June 30th, 2001


"NO its my hat!..oh baby oh baby!!"

this had to be the hottest day EVER!!...its SO hot outside...

ok we all went to ericas... goto Blockbuster ( Block-buster in spanish accordng to scotty) ... got the emperors new grove cause scotty and ryan hadnt seen it..so we wached that..marc calls--he's on his way over.. chris called.. so me and ryan goto pick up chris.. we see marc going into ericas neighborhood.. we pick up chris.. we go back to ericas and eat pizza.. THEN we goto putt putt....bum bum bum

erica brought up a new game of bowling nto the putt putt...which i adapted...erica threw her ball so hard it went into the parking lot... i later threw mine it went into the parking lot too but some random hot nerdlike guy got out of his car and picked it up and threw it back to us.. he rocks!!...so yeah.. that was fun...then we went back to ericas...bum bum bum

and ryanws in an energy mode so she started beating people with pillows...then she, chris and marc get in a HUGE brawl(thats the right word)...with the pillows... the me and Scotty get in a BIG pillow fight.. i win infinity plus 5 to the infinity.. hehe.. aka i win..

aside from all that.. Scotty kept trying to get my blue hat.. which is MINE!! and we ended up in all sorts of obscene positions together and he's so cute.. so we've been makin obscene jestures with our eyes at eachother...for no apparent reason... and no you can not go down my shirt to get the hat.. hehe.. oh baby oh baby.. so yeah.. me and scotty had a whole lotta sexual tension..hehe..thats what they call it now...

i miss kimi...i've been thinkin bout her all day.. we were supposed to hang out today.. but she didnt call.. im there for her at her convienience..i dont want to be a bother..i love her..

i apologize to erica for being such a bitch to you today.. geez,i'm such an asshole.. you've been nothing but the best friend to me.. like everyday.. my sock-pair..hehe.. my hang out buddy.. and i'm the asshole that has to be bitchy about everything and like complain and say stuff i shouldnt.. so i apologize and hope its all good..:)

its so hot..i wish i had airconditioning in my room.. all i have is a fan.. its ok..but AC would be nice...

I WANT MY FUCKIN DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!! its the ONLY thing i wanted for graduation and my birthday and with all of my fuckin reletives i still couldnt get it! i'm so fuckin pissed off!!! ERR!!

yeah and julie from real world new orleans is a MUCH bigger slut than i thought she was.. MUCH bigger..

jef might come over tomarrow night...

i SERIOUSLY have o write these thank you cards...really.. i've put i off for like 3 weeks to like a month and a half..

i want some booty.. damnit.. err.. stupid thing that was in the pillow case...where are you!?!?

so yeah.. call me.. i'm up and ready to go..even though its like 12:47 in the am.. (aka 2:00 acording to erica...hehe)

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audrey's party

Audrey's having her bday party ..she wanted me to invite people too.. so i am

July 7th, 2001
7:00pm- whenever

where:--if you know who audrey is and want to come..just let me know and i'll give yo the address and stuff or audrey's number and then u can call her!

what: (to bring also)
a party--duh
with a swimming pool

so bring bathing suit.....change of clothes...breath mint (you never know who your going to hook up with)

"whoever wants to go needs to rsvp at my swimming pool will be open by then and there will also be lots of food and movies and video games!"--audrey

or u can email me and i'll tell audrey or leave a msg on my cell phone (254-5308)

its all good... Peace and Love


taken from urbandelirium's livejournal

If anyone answers these few questions I have, I'd be eternally grateful. Even more so if you answer them truthfully.

I don't mean to cause anyone unwanted feelings by asking these things. Im just looking for a different point of-view.

Do you have a purpose in life?

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do with the time?

What do you truly enjoy doing?

How do you spend your time?

Who are you?

