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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[21 Jul 2001|07:28am]
erica came over last night.......we watched movies....i'm really tired...i talked to daniel on the phone for a while.. he's great..he's supportive and stuff...he's a good friends to me.. mcnugget hasnt called and he better fuckin call today or i'm gonna be pissed off to no extent.. grr..

kimi is probably comin over today!! YAY!!!!!

i fell asleep at like 4..i woke up at 6:30.. that SUX!

"with a rebell yell, i cried MORE MORE MORE!"

i dont wanna talk to anyone this mornin except erica (cause she's here), Kimi--cause she's great, Mcnugget--to hang, or Daniel-- cause he's cool, and then like the clique..not anyone online really..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANIEL (online daniel-not daniel daniel).... *sends you Janet tickets front row...hehe...* (i would if i could)
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[21 Jul 2001|11:26am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

i'm going absolutely insane...... i need chris!..... he updated... and i just realize now that he's getting back the day i leave.. and i wont see him for ANOTHER week! i'm going to go insane.....like about to jump off a cliff insane.... i'm fucking crying!....g-d i'm such a fucking bitch!.. damnit chris! i need a hug.....and psghettie...... well both!!!!!!........chris!!!!!!!!!!!

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[21 Jul 2001|02:35pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so yeah......today i flipped out...... for no apparent reason.i wrote avi 2 letters today tellin him whats up with everything.. and i'm in COMPLETE chris-denial.. kimi said she was comin over today after she runs in the morning.. but she didnt.. so i called her at like 2:15 and no one is home.. so i guess she's just doin somethin.... i dunno...... still no word from mcnugget.. grr.. i'm impatient with him....i want him to show up already!!...... i only have a week before i leave.. and if i dont see him i'll cry...i need to get outta the house..... i'm probably gonna goto the mall... soon.. i dunno.. like probably i'll leave in like 10-15 min... call me on my cell 301-254-5308 ... if u want me


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