June 29th, 2001


random dancing

so i left rob's at like 11:30 and went to ericas.. and that was amusing... so we ended up watching tv until like 1-2am and then i went to sleep in the basement.. i spend a lot of time in that basement.. expecially in the shower.. hehe..

this morning erica lent me her coyboy hat, which i plan to wear all day now.. i'm bringing it to montana.. maybe.. i dunno.. YEEHHAAAWW!!.....sorry random ...hehe

I was dancing this morning to erica's MP3s.. it was highly amusing.... we made "lean on me" really perverted.....my bad.....hehe

ryan is supposably coming over and then me,her and erica are gonna go find something to do... .at some point me and erica are going to see POOTIE TANG.. but maybe not today..

heh heh mule

i think thats it for now..
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    adams family--MC hammer


so me and erica called ryan this morning and ryan cmae over...to ericas... then we calld scot and scotty was like..well u guys can come over here.. so we went to scotty's and ended up playing nintendo64 for like 2 1/2 hours.. and that was fun even though i lost.. ...then i went home and scotty,erica,and ryan wnt to the rope swing.. wherever that is..i really didnt want to go... so umm..yeah...they were supposed to come back here...but whatever..i dont know...

i'm tred..i have to write "thank yous" toay for family members who gave me money..so yeah

i gtg scotty, erica and ryan are here.. apparently ryan hit a tree.. while ropeswinging.. thats sad

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K...eeryone is gong back to eica's huse..we're gonna watch movies and stuff and order pizza.. call me on my cell if u wanna hang out with me... like its gonna be me,erica,scotty and ryan.. i dont even know whats up.. call my cell if u want/need me (301-254-5308).. ok..laters..