How are you?

what do you think of me?


its thundering ouside..i'm scared..(well not reallY).. but still i need a hug..

i think i'm gonna go take a shower...anyone wanna come with me.. hehe *wink wink*
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djbiskit (2:33:42 AM): "I really don't know why more people aren't bisexual. It would certainly double your chances for getting a date on Saturday night." - Woody Allen

chris's survey

1) Full name: Viva Sigal Iyala SuzannaLynn Zohar sahar
2) Birthday: Same as Judy Garland...6/10/84
3) Last time you showered: 2 min ago (hey buff i was naked)
4) What color pants do you have on right now?: blue shorts
5) Do you have any pets?: freshman and sophamores
6) What is the color of your computer desk?: ugly wood colored
7) What song are you listening to right now? : "rock show"-blink182
8) Last 4 digits in your phone #: 3218 or 5308
9) Last thing you ate: pizza at ericas
10) Weirdest name you have ever given to anything: geoffery mitchell jose juan rosita bonito
11) Fav. radio station: 1011 fm
12) If you were a crayon, what color would you be: aqua-marine-turquoise-blue
13) Where do you wanna go on your honeymoon: israel or italy
14) Have you ever really been in love?: yes
15) Who do you wanna marry right now?: Kimi
16) Last book you read: "The importance of being earnest"-osca wilde
17) Do you have a pager? No
18) How many bud's on buddy list? 160-thats as many as i could fit
19) What's the weather?: Where? In my room, outside?
20) What did you do last night?: party at ericas
21) have you ever been skinny dipping?: yes
22) Who are you talking to online right now? No one
23) Full name backwards: sahar zohar lynnsuzanna iyala sigal viva
25) AOL screen name: DivaVivaLF
26) Sexiest thing about the opposite sex: abs
27) If you had a genie what wishes would you make?: Own house without parents, lots of cash, digital camcorder
28) Fav. CD: dana international--Diva or Skunk Anansie-postorgasmic chill
29) Where ya going tomorrow?: stayin here i think
30) Who do you most admire?: chris
31) Fav. Backstreet: BASCKSTREET SUCKS!! (irrelvant conversation)
32) Do you like the person who sent this to you?: Course. i love him in more ways than 2
33) If you were stuck on a deserted island who, of the opposite sex, would
you want to be with?: chris
34) Piercings?: yes
35) Be serious or funny?: Funny
36) Boxers or briefs?: BOXERS--the silky kind..hehe
37) Whole or Skim Milk?: skim milk
38) Single or taken?: Taken
39) Simple or complicated?: I don't get it.
40) Law or anarchy?: potatoes
41) Grey or Gray? Grey
42) Day time or Night time: Night
43) Color or black-and-white photos?: Color
44) Sunrise or Sunset?: Sunset
45) Rap or Rock?: rock
46) Stay up late or get up early?: Stay up late
47) Bath or shower?: Both
48) Is it POP or SODA?: Sodie pop
49) X or O in tic-tac-toe?: X
50) Eat an apple or an orange?: Orange
51) What came first, chicken or the egg?: your mom.. OOHHHH!!
52) Tall or short guys/girls?: tall.. hehe.. short people dont work for me..we already went through that with elf boy
53) Sun or moon? moon
54) Emerald or ruby?: emerald
55) Pants or shorts?: Both
56) Left or right handed?: Right
57) 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?: 10 best friends
58) Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?: vanilla
59) Cindy Crawford or that Russian chick from Victoria secret?: kimi
60) Green beans or carrots?: Green Beans
61) Low fat or fat free?: potatoes
62) Hair up or down?: POOF
63) Silver jewelry or gold jewelry?: As long as it's not fake.
64) Kids or no kids?: No kids
65) Dogs or cats?: cats
66) Half full or half empty?: i drank it.. my bad
67) Mustard or Ketchup?: "MAY--OOOOHHH---NAISE"-jana
68) Hardcover books or soft cover books?: Hardcover
69) Newspaper or magazine? Diva magazine and SPIN
70) Catsup or Ketchup?: psst...over here
71) Sandals or sneakers?: sandals
72) Wonder or amazement?: Amazement
73) Red car or white car?: Red
74) Happy and poor or rich and sad?: Happy and poor
75) Singing or dancing?: dancing
76) Hug or kiss?: Kiss. Especially if it's done right.
77) Corduroy or plaid?: plaid
78) Happy or sad?: Happy
79) Live or die?: Live
80) Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?: Ben--sexy yum 81) Fav. Person online: james... my sexy litle gay bi in NJ
82) Braces?: Thank God not anymore
83) Fav movie: empire records
84) Fav. Drink: orange sodie pop
85) Fav. Actor: jude law right now
86) Fav. actress: julia roberts
87) Fav. Singer(s): Janet Jackson, coyote shivers,dana international,
88) Fav. Musical groups: WMHS Chamber Singers, New found glory, lakadaisies, Max levine ensemble,
89) Car: big back seat!
90) Fav. T.V Show: queer as folk US version
91) Friends?: Too many to name
92) What color hair do you prefer for the opposite sex?: multi
93) Fav. #: 237
94) Coke or Pepsi?: coke
95) Fav. store in the mall: Record Town, Suncoast, Waldenbooks, Spencers
96) Fav. store anywhere: See above
97) Siblings?: Uh-huh
98) How many?: 9
99) Did this survey suck?: Pretty much.
100) Least fav. subject in school: NOMORESCOOOL...graduated
101) Person you are sending this to that you least expect to send it back?:
not sending it to anyone
102) Person you are sending this to that you most expect to send this back?:
Not really anyone
103) Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you: oh so sexy!
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aside from having an actual conversation with my grandma where i wasnt yelling at he for critisizing...i got visitors

