July 20th, 2001


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Buff's so hot....especially now that she's a year older....she's SO HOT!!!>....and she's naked....under her clothes.....hehe...

buff rocks my world

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today kimi was supposed to come over and she cant now and thats sad.. her mom is makin her do a whole bunch of chores and stuff.. if we cant hang later tonight she's assured me that we are definatlyhangin tomarrow.. which is good.. as long i can still talk to her and see her before she leaves.. she's wonderful.. we have the best conversations.. i love her.. she's gonna be leaving for like FOUR years.. thats so unbelievably sad.. but good for her.. but like sad.. but its ok..i love her

anyway... i'm tired.. i dont know if i'm gonna go to the party thing tonight.. it kinda depends if mcnugget shows up..and i kinda dont really have a ride..

..i cant wait to see mcnugget but i havent heard from him yet.. so i dunno...hopefull he'll show up tonight and we'll hang out.. cause that would rock

i feel like such a fuckin slacker.. i had like 3 go-gurts.. that was like WAY too much gogurt.. i think i might throw up now.. granted i havent eaten anything else....but still..

daniel was supposed to hang out today.. but he hasnt called or anything so i dunno whats up with that and thats sad

i talked to tommy on the phone today.. he's great.. lots of energy, i'm really glad i'm his friends.. i dunno he seems like if i'm not tlaking to him and ONLY him that he's not important and that's just not true.. he is important....he's great and interesting and hot.. so its all good

i kinda want something to do today.... i have a HORRIBLE Craving for pizza.. i want pizza.. i'm debating on ordering it...mmmm..pizza..

i hope buff is havin a good bday cause you know....she's hot.. so its all good

i guess thats it...


call me....i'm bored
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