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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Jul 2001|01:37am]
jimmy,fedeli,jenny and erica came over...we played nintendo.. and it was great... then jenny left and we watched loser... it was great..hangin out with jimmy rocks..he's the coolest!

i have to goto the thing tomarrow at the cemetary...but i have nothing to do tomarrow night...tuesday i'm busy (evil returns--bum bum bum)...anyway,....monday i'm free......wednesday julia and erica are comin over and its gonna rock... umm...i think thats it...

call me i'm home now..


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[15 Jul 2001|01:51am]
OH MY G-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it SUCKS to be a woman!
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[15 Jul 2001|01:52am]
oh and chris--when u read this...sorry for the sympathy pains... damnit call me... aaaaaahhhhh......i'm goin insane without you!!!!!
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[15 Jul 2001|09:33am]
well i'm off to the thing.... i'm in pain......ouch.. stupid stomach.....grr... i get to go deal with family.. hopefully my cousin noah and derek will be there cause they are cool......noah knows a lot of my friends which is really strange.. my friends talk to him more than i do.. but its all good.....he rocks..i have my cell....bye
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today wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be... [15 Jul 2001|02:56pm]
everyone was cool except for my grandma who had to explain who everyone was and how their related to me.. like i really give a shit... but i pretty much hung out with my cousin noah..who's SO great... he's like the biggest nerd.. i love him..hes so cool..he works at safeway..he lives up in columbia.. he knows Scottie (too hottie)freedman and jon marker(asshole) ... and then the ashleys...he's great.. .. the service thing was ok.. i messed up some of the words in the mourners kadish cause these old people were trying to read and they couldnt... so i was liek err.. anyway.. uncle allen showed up..he's great... we chilled..my cousin Harry Joet looked great..he's like muslim but rebelled and cut his hair and stuff..so he's really cool.. and most of my cousins are great..the lunch thing was at the place where my uncle got married.. and that was neat...

i guess thats it..

i'm talkin to this dude..he's adorable.. he's my new friend.. he's great.. he lives in georgia...
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Serge [15 Jul 2001|03:24pm]
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[15 Jul 2001|04:07pm]
"God I'm sexy"
These are the words of Johnny Cage

i just thought that was funny
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[15 Jul 2001|04:59pm]
i'm tired but not really so someone come hang out with me!! call me i'm home or call my cell--301-254-5308
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[15 Jul 2001|06:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]

my stomache hurts SO much.....i feel like such crap......i need a hug..like a really big hug.. owwies!.. someone hug me!

come over and hang out with me


call me

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[15 Jul 2001|09:55pm]
jeff called......he's great...he's happy....i'm glad for him... yay for jeff.........i got to get up to va and visit him.....i miss him....he's so hot and sexy he's the cutest gay boi i know in virginia!.....i love him...... we gotta hang out soon!
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[15 Jul 2001|11:06pm]
tommy--- your're great.. ur the coolest!.... thank you for everything!
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[15 Jul 2001|11:24pm]
i dont know whats goin on tomarrow... i really hope mcfadden calls or stops by or somethin......it will be my last day without my mom..she comes back tuesday.. so people who wouldnt normally come over...should....call me... on my cell 254-5308 or at home... cause i wanna talk to someone

i talked to nikki online....wow i havent talked to her in forever..... i miss her, and her dad and aaron....they are really great..


i guess thats it

someone call me tonight
or tomarrow.....anytime really 24/7..
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