July 19th, 2001


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so today... i'll more than likely be at the mall all day.......supposably hangin out with jenny and possibly erica.. and the rest of the people in front of the blue entrence....i hope AC is there today cause i wanna ask her about if she's goin to the party this weekend.. i'll have my cell..254-5308... call me if u want to do anything more than likely i'll be doing nothing at the mall as opposed to my house...

i cant find my "i did not escape...they gave me a daypass" shirt... and thats sad

so yeah....i'll be at the mall....


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OHI i found my camera !!!! online.....for 798.99 as opposed to 1000$ at best buy... so yay!... hopefully i'll get it before i leave

i have my testing for my placement classes on august 7th at rockville campus..... i'm still in shock of how i got into a college....(mk) but still a college)

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i'm talkin to mcfadden.....

he hasnt left FL yet...he's leaving today..

DivaVivaLF (10:44:45 AM): hey
Air4me2384 (10:45:04 AM): leaving in like 30 min for MD
DivaVivaLF (10:45:20 AM): i thought u got here on like sunday
Air4me2384 (10:45:38 AM): LOL
DivaVivaLF (10:45:45 AM): the 15th
DivaVivaLF (10:45:52 AM): whatever its all good
DivaVivaLF (10:46:07 AM): dont forget to come visit me
DivaVivaLF (10:46:09 AM): i'll cry
Air4me2384 (10:46:52 AM): I'll visit (might even stay the night O:-)
DivaVivaLF (10:46:58 AM): score

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the CD in italian that my mom got me is really cool...she got it cause the guy on the front is hot... hehe.....its like and italian phil collins......its great!...i'm like wowies!...it has a duet with cher.. which is odd...hehe.....its cool....words in italian are just SO SEXY...i love italians....hehe....i would LOVE to goto italy one day..that would fuckin rock

so i met up with erica and jenny and jenny's sister at the mall.. we walked around.. no one really cool was outside so we didnt hang out there much.. i was planning on staying all day..but Jaime Paige and Audrey and others werent coming and so it wasnt as cool...plus if i hung out outside i was gonna smoke and i really didnt feel like smoking... cause its bad for you and stuff like that.. so yeah..... hehe.. i talked to kimi on my cell for like a half an hour.. it was awesome.. she might come to Marc's Party with me.... and so might mcfadden..which would fuckin ROCK!... so umm....

me and erica went to funcoland and i bought teenage mutant ninja turtles and a gun for NES>.. so we can play duckhunt......score....i bought TMNT as a present for Rob... and erica is kepeping the gun.. so its all cool

me and erica went to get food...but before we left we went to search for Jenny and Kat (her sis).... we went ALL AROUND that fuckin mall.. looked in all the prep stores.. couldnt find them.. so we went to get food...

i'm talkin to keira right now.. she worked at White Flint... not montgomery.. she's hot.. i love her.. she's been one of my buds since kindergarden..she's great..

Highlights of the day:
1) talking to kimi today
2) seeing Aaron Moss in the mall.....damn he's awesome..... i still have a mini crush..i think i always will..he's great..sexy jewboys gotta love 'em
3) seeing Will (the phone guy)...he was there..he's great..i love him....i want his necklace.. its little rainbow beads (cause he's gay) ....its so cool..i love it

i think thats all for now....ericas comin over in like an hour.. the end

oh Jenny's dad wont let me use his chainshirt for otakon so i have to find somethign else to use...i need a Chain Shirt!!!...

my shoe fuckin broke today.....i fixed it with duct tape

someone loves me!....for some reason i'm still confused....hehe... he's great...its all about potatoes

