June 28th, 2001


moments in history

june 28th was:

the date of my bat mitzvah when i was 13
Jesse Speigel's birthday
a random janet jackson concert in like 98

i think thats it actually..
those are the random facts for today


i'm tired.. i'm probably gonna crash at rob's house today..i havent done that in a while..k i'm putting the blue streaks in my hair today! its gonna rock... my mo is gonna freak! fun fun

so umm...yeah...i'll be at home for a while.. like hours and hours...

buff put up a picture on her journal www.livejournal.com/users/buff

BUFF'S SO HOT!.....heehee

heh heh mule.. no wait spud.. no wait potatoe.. no its just a coconut

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i jus attempted streaking my hair blue.. i thin it came out urpleish which is ok..and its not so much as streaks as it is....not.... yeah but i think it will be ok.. i'l ut the red in soon and it will be pretty...i have a whole bunch of blu dye left over if anyone wants to dye their hair blueish-purple.. its all in good fun
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in my persuit o give my hair blue streaks.. it first appeared purple...hen when it dryed cmpletley it made a random turn to grey...for all of 2 minuetes i had grey hair... so i just dyed my hair blue wth the rest of the blue dye.. we shall never speak of viva with grey hair EVER AGAIN!...so umm...yeah.. hopfully it wil be bue whe it finishes..its not done yet..ahh......i ill goto ericas later today and then crash at rob's house... so its all good

more hair

so me and erica went to the village and it turns out my hair turned grey... AGAIN!!!!!!! DAMNIT! ..so i bought hairdye cause mine was at my house... and i bought red but it came out magenta-ish-purple.. so YAY.. ii like this color and i'm gonna leave it like this for a while... my whole plan of hair dying with streaks and shit is over... i'm content!.. so yeah.. the end
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    someone to call my lover-janet jackson


hey everybody!!!.i'm now at rob's house.. just chillen... i'm tired.. my hair is all good now so yay.. umm.. tiha and stacey are here too.. oscar is not.. hehe.. kimi and AC are supposably coming at some point.. maybe.. i dunno..

i'm gonna hang out with kimi tomarrow... damnit i love that girl!... hehe

YAY for jeff....dont forget to send out your mass email on the 4th of july party!! luv ya!

evil leaves on sunday for italy.. she comes back the 17th.. apparently i'm going to be on stage crew for the montana trip.. there is apparently entertainment at night or something so i get to build and take down sets and stuff... ROCK.erica's not gonna come with me and that's sad... but.. the day goes on..

i said it before and i'll say it again.. BUFF'S HOT! oh baby oh baby

potatoes!.i have a lovely bunch of coconut!

umm... chris is in NY.. bring me back somethin cool...or dont..whatever..

fedeli emailed me this morning from his cell phone and then called me to see if i got the email.. that was random.. so.. yeah.. i win

whats up with everyone....call me on my cell if u wanna chill.. 254-5308...we're notdoing anything here

so yeah...thats it
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coconut acheived...AC and kimi showed up... i brung out the coconut.. me and AC went upstairs cause she and stacey wanted the milk.. so we go upstairs and Mom (rob's mom) gives us a cork screw a little nut puncture thing.... so me and AC are trying to screw a hole in the coconut.. so after like 20 min we finally got a hole.... then a tiny bit of milk came out.. so we spent 15 min trying to make another hole... then i go downstairs to give people the milk and kimi is like "use a hammer" ... so i ask mom for a hammer.... then we go outside (me and AC) and i'm just trying to like beat it.. AC goes... CHOP!she is the COCONUT QUEEN!!! she broke it.. then we broke it into like little peices.. then we ate it.. and then kimi goes.. why didnt u just get the cocnut shavings (which would be logical)... but me being *the smart one*... figured " hey why not get a whole fuckin coconut"... the end


so i'm talking to mcnugget online and apparently he's coming to MD to visit!! we have to get TONS of pictures.. heehee *evil grin*..

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:59 PM]: whats up?
Air4me2384 [9:59 PM]: Nothin much
DivaVivaLeFreek [9:59 PM]: how you doin
Air4me2384 [9:59 PM]: not bad
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:00 PM]: thats good... what r u doin this summer?
Air4me2384 [10:04 PM]: coming up north
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:05 PM]: to MD?or somewhere else
Air4me2384 [10:05 PM]: MD
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:06 PM]: when??????
Air4me2384 [10:12 PM]: 1 month
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:12 PM]: so ur gonna come visit everyone....right????
Air4me2384 [10:13 PM]: LOL nope
Air4me2384 [10:13 PM]: j/k
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:14 PM]: punk... we'll like hunt you down dude.. its all good.. score

apparently chris is stuck on the way back from DC.. more on that from chris's journal..when ever he gets back...

i'm at rob's house still...hehe.. stacey rocks.. another bi chick...who went out with James.... weird.. Oh yeah.. all 5 of us gang-raped ROb.... me,AC,Kimi,Stacey, and Erica..oh baby oh baby... actually not.. we stripped him... than he ran away like a little pussy.. then he came out and mooned us.. then he ran away again

so umm..yeah.. anyone want some coconut??? there is plenty left over.. hehe

i'm bored... apparently oscar isnt coming.. and if he is.. he's really late.. whatever..

anyway.. lates