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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Jul 2001|01:01am]
if u believe in fairies.. clap your hands
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the plans that I know of [04 Jul 2001|09:30am]
[ mood | mellow ]

we are all meeting at my house and then we are going to the fairgrouonds and hanging out there...then i guess we are going back to my house or ericas house.. what time do u all wanna meet? 5:30-6ish.. i guess........i dont know.. i really feel bad about not being able to goto jeff's.... he's been wanting this party at his house for like ever.. but still .. with ryan not bing able to go.we all couldnt get there. ...and u know its like a time to be with EVERYONE.. not just like how many people can fit in a car....i dont know.. i love jeff....he's so cool

other than that... i took the greatest shower today...i love showers..they're great..

you know whats odd.. i miss jordan..he's been gone for a while now and its sad.. no more funny sayings.. no more whiteboy dance (sure other people can do it, but not like jordan can)..hehe.. i dont know.. its just sad

but anyway


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hmm [04 Jul 2001|03:18pm]
today i found old pictures.. like from middle school and freshman year...i'm gonna bring them..i need a REALLY big photo album.. like HUGE!...that can hold different sized pictures.. thats what i need.. yeah...

so everyone is gonna be at the fairgrounds tonight.. rob,twigs,ac,stacey,james,tiha,me,erica,ryan,scotty,chris(if he feels well), kimi,fedeli,jenny,heather,marc,.. like the entire clique will be there minus jeff and the people at his party...ari (rabkin) might randomly show up tonight and chill with us (he's not a bad guy, really!)..

so many memories... from all the pictures.. i'm just in like random amazement.. its crazy..

hmm.. so after the whole fireworks thing...are we all goin back to my house? or ericas or what?..we all should do something....unless its like really late.or something......anyway.people are coming to my house to meet first anywhere from like 4:30 to 5:30.. and we'll probably all meet the rest of the peeps at the fairgrounds.... u can call me at home or call my cell or whatever

i dunno.... i guess thats all for now

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family family shit shit [04 Jul 2001|03:27pm]
apparently my stepdad is planning some family bbq or something.....and its gonna be my stepsister, step bro in law, step bro, step bro in law's father my step grandparents, and like my step uncle aunt and cousin...weird..uch i dont wanna deal with them..

anywya....apparently i have to hang out with jeremy all day tomarorw...which i kinda do but not really wanna do....he's suposably coming at like 7am and like being at my house for 12 hours....oh geez..


it will be ok

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