July 1st, 2001


bum bum bum

evil came home.....she leaves for italy/england tomarrow afternoon.. i'm free anytime...pretty much..

talked to daniel for a while tonight...his gf left for israel for a month....i'm completly jealous.....i SO want to goto israel.. you all have no idea how much it means to me.. but anyway

i got the aidsride registration thingie.....i'm all set...got the plane tickets and everything.. so umm yeah.. montana.. yeehaw.. or something.. hehe.. i'm SO wearing the cowboy hat all the time!....maybe someone famous will sign it.....hehe...or not.. i dunno

stupid itches... errr...i'm so angry that everything itches... AAAAAHHHHHHH.........

umm....so yeah.... i got new popcycles....they are so good..they are fruit with like cream in the middle (anything with cream in the middle is good--hehe).. YUM!

i think thats about it right now......chris might come over tomarrow
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people suck

ultimate random1: it really sucks though when you're slightly more introverted than extroverted
ultimate random1: i'm shy until i start getting to know someone
DivaVivaLeFreek: true
ultimate random1: there just aren't any places you can go, locally, to meet other gay kids...
DivaVivaLeFreek: go and meet all sorts of people....meet everyone....there will be gay people among them...somewhere....i'm almost positive
ultimate random1: yeah
DivaVivaLeFreek: meeting new people is good
ultimate random1: wait a minute

stop crushing my pessimistic attitude.. dammit
ultimate random1: ;-)
ultimate random1: i try to be pessimistic and i fail horribl
ultimate random1: y
DivaVivaLeFreek: i cant...i'm just the happy one in my delusional world.... and i gotta bring everyone with me
ultimate random1: i am too
ultimate random1: but i have my moments
ultimate random1: they don't last long
ultimate random1: but i have them
DivaVivaLeFreek: yeah.....me too
ultimate random1: i'm too logical to be pessimistic
DivaVivaLeFreek: except when i have them...i go apeshit on everyone and tend to bite on certain ocasions
ultimate random1: but i am less logical enough to be an optimist/idealist
DivaVivaLeFreek: hmm......
ultimate random1: i am and optimist-idealist-realist.... who tries to be a pessimist at times but fails horribly
ultimate random1: and i'm extremely contradictory
ultimate random1: i think people suck
DivaVivaLeFreek: yeah......dont try..trying is the first step twards failure
ultimate random1: but they are so great
DivaVivaLeFreek: people are stupid
ultimate random1: people are stupid
ultimate random1: persons are great
DivaVivaLeFreek: i agree completly
ultimate random1: i hate the word "people"
ultimate random1: it's such a degrading word if you really think about it...
DivaVivaLeFreek: how so
ultimate random1: mashing everyone together into one conforming word
ultimate random1: having no regard for their individuality
DivaVivaLeFreek: well...true...yes....i agree....people is degrading.. i never really thought of it like that
ultimate random1: it is
ultimate random1: almost as degrading as poon-tang
ultimate random1: poon-tang adj. vagina, also used as "dude you are a poon"(scared) usually said with dislike c.f. punani USA
ultimate random1: _//\\o//\\_
DivaVivaLeFreek: what does that have to do with anything???
ultimate random1: POON-TANG _//\\o//\\_
ultimate random1: it doenst
DivaVivaLeFreek: yeah....i didnt think so
ultimate random1: i'm just at a a slang dictionairy
ultimate random1: and i read the entry on poon-tang
DivaVivaLeFreek: ur so funny
ultimate random1: and this is my ascii art poont-tang _//\\o//\\_

mommy mommy, i want a cookie

the subject has no relevence whatsoever..i just felt like putting it there...

this morning i hung out with my mom cause she's leaving today to goto Italy and england or whatever... she's rooming with a 55 yr old lesbian named hilary .. weird....she'll be gone for two weeks.. she told mey stepdad to give me money if i ask for it....so i'm like score...

i might go hang out with daniel on monday... as friends.. and just chill......he's a player dude....he's still goin out with cathrine and now he's goin out with tina and he's also tryin to get some chick from WM too...she graduated... but we're buds......so its all good...

chris will hopefully come over today....

i went to the bagel thing up in germantown today with my mom......Corrine works there....she rocks....and angie justino was there with her dad.....*cough*cough*slut-ho-bitch*cough*cough

ANYWAYz.....whats up with everyone now??

whats everyone doing today?
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dinker: do u have fetishes
me: duct tape, gargoyles, candles, and kimi
dinker: so Kimi holding a duct-taped gargoyle candle would make you horny as hell?
me: yes!

so far

viva bites
erica swallows
diane spits
ryan screams
chris blows
jeff nibbles
nicole sucks

i forgot the rest......i'll get back to it later