July 6th, 2001


my mommy sent me an email

Hi Sigal!
I'm writing from Hilarys in Bristol England. Robin and I are doing great! We have seen Stonehendge, Avebury, Bristol, Bath, a castle or two, and Wells. Lots of fun and raining everyday.
Just want to let you know we are ok. We will be going into London tomorrow. I'm not sure when I can get back to a computer.

Tell Jack I wrote and that everything is fine!
Love you,


me and erica are planning to see scary movie 2... if anyone wants to join us..feel free....granted we dont know the times and where were going yet... gimme a call tomarrow... as far as i know its me, erica and scotty... gimme a call


today was ok except the random waking up at 7AM!!!!!!! asshole...... err--jeremy..but its ok... he bought me lunch.. we met erica at the bus stop in front of the mall and went across the street to this REALLY good chinese place... SO GOOD!.. yum....we got cought in a downpour of like 10 min so we were soakin wet.....again..hehe... then we went to the mall and chilled for a while.....then we went to rob's house.. ..and bothered the crap out of oscar and watched rob play megaman.. on a REGULAR NINTENDO....he's letting me barrow it when he goes to FL.. he rocks!!.. he had the ductales game.. but he sold it! DUMBASS!!!!....anyway... so yeah... erica left...then jeremy left....then i got in like a major fight with oscar.. and i happend to beat the shit out of him....then him and rob doubleteamed me and i lost....and that fuckin sucked...me and rob and oscar went to rio to see if there was somethin to see......we just hung out..i saw my cousin jen and her bf Louis.. they are both so hot!!!!.....jen's not really my cousin...she's my step cousin twice removed.. i found that out like last year..so yeah.... she's hot and her bf is hot too..and i also saw my friend lindsey.. from KS>. .... ALSO.. andrew sandor.. last time i saw him he just got outta rehab.. but he's ok i think now.. and i sw scott fitzmeyer and like random other assholes...so now i'm home......apparently daniel called today around like 6-ish...i wasnt home.....thats too bad... on other news...i've been thinking a lot about my relationship with kimi..... the end....its just been on my mind......its crazy.....umm....on other news oscar wants to hook up with my new friend Katie who i met yesterday.. so i'm gonna invite her to audrey's party.. i'm goin to chris dinner thing...i'm goint o audrey's like really late.. but i promised audrey i'd be there...i think thats it.... call me tonight or tomarrow or whatever...at home or my cell...but i should be home

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"-I don't believe in fish
-It wasn't me, it was the guy over there, with the shirt and the hair...no, not him you dumbass
-Tinfoil is the clothing of the gods
-Is it an african swallow or a europian swallow?
-That's not a horse!Your bangin' two cocanuts together!
-if reality is what you make it, and you make it nothing, does it not exist?
-I STILL like spoons
-Quit looking at me like I'm crazy DivaVivaLF!
-I still don't believe in fish, so live with it!
-Dat's it, i'ma bust a cahp up in this mug and go pimpin' out on yo' fat ass foo'! "--mark kremnitzer

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"The falling rain outside is very inviting... I'd love to run around in it but I currently have no pants on and it's dark, so i will wait!"--julia

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movie plans blew over.....we didnt see it...... pissed me the fuck off.. jared rothman should be shot.. anyway..i've been thinking about stuff...... a lot of stuff....aaaaahh....i dunno how i feel....i'm confused...
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so tonight was random.. it was cool but what i really felt like doing was hangin out with chris.. i have so much stuff to talk about and its stuff i can oly talk to HIM abuot.. only he would understand.. and thats cool in someways but it also sucks.. so yeah

greg randomly shows up.. ryan shows up..we goto dairy queen in germantown..we go back to my house...... we goto blockbuster.. we see Jana.. we get happy gilmore.. adam sandler beats up bob barker..its great!..... on the way back to my house..me and greg stop by Gini's.. its cool.. i made mac n cheese for everyone....it was good (in my opinion).. i make good food.. i can cook damnit.. anyway.. tomarrow during the day i got nothin to do.. at night i gotta get to chris's and eat psghettie.. then get to audrey's party..i promised her i'd go....i dont even know where she lives... its crazy.. maybe i'll find greg's number and see if he'll come pick me up. .. greg drives worse than jordan and fedeli put together.. it was random.. fun.. but weird..i dunno..

someone hug me.... i really hate being alone right now.. but then again i dont wanna be with a lot of people.. .. i think i just need someone to hug me.. for a long period of time.. yeah...

chris and ryan leave tuesday.. jordan comes back thursday.. diane comes back monday-or something...scotty leaves for disney world tomarrow.. oscar and rob leave the 14th or something like that for their cruise thing.. . and its crazy..it comes down to me and erica again.. go figure

i've been missing people.. people i havent seen.. i know i miss jordan.. thats weird on its own.. but like with all the thinkin about stuff.. its just weird..i almost started to cry at like 3 random points today.. it was weird...i dunno.... its only 11:41pm.. anyone wanna do somethin tonight?

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i'm slummin