lidontno1 (8:14:49 PM): *grrin*
I can come back in a few minutes/ an hour...
But if you want to go do something, for goodness sake, go do it!
lidontno1 (8:15:22 PM): Or you could keep me company while I'm reading *grrin*
DivaVivaLF (8:15:28 PM): i dunno....i dont really feel like talkin.....i'm tired.... and i dunno....
lidontno1 (8:16:10 PM): go sleep...
I can call just ring and wake you up later or something...
I be ring ring alarm like hotel
DivaVivaLF (8:16:21 PM): yeah!! definatly
DivaVivaLF (8:16:25 PM): that would rock
lidontno1 (8:16:40 PM): Like when?
DivaVivaLF (8:16:53 PM): i dunno.....an hour or so
DivaVivaLF (8:16:57 PM): whenever
lidontno1 (8:17:10 PM): two or three hours?
I need to go read..
DivaVivaLF (8:17:16 PM): like after 10
DivaVivaLF (8:17:21 PM): that would be cool
DivaVivaLF (8:17:26 PM): cause then my 'rents are asleep
DivaVivaLF (8:17:29 PM): and its all good
lidontno1 (8:17:36 PM): wait you Eastern time right
DivaVivaLF (8:17:40 PM): yeah
DivaVivaLF (8:17:43 PM): its 8:17 now
DivaVivaLF (8:17:44 PM): hehe
lidontno1 (8:17:57 PM): 8:15 actually fix your clock
DivaVivaLF (8:18:11 PM): its actually 8:18 now.......i like my clock
DivaVivaLF (8:18:12 PM): hehe
lidontno1 (8:18:25 PM): one sec...
lidontno1 (8:18:42 PM): 16:40 right...NOW
DivaVivaLF (8:18:50 PM): why?
lidontno1 (8:18:52 PM): yeah you is wrong
DivaVivaLF (8:18:58 PM): so i'm worng
lidontno1 (8:18:59 PM): fix clock
DivaVivaLF (8:19:01 PM): i'll live with it
DivaVivaLF (8:19:06 PM): no
lidontno1 (8:19:09 PM): *grrin*
I like clocks
DivaVivaLF (8:19:12 PM): hehe
lidontno1 (8:19:29 PM): Clocks are funny
lidontno1 (8:19:33 PM): Why clocks?
DivaVivaLF (8:19:42 PM): i dunno
lidontno1 (8:19:44 PM): why not just use radio?
lidontno1 (8:20:06 PM): I mean it's there right now?
lidontno1 (8:20:08 PM): Anyway...
lidontno1 (8:20:11 PM): *grrin*
DivaVivaLF (8:20:17 PM): no
DivaVivaLF (8:20:19 PM): i dunno
DivaVivaLF (8:20:22 PM): i'm confused
lidontno1 (8:20:32 PM): You are amazing...
I love you.
DivaVivaLF (8:20:42 PM): cause i'm confused
DivaVivaLF (8:20:43 PM): ?
lidontno1 (8:20:47 PM): no I love you.
DivaVivaLF (8:20:48 PM): now i'm even more confused
DivaVivaLF (8:20:49 PM): hehe
lidontno1 (8:20:53 PM): *grrin*
lidontno1 (8:21:14 PM): *huggggggggg*
DivaVivaLF (8:21:27 PM): *hugs*
lidontno1 (8:21:32 PM): You are just sooo great!
DivaVivaLF (8:21:43 PM): i didnt even do anything though
lidontno1 (8:21:49 PM): I know!
DivaVivaLF (8:21:58 PM): i'm still confused
DivaVivaLF (8:22:01 PM): hehe
lidontno1 (8:22:13 PM): *grrin*
Don't you get it?
I love you!
DivaVivaLF (8:22:27 PM): you're great!
DivaVivaLF (8:22:43 PM): potatoes
lidontno1 (8:22:49 PM): You don't have to do anything for me to keep loving you...
lidontno1 (8:23:02 PM): PO
lidontno1 (8:23:12 PM): POTATOES!
lidontno1 (8:23:35 PM): TOMATOES and POTATOES?
Waffle House!
Scattered smothered covered

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erica came over and we played nintendo.. DUCKHUNT FUCKIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!..... i almost felt bad for shooting a duck...but then i realized its fake.....it gets out a lot of aggression...anyway

i've been listening to the italian singer guy.....he's fuckin awesome......his name is Eros Ramazzotti.....he's fuckin great!!


i guess thats it

i'm home now
call me

Marc's 3-day party--july 20th-22nd

The Nookery is having a BIG party again this July, and this time, we are getting invitations out on time!

What: Party, with lots of food, games, poetry, music, juggling, conversation, back rubs, silliness, field trips, fun.

Where: The Nookery, our wonderful, BIG, house in Gaithersburg, near Kentlands.Address: 16516 Raven Rock Drive. Phone: (301) 926-8539 (WANT KEY)

Beginning: Friday, 20 July, whenever people show up. There is no too early. If you get here before we are ready, we draft you to help. And don't be shy about showing up at 3:00 in the morning. Someone will be awake.

Ending: Sunday, 22 July, probably after the 22nd is technically over. If you are coming from out of town, and want to come early or stay late,because you hate travelling all this way for such a short time, that can probably be arranged. Give us a call.

Hosts: Marc, Pooh, Sam (aka Poryshkin, aka zenlizard), Margaret (aka Saria)

Birthdays: Two invitees (at least) have birthdays over this weekend. I have no idea if they will be here. If so, we may have special festivities.

Moon landing: We will not attempt one.

Crash space: Is available. Let us know, early, though, if you need it. There is space for tents in the back yard. Bringing tents will probably be a good idea for this one. We usually have more than 50 people when invitations get sent out, and sent on time. I am hoping to organize crash space so people who want to crash early can all crash in the same room, and not be disturbed by ongoing partying. So if you plan to stay over, let me know what kind of hours you will keep. Also, sometimes other Gaithersburg residents (Commuter attendees) have taken crashers home with them. If you know them, you may ask them.

Friends: By all means, bring your friends. Check with one of us first, though, so we have more of an idea who is coming. And show them the invite, so they know the ground rules.

