

i got the blue ball!!!!!

so erica was over....then marc came over..then we went to denny's... gina nino works there now.. and scott fitzmeyer.. weird.. i got mashed potatoes, but they werent as good as the last time i was at dennys.. erica got cherry cheesecake.. she was talking about it earlier and she finally got it..yay.. marc got chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocolate chips with chocolate on the side..hehe.. then we went to giant... i FINALLY got my coconut....i'm saving it though.. i'll eat it later.. COCONUTS ROCK!!!..

then we went to rockville....and we went putt putt.. i got the blue ball but i lost it in the river..then i took marc's green ball ( i stole it)...erica had the orange ball.. hehe......i WIN!!!!!... then we went to the arcade thing and i won like 112 tickets...i got 2 smiley faces that stick to stuff and like candy that said it was chewy but it wasnt..then we went to like toys r us in rockville but it wasnt open..so we went back to my house and watched "bu i'm a cheerleader" in double speed cause marc had to leave to goto camp...heh heh mule..

apparently i'm horny..cause chris said so..heh heh mule..

i win


i have rocking chair in my living room now.me erica and marc named it spud.. SPUD,pork,goat,bob,jimini,squiggie,carl,the biggasstelevision...

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    i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

jordan's bday was so great

me,marc and erica celebrated jordan's bday for him... we had fun just as if he was there! i love jordan.. heh heh mule!

daniel looked really hot today..in his capri pants.. hehe.. i just wanted everyone to know