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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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ladidadida [14 Jul 2001|12:07pm]
last night i went to robs'.. playd on his computer.. oscar didnt show up.. i was sad.. i'm gonna miss that little fucker.. hehe... he's great.. i'm gonna miss rob a lot too.. i love crashing at his house....its great...tiha was there.. she was naturally bitching about americans and talking about herself...whatever..she pisses me off to an extent..but its ok.... we ate pizza......... FOOD IS SO GOOD after not eating for like 2 days.. then me,marc and erica went to see legally blonde..it was REALLY stupid..but there was a few really funny parts.....then we went back to my house and i'm almost positive i fell asleep cause i dont remember saying goodbye to them.. that or the past 2 days have been some weird realistic dream..but thats unlikely.... i miss kimi...i want to give her a hug.. like right now.. yesterday i felt like complete shit... i felt like i had a fever and that fuckin sucks.. but anyway.. nothing to do today.. tomarrow is the ceremony at the cemetary....i HATE cemetarys....i get to read the kadish... whahoo.. go me.. i'm special...anyway... after waking up at 4am i went upstairs and fell asleep again and slept until 11:30...minus 2 annoying phone calls from people who are unimportant..

i had a dream.. but in my dream i made up a poem about cookies and i dont remember what it is now and thats sad

call me i'm home
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[14 Jul 2001|12:25pm]
i'm going out with my grandparents today.. to the country....i hate the country......butits ok...i think.....i'll have my cell
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[14 Jul 2001|04:28pm]
so yeah.....its good to get out to the country every now and then..the air was nice.. me,my granparents and my stepdad.. went up to fredrick to the mountains.. we went to a little resturaunt where the waitresses wore skirts (green) down to their ankels..i was like whoa.. i saw NO black people... fredrick (mountains) is completly like whitebred.. just my random observations... my grandmother is the MOST annoying person EVER..more than alex young....... not more than that guy i hate though.. cause i REALLY hate him.....anyway

so yeah i'm gonna start hangin out with Julia.. cause she rocks...

i'm chillen tonight.. anyone can come over if they want.. it doesnt matter...... i'm slackin today..

call me at home

or leave a msg on my cell

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[14 Jul 2001|04:45pm]
do u miss chris??

DO I !!!!!!
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[14 Jul 2001|05:02pm]
i'm hangin out with julia on wednesday.. hopefully erica will come and then we can all play nintendo....julia has other games.. she's great...hehe.. i love julia.. i miss mirabai and nicole too...
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[14 Jul 2001|05:03pm]
mcfadden is coming up from FL tomarrow..he better call or come over and hang out..if he doenst i'm gonna be pissed i havent seen him in like 5-6 years.. i miss that little fucker
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