2 hot guys came to the door trying to sell magazines so they could goto europe.. they were very persistant.. aftertalking to thm for a while i was like sorry i dont have any money and they were like go look... so i did even though i knew i didnt have any..it was amusing..they were really funny too.. one was like "if you buy a magazine you get to keep him (the other guy) for a week, he cleans and does dishes and windows and you can use him for dirty purposes... you can have me , but i'll just sit and wach your tv and have you feed me pizza"..that was amusing... they were like:
them:so what do u do
them:what else do u do
me: party more
them: i'm sure your boyfriend must lve that
me: i dont have a boyfriend.. but my girlfriend parties too
them: WHoa!

so yeah.. two hto guys came to my door... apparently a SHIT load of random kids are gonna come throughout the summer and try and sell magazines....

oh and what's with this new band Dream Street..these kids are like 7 and 8.. what th fuck is that about.. they havent reached puberty yet.. they sound like little girls... pisses me off

i've made a personal desicion to at some point in my life apply to be on real world

i'm tired..its crazy

call me at home, i'm home
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hmm......insite from viva.. what???

I've been watching Real World Hawaii ... like ALL DAY.. I'm such a slacker......I feel tired...but I'm not....I'm like COMPLETELY useless today.. I really wanna hang with Chris but he and Ryan are at the picnic thingie for the Australia people.. its all good.. I've literally been on my couch ALL DAY!.. geez..I didn't even write those thank you letters that I've been putting off for like weeks..

