July 9th, 2001


my thoughts

i was watching cinemax and this movie came on.. i've seen it before....it kind of bothers me that there isnt any new porn out there on tv.. i watch it for the jewlery and to look at pretty people... suprisingly enough i dont watch it for the sex... i'm serious.. its a good movie.. but u know.. where's the variety out there.....also in the movie i noticed that there were no black people.. that kind of bothered me.. but on the spice channel.. which they play the same stuff over and over again.. they have ugly people.. its weird.. anyway.. thats just my random observation...

in other news.. i talked to daniel.. we're probably gonna hang out on tuesday and like go get lunch or something like that.. cause we're just friends now..so its all good..

i'm still really down about chris and ryan leaving..

i'm probably gonna hang with erica tomarrow.. as if i had anything else to do..i like hangin out with erica.. we're cool... we always managed to find something to do.. anyway...

thats my story

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i MIGHT be going to the mall to meet some dude who owes me money...hehe.... so if i do happen to goto the mall then i'll just goto ericas...but i dont know whats up with that...i'll let ya know tomarrow

so yeah

the guy never called back....so apparently i'm not meetin him at the mall.....i'm goin to the village now...possibly the mall anyway... call my cell 301-254-5308.. if u wanna meet up or go do somethin...its all good.....tonight i'm goin to erica's random neighborhood bbq....weird... umm....

my grandpa called today.. bitched at me.....its horrible.. UCH...i hate people bitching at me.....he's like u should learn to drive before ur mom gets home......grr.....if ur in FL i'll still learn....so leave me be!..... anyway...... apparently they are giving me a whole bunch of crap from their house..weird

anyway.. call my cell....i'm out......

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so i'm home for a brief while.....i was on the wayt o the village and but who should pass me.. CHRIS!!.. so he picks me up (just like in the good ol' days) and we gotot he mall.....we walk around.... make obscene comments in sears.. fun fun...then we go to fox chappel and he got his haircut.. he's great.. then we go back to his house and watch the Hawaii Real World tape.. it was SO FUNNY!.. i still think New Orleans was better though.. but its all good...... so now erica is gonna come pick me up and we are goin to her neighborhood BBQ thing.. i dont know any of her neighbors but that is OK... i shall be back at somepoint ......CALL MY CELL.... i'll most likely be able to chill./talk./whatever......its all good