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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[13 Jul 2001|12:56am]
hey, i'm at rob's house.. with James and AC, and rob/.... rob's playing video games as usual.. AC and James are on the bed ..hehe..whoa.. james is giving her a massage.... AC spent like 2 hours on the phone with nate... Nate's hot and sexy.. Nate's great.. and its all good... i'm tired.. and my back itches....anyway.. aaaaaahhh.... i was a complete mallrat today..i spent all day at the mall with erica and AC and Fran.. they're great.... then erica and i went to her house... then back to my house then to her house again..then at around 9 we went to the village... and we saw Jordan,Gini,Diane and greg and Sumi and kelly fitzpatrick..she's great... and apparently Jordan brought me a coke bottle thats like in Ukranian... and erica a sprite bottle.. then they left... and me and erica sat outside for a while and my leg started bleeding and it was bad.. then the guy.. WHO I HATE! i hATE THIS GUY!! he pissses me the FUCK OFF! OH i'm so mad... drove by and strted laughing maniacally at me.. and i HATE THAT>. i HATE HIM with a fucking passion.. i got so mad.. i went limpin inside subway to get away from him.. he pisses me the fuck off..i asked the subway people for a bandaid and the nice people at subway gave me one.. so they rock... then i went back to ericas for a while and then i went to robs and so now i'm here with rob,james, and AC.. and its great... the end

call my cell if u need me 301-254-5308... even though i get REALLY bad reception here
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[13 Jul 2001|04:16pm]
lat minuet.......EVERYONE GOTO ROB"S house.. well people he knows.... he and oscar are having a going away party..starting now until whenever..at rob's house...for more details..call my cell.... u know it....

Rob's house was cool, me, AC, rob and james had really great conversations.. me and AC talked to daniel on the phone for a while.. it was great.. me and AC went to 7-11 this mornign and we got cofee.. it was weird.. it made us feel really crappy... so i felt like shit all day.. then daniel picked us up on the side of the road..then he came and hung out with us at my house.. we hung out and it was cool.. except for the whole "i feel like crap" part......i wish i had a thermometer..i really think i could use it.. i'd like to know if i have a temperature...i'm fine with getting sick as long as i dont get mono again...anyway

off to shower and then to rob's ...... then marc will call at somepoint adn we will all go see a movie tonight....hehe.. the end

call me


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[13 Jul 2001|04:46pm]
i'm out peoples call me 301-254-5308
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[13 Jul 2001|07:17pm]
i'm at robs...again.. weird...the end
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