by watching the real world all day..I realize that I would be SO great on that show.. cause I get along with people, yet I also don't.. and I'm very open with a lot of things.... I like to share my life with people.. I'm unique and I know that.. I mean that without arrogance and like bragging..cause I don't mean to be bragging.. I don't consider myself bragging when I say I'm unique.. but yeah...I think I would be great on that show.. I think I have a really good chance I could get in.. but ya know being 17 really sucks.. you cant do much but rent rated R movies.. and ya know we can do that anyway.. so aside from my friends and all the drama of people, my life... for me.. is kinda slackin all together.. and that's actually partially my fault.. partially reality's fault (if that makes ANY sense to anyone else)...but yeah...I know what I have to do, I'm just way too slackin to do it right now.. and I'll probably end up waiting to the last minute to do everything.. like getting a job..I really want to get a job, cause once I have the job, I will put the majority of efforts into working it.. but getting a job, that's keeping the slackin up.. I'm just not putting in the effort I should.. and registering for school.. I'm SO slackin on that.. I honestly don't wanna go..I wanna skip all the hard parts of life and go to do all the things I wanna do... like be a camera person for big productions.. which probably wont happen if I don't get off my ass at some point.. oh geeeez.... why does life have to be so difficult!?..wow.. I've gone through so much already like I feel like I've gone through most of the difficult stuff (which I know I haven't).. and I've only been around for 17 years.. I really feel like I already accomplished so much that I wanna be done with everything.. but not really.. hmm..... there are so many things that I would LOVE to see... I've always wanted to see Italy.. I want to see my little sisters and my little brother grow up.. I want to see my real brother get out of his asshole phase.. and I want to see myself achieve more.. but I don't think I can do that without getting off my ass... I have so much fuckin life to live.. so much.. if you really think about life and everything that you have in it.. you will realize that all of the opportunities you have had, have now, and will have are probably some of the most important things in the world.. I guess I'm just thankful that I have everything (well almost everything) that I have.. I don't know how my life would be different if I grew up a different way... or didn't/did believe in certain things.. its just crazy..

and that's my insight on life..for today anyway.. now you KNOW I've been watching too much real world..

amy called my cell today she left a message but I was downstairs... so I didn't get it.. but I called her back and left a message on her cell phone... Titan AE is on tonight.. on HBO.. I love that movie.. I have a new random love for animated movies..aside from anime.. like Disney movies.. like: Tarzan, the emporers new groove, and the road to el dorado.. those flicks are great.. I love the soundtracks to most of them too.. ESPECIALLY Titan AE... its great.. I got the soundtrack on tape but I cant find it.. hehe remember when I couldn't stop singin and listenin to THAT.. wasn't that annoying!!..hehe

hey..gotta love me.. I'm special..or at least that's why my mommy told me.. hehe

speakin of evil..she leaves tomarrow until the 17th.. and my step dad works.. so i'll have the house to myself from like 6 until 5pm every day for a while.. hehe. *wink wink-nudge nudge*....hehe..

4th of July...what it means to me... absolutely nothing..I could honestly care less.. yes its supposed to be all symbolic and shit.. ooo look independence.. I consider myself israeli.. I didn't stand for the pledge of allegence in high school.. I got in trouble for it but I didn't do it.. because if you listen to the words of the pledge.. its like giving all of yourself to this country.. and I'm just not about that.. I don't have a problem with people who love the country... but you know..I respect other peoples views and opinions and shit..but don't tell me that I have to stand for the pledge cause its the right thing to do.. its not.. well not for me..I have my personal beliefs and that's why I do and don't do things.. so Ms Harrison , my sophomore english teacher.. KISS MY BIG ISRAELI ASS!!!......you didn't suspend me.. and you never will and I still graduated from highschool with NO help from you.. and your calling me a bitch NEVER helped my educational progress...hehe..the end

so .. whats up people..whats goin on tomarrow.. call me at home today or whenever......call me.. I need love..

hey kimi....whats up baby???

so anyway.. that's all for now...lates
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titan AE

this is the best movie.. i think if i get money or gift certificates i'm going on an all out like animated movie spree.. " who's your daddy--GUNE's your daddy!!"--john leguizamo

" Stop figiting WORM!!!!"--hehe

fun fun..i love the soundtrack to this movie too!! it rocks


my back itches like no ones business. SOMEONE COME OVER AND SCRATCH MY BACK!!!!!!....... i will give someone a million dollars to come and scratch my back..FOR THE LOVE OF G-D!!!!!! my back fuckin ITCHES!!!!!


just so u all know..i dont actually have a million dollars..its a figure of speech but i do need someone to scratch my back.. do u think i want a million dollars to spend? ......WOULD I!!!