July 18th, 2001


i've been so many places i've seen so many faces but nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple hills...i've climbed the highest mountain, once or twice but who's countin and nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple hills..

after doing nothing today my grandparents picked me up... my gramps goes "you cant wear jeans tonight" .. so i grab the first skirt off my big pile of clothes which is my long black one that josh wore at international convention (i still look better in it than he does--hehe)...so we get back to my grandparents house... and my grandma goes. "go change" and i go "but we're just goin to pick up mom at the airport"..she's like " no GO CHANGE".. so i put on my skirt... adn i'm wearing my purple tank top so it looks really awkward... then she's like "you're wearing THAT to the Kennedy center"--i didnt know we were going to the kennedy center.....i thought we were goin to like a regular theatre.. and so i was wearin my jeans.. so whatever....we get to the airport..i find my mom .. we leave.. we goto the kennedy center.. we go upstairs to get food..there was NOTHIGN.. worth eating..it all looked really gross.. so i havent eating since like random veggie eggrolls at liek 1:30am.... so while my family is eating, i go outside to walk around...i call daniel to see how he's doin but he said he'd call back in a few min and he didnt.. whatever.... i call marc (my baby) from my cell..but he isnt home and thats sad.. i miss that little fucker.. i call kimi and we talk for a while and it was good..i could talk to her for hours.. she's great.. i wish she could have come with me.. OH the comments we could have made!..hehe.. packages...great stuff.. hehe

anyway.. i went on a random hugging fest which was brought apon by me seeing this dude who looked like my buddy tommy.. who's great.. he's so awesome..i wanted to give him a hug.. so i went up and asked him for a hug and he gave me a hug and it was cool......then i saw this dude who looked like chipmunk.. and i hugged him...then i saw this chick who looked like Jenny except taller so i hugged her.. .. then like 4 other random people came up to me and hugged me...which was unexpected and cool...hehe

the little art statues were cool..they all had balls in them...like silver balls with designs or just random balls.. its weird.. or decapitated things.. like the random little people with no heads... and the random dog statues with no heads.. it was sad.. everything was headless...where did they go? damn artists.. anyway..so yeah...

the play was ok.. some of the lyrics were hard to understand..but it was REALLY funny..with good sets and costumes and like famous people that not many people have heard of (if u can understand that)...yeah..good lookin people...with big packages....hehe.... funny people... good voices....all the black people in the play had really good voices..and the white guys.. the white chicks didnt...well one of them kinda did...but not really... but yeah the voices rocked...anywayi saw Rachel Rubin ..she's in USY..she's great.. such a sweetie.. carol rubin's daughter.. sara rubin's(ex USY regional prez)..sister.. she's just great...

so yeah..my mom is home now....already bitching about jobs and school.. grr!!... anyway.. one week at home with her.. and then we go off to montana

she's makin me move out of the guest bedroom..so now i have to sleep in my own bed..which sucks..i have a futon..its not a bed.. and i gotta move all my crap.. and grr.. its just annoying......

apparently she's goin away again like 2 days after we get back from montana , she's goin to canada...then apparently on the week of the 13-20-something of august she and my stepdad (jack) are going on a cruise...like when erica's gonna be in murtle beach....

so yeah..tomarrow i'm meeting julia and tyler in front of the sign in front of the school at like 1:30--sh..ericas comin over whenever...kimi might come over which would rock...

my backa nd neck hurt......JEREMY!!! come crack my back again!!....IT HURTS!!!!

i need a massage

my tummy still hurts a little too...

i guess thats it
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erica came over today... then me and her went to the sign to meet julia and tyler...and then walked back to my house... we watched movies really and it was fun.. julia and tyler are great... i love them.. i should hang out with them a lot more.. cause they rock.. julia brought over her nintendo games.. and so i get to barrow them..yay

kimi was goin to but then she couldnt and it was sad..i talked to her on the phone though.. she's great..i really love her

i'm really mad at mcfadden...if he doesnt even try to get in touch with me i'm gonna get SUPER Pissed off.. i'm gonna cry..i miss that little fucker

erica just left... its like 7 now.. she's great except when shes BITCHING ALL OF THE TIME!!!!.......haha......just kidding...i love it.. i bitch at her back

apparently morpheous is better than kazza ..but i havent checked it out yet....i'll probably end up getting it

my dinker pissed me off....apparetnly he used my email address at hotmail to get a subscription for porn..which pissed me off...i'm mad at him now... damn ari cohen's little brother.....grr!!!!!

i think i'm gonna go hang out at the mall like all day tomarrow......as if i have anything better to do.. i dunno.....i liked it there....hangin out with the exdruggies and druggies.. they are great people

this weekend is the big 3 day party at Marc's house (dude from arcadia).. i'm probably gonna go for maybe 2 of the days.....i dunno.....depends on if AC and brit go.....he's great..he doesnt wear shoes.

i was really mad at some peopel and then i talked to tommy and he made me feel better....he's great
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