Food: Marc will be making some pizza and lots of bread, and there will be pizza fixings available for anyone else who wants to make pizza. If Tangent, aka omelet boy, is here, he may make omelets at some point. We often do a big pot of soup. There will be Chinese food orders. There will likely be quesadillas made. Banana bread has been known to happen. Often there is a bagel run. If anyone else likes to cook, they will be allowed. No onions, though, because two of the Nookery denizens are hypersensitive to the fumes. There *will* be vegan fare. If you bring something you have made, please provide a complete ingredient list, so that people with allergies can see for themselves whether they can eat it.

Ice Cream: There is a likelyhood that Doug Ayen will show up with his LN2 dewer, so we may try reprising a couple of the best flavors from Baitcon. Even without, I have my little mixers that sit in the freezer, and since we now have a big chest freezer, I can use them.

Games: We like to play games here, but we like people who don't, too. Mah Jongg, Fluxx, Merchants of Venus, Iron Dragon, Settlers, Knights,Cities,Seafarers, and Starfarers of Catan, Cribbage, Chrononauts, Apples to Apples, Guillotine, Eleusis, Pokemon, and a slew of Cheap Ass Games are favorites here. Feel free to bring games of your own. If there is enough interest, there will be a game of Fuzzy Heroes, so bring your favorite stuffed animals. (Or stuffed whatever. Two years ago, Tammy's stuffed broccoli was the hero of the game.)

Poetry and Music: Marc hopes to set aside some time for poetry workshops, readings, and discussions, so bring poetry. Musicians should bring their instruments, and we will find time for playing. We have a number of large seperate spaces in the house, a screened in porch, and a large back yard.

Field Trips: There is usually a jaunt to a used book store. There may be trips to thrift stores, or hikes in the nearby (3 minute walk away) state park, if the weather is nice.

Children: The house is *not* child-proofed, so toddlers will have to be watched. Parents of young children are encouraged to get together and trade watching time.

Alcohol: We don't need alcohol to have fun, and we would rather not have it.
One of the denizens of the Nookery is very sensitive to the smell, as well. If you want to bring homebrew, that is different, but talk to one of us first.

Smoking: Far enough away from the house that smoke doesn't drift in through windows, or bother people on the porch or in the yard. If it is raining,have an umbrella. Please remain outside for a minute or two after finishing your cigarette.

Peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut butter cups: These will be here. Please don't eat them, or open them, where Helgi can smell them. If you anything with peanuts or peanut oil in it, or any other nut, label it, and let Helgi know. He has a life threatening nut allergy.
Onions: These will not be here. (see food)
Other: If you have an allergy, especially a food allergy, let us know. Things people bring should have complete ingredient lists, so pay attention to them.

Parking: Driveway is reserved for handicapped parking. There is plenty of parking on the street, and the school parking lot three doors down should be available on the weekend.

Public Transportation: The Ride-On 56 bus comes practically right by here, and pick-ups at metro stations can be arranged. If you are planning to come from out of town by public transportation, let us know, and we will get you here.

RSVP: If you want to come at the last minute, that is fine. If you know you will or will not make it, though, RSVP. This will give us a rough idea, at least, of how many are coming.


From DC and points south: Take the DC Beltway to I-270 N. Follow directions from I-270 (from the South).

From Baltimore:
Take I-70 W to exit 68, Maryland Route 27 S. Continue on 27 S through Damascus, where they try to get you off of it, to I-270 S. follow directions from I-270 (from the North). Or else take I-95 to the DC beltway, go west (counter-clockwise) to I-270, and follow the directions from I-270 (from the South).

From Philadelphia: Take I-76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, to US Route 15 S. Take that to I-270 S in Frederick. Follow the directions from I-270. Or go to Baltimore and follow directions from there.

From New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and points northeast: Take your local interstate (I-84 with a jog, I-80, or I-78) to I-81 S. Take I-83 S near Harrisburg. Continue on I-83 when I-283 goes straight, and cross the Susquehanna on it. In about 4 exits the Harrisburg Expressway continues on, and I-83 veers south. Get off I-83 onto the Harrisburg Expressway, toward US 11 and US 15. Take US 15 south at the next exit, and follow it to I-270 S in Frederick. Follow directions from I-270 (from the North).

From I-270:
From the south, get off at Clopper Road exit #(10), and turn left at the second light (first real road) onto Quince Orchard Road. From the north get off at Quince Orchard Road, Route 124 (exit 11B), and go through two traffic lights, the second of which will be Clopper Road. Continue on Quince Orchard Road through five more traffic lights, the last of which should be Longdraft on the right, and Kentlands Blvd. on the left. Make the next right, onto Raven Rock Drive. We are at 16516, the fifth house on the left.

>From anywhere else: Take these directions, look at a map, and figure it out.
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i started thinkin about aaron moss again.....weird...i havent thought about him in a while.. but i saw him today so now he's randomly in my head.... and he waved to me..... so its all good..