July 22nd, 2001


WOW.. Look at all the incredably STUPID things Viva did

so yesterday after erica left.. if that even was yesterday..i went to the mall.. i hung out there.....i actually met up with Biggie in the village and he came with me to the mall.. he told me all about Ozzfest... then we got to the mall and walked around and shit... hung out in front.. we saw twiggs and he told us that AC and Nate was at Wizards...so naturally we go.... and they tell us all about ozzfest... Nate was completly Sunburned all over his face... and on the back of his neck.. bright red (hehe-redneck).... so then biggie leaves and i was debating on going to Marc's party or hangin out with AC and Nate.. and i havent seen Nate in a while so i go with them... well there was this dude named Tom and he was having a party too..so we had to wait until 10 and we got a ride up there.. it was up by muncaster mill ... airpark sort of there...

OH today at the mall...everyone was talking about how this dude mike was gonna kick this other dude's ass real bad.. and we heard people talking about it all day.. like all the mallrats.. then the dude came outside adn akll tehy did was bitch at each other like a bunch of fuckin sissys...no blood, not even ONE FUCKIN PUNCH was thrown.. that pissed me the fuck off...... i was talkin to these 2 hot blonde chicks and they were like "fuck i wanted to see some blood too"... i was like "i KNOW"...anyway.. in the course fo hangin out with AC and Nate... i gave Nate a massage cause he needed it and he got so horny.. me and AC were crackin the fuck up.. it was SO funny.. ..so then we get to this party.. well ok.. here's the thing..i can remember everyone's name and what i drank.. i'm not exactly sure what i did though.. i was REALLY fucked up.. i remember i me, ac and Nate smoked a LOT of weed.. and this dude nick brought over some and it was great..i had 3 smirnof ices, 5 bud lights, 4 natural light beers, like 1/4 of a bottle of Captain Morgans, some random shots of this stuff that tasted like cocoonut... it was great.. AC was worse.. oh yeah...she's not gonna drink tonight... whatever... i remember we were in a group of like 5 or 6 people and 3 of them had guitars, and like people were singin.. and we were all singin with them..they fuckin rock.. ok people who i met

Tom--it was his house.. he was cute

Jay- aka VJay, he's so fuckin cool.. he's great..

Nick--who was makin out with AC at some point and he looked like 12 but said he was 15..and he's takin some class at MK...

mike-- SO CUTE...he was fuckin adorable.. he had the coolest color of hair.. it was like not red, nor orange, but likein between... he's so cool

Ara--one of the gutair guys..he was fuckin awesome.. he was REALLY great!!! really..

Greg-- ara's random sidekick...he was wherever Ara was.. he was like 28 and this big white guy with like a red goatee..which was random

Shari--i think thats how u spell it.. she was FUCKIN HOT.. she was also nick's sister and one of the chicks in the little singie group

Phil--aka Diva... he's cool, he was with shari and he had like random tatoos.. and he was just a cool guy.. one of the guitar players also..

Janna-- a hot blonde chick who was really nice..very sweet girl.. she gave me a random hat at somepoint but AC stole it .. it was like a huge fuckin sombrero

katie-- other hot blonde chick... very nice..answered my phone for me.. a few times.. helped me up when i fell over.. she's great

becky-- so cute.. she looked like 12..but she had like the cutest face.. and she was like the little sober one who was pretending she was drunk and it was funny

then there were like a few more..but i dont remember their names cause i didnt talk to them...

i was really fucked up..and Nate and ac were like in some room with their pants down..but they werent fuckin, i dont think anyway.. i walked in.. saw nates ass and left...

so i called daniel cause he lived around there.. and he was at his friend roland's house with his other friend pat.. and pat came and picked me up and took me to roland's house.. and we hung out there for a few hours until daniel sobered up from whatever he was drinking.. and then he took me home.. OH.. in the middle of that.. pat left.. adn roland was like "i gotta turn off my snakecage lights".. i love snakes and lizards and stuff.. so i was like "can i see the snakes" and he was like yeah...i got to hold them.. they were so cute.. and they feel SO weird..... like against you're skin..its like AMAZING.. or it could have just been since i was fucked up.. but it was fuckin AMAZING.. i couldnt believe it.... then daniel took me home.. i could hardley fuckin walk...

there is a LOT of stuff i dont remember...... but its ok.. like i would have rather hung out with kimi.. but when i called no one was home.. and thats sad..

and i really dont know where the fuck mcnugget is.. i'm like pissed off now that he hasnt even fuckin called... i really wanna hang with him.. DAMNIT

so anyway..if i get over my fuckin bigass hangover (which is rightfully deserved)...i'm probably gonna goto Marc's party today at some point.. brit was gonna go today.. so hopefully i can get a ride with her.. or soemthin..i dunno......i might just not move all day in fear of vomiting.. hehe.... anyway

i'm out..

call me i'm home.... for now

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so i've been defregmenting my computer and sleeping like literally ALL DAY.......i feel like chris i've been sleeping all day.. daniel called to see if i was alright.. which is sweet..considering i was REALLY fucked up last night.. and i talked to AC today too and apparently she and nate did not have sex...hehe...nate apparently couldnt get it up..which is sad....and apprently the 50 yr old (according to AC)... who is actually 28... was like hitting on everyone and its gross...cause he was nasty......for some reason my eyes were closed a lot of the night.. i remember that..cause everything would spin if i opend them...but thats just what i remember.. but i'm like all soberd up now.. my mom came in and was like.." yeah so u were out partyin last night,, u didnt do anything bad did you?!?!"...in the midst of sleeping and not sleeping.. i managed to be like "no mommy, not at all"..without even an eye twitch.. which i'm proud of myself for.. i got home at about 4:30--4:45..or even 5am..i dont remember somewhere around there

OH..yesterday i got the Greatest Hits Billy Idol CD.. oh sweet sweet billy idol... he's goin to the 9:30 club august 8th... we should get a group of people to go!!!!....seriously...cause he rocks!!.....

and i got my pictures from the 2nd balloon fight...of Brian (daddy) with breasts..and jeff...and me with blonde hair....they're really great...

anyway.. call me, i'm still at home i'll be home.. i dont think i'm goin to marc's party..its sad...i hope everyone else had a good time

damn mcnugget..call me


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apparently my mom's hair dresser Tammy (i used to babysit her kids)... is gonna dye my hair a really deep reddish purple tonight.. whatever its all good...saves me the trouble of doin it.. hehe.. ..anyway.... i'm still really tired.. but not like sleepy tired.. more like a lazy tired.. well not even that.. just i dunno tired..

stacey S is sick..thats sad.. get better damnit!..i love you

i started thinkin a LOT about kimi...and when she leaves and i got sad.. and i cried...she'll be gone for like 4 years.. like 4 fuckin years!!... thats a REALLY long time!!.... i know we're probably gonna break up cause u know it wouldnt work out.. and i think that would be beter if kimi had her freedom...she's gonna meet some pretty hot army studs.. hehe.. and its all good.. as long as she doesnt forget me.. i asked her to marry me.. and she finally said yeah... so we'll eventually get married.. eventually... probably in like 30 or 40 years.. i love her.. she's so wonderful..