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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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ahh [16 Jul 2001|10:21am]
[ mood | okay ]

i'm ok....its all good

Yes--Angela-- I Do know Oreo. and Jason..i love them a whole lot.. they fuckin rock my world! especially Oreo.......hehe.... apparently he's my baby's daddy.. weird considering i dont have a child.. and Jason is my #1 rit guy...he's great.. adn i also know Eric (tall redhead) and most of the others... its all good!..

so yeah... my cousins asked me to babysit tonight and i SERIOUSLY dont feel like it.. like really.. but i guess i will..but then again i'm not sure...i dunno......hopefully people will come over today and stuff so i dont have to go out.....yeah....tomarrow i have to like be all with my grandparents and then pick my mom up at the airport and then go see Kiss Me Kate.. at some theatre.. my uncle said it was really good....

me-- i've been listening to Mamas and the Papas again.. like an Obscene amount of them..they fuckin rock...

call me at home or on my cell.....SOMEONE CALL.....or just randomly come over.... PLEASE>. ...

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[16 Jul 2001|10:24am]
i think i'm gonna go play nintendo for a really long time.....bye
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[16 Jul 2001|12:32pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i got to world 8 on mario 3.. but i couldnt beat teh thing...so after an hour of trying i gave up.. i suck... anyway..

so yeah.. my grandma wants me to stay over there tomarrow night and i REALLY dont want to.... AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!..

i still need a hug

damnit i wish mcnugget would call or something..

i wonder when scotty is getting back...

i miss kimi... i love you!!!!!

someone call me

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another email from mommy [16 Jul 2001|02:06pm]
Hi sweetie!
I'll be home tomorrow! My flight leaves at 11:00am from london and you and poppa
will be picking me up around 5:30pm.

I'm looking forward to hearing all that has happened to you. Jack told me that
poppa and nana sold their house. WOW! that was fast. Great news about MC.
Which campus do you want to attend? I hope you have been feeling well. Did you
ever get your crew assisngment for Montana? Also dig up the sleeping bags from
the garage and we can air them out and clean them. If they are too disgusting we
will have to borrow some. I'm very excited about the trip with you!
So I'll see you tommorw night!
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[16 Jul 2001|03:29pm]
i just downloaded Kazaa... its all thanx to jordan.. damn he's great.. he told me about it.. its SO much better than napster.. its really great


anyway....i dont know whats up for tonight but i wanna do something so i dont have to goto my grandparent's house......if i'm out i cant go..hehe.. mule...


call me we'll do somethin
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