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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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sleepless [23 Jul 2001|12:27am]
[ mood | bored ]

so yeah....i cant sleep cause i slept like all day..which is sad.... i was watching all the shows on HBO and then QAF.. it was the episode when melanie gets Gus' parentl rights from Brian.. justin and Brian are SO cute when they're together.. and i just love Debbie.. she plays the role SO WELL!!...the whole show is phenominal!... anyway

so now i'm board...i got nuthin to do tomarrow cause erica's with her other friends.. who i dont know,,.. (look people i dont know)... so i got nuthin to do tomarrow.. might goto the mall.. i dunno

Billy idol --august 8th, 9:30 club.. my rents dont want me to go cause its in the bad part of DC>. .... like i didnt work in adams morgan for a year and a half.. ON BEER NIGHT!!>.. like that wasnt fuckin dangerous... fuck that shit.. i'm goin!!! people come with me!... anyway..

i'm like completly sobered up now.. geez.. its all good to say that now.. i feel better... i think last night was like EXACTLY what i needed...it relieved SO much stress and bullshit... tom's great for having a party..

anyway..i guess thats it...if u wanna talk tonight call my cell.. or just IM me or somethin..whatever

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[23 Jul 2001|12:33am]
my neck and shoulders hurt SO much....i need a back/shoulder rub!
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what?? huh?? [23 Jul 2001|12:42am]
a random inside quote from last night:

"wait a minuet! ITS NOT LOBSTER!!!!"--nate
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[23 Jul 2001|01:24am]
the billy idol concert on august 8th at the 9:30 club is 35$ according to erica
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mall [23 Jul 2001|11:07am]
so ok......i went to sleep at 5am..i woke up at 11...... i'm good to go now.....someone call me......especially mcnugget..... damnit...grr.....anyway....its all good...i got nuthin to do call me... if no one calls...i might goto the mall.. maybe..i dunno....
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[23 Jul 2001|12:23pm]
grr......my grandparents want me to spend the night there tonight and help them clean and shit tomarrow.... and i REALLY REALLY dont want to.. but i have nothing to do so i dont really have an excuse.. adn i have until like 3 to find one.. grr..i REALLY hope mcnugget calls today.. cause then i can just be like no.. i got a friend over.. OH!!! GRRR!!!!!

i really really dont wanna go... DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT

what do i do....someone call me! or come over!
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[23 Jul 2001|01:33pm]
i think i'm gonna goto the mall...call my cell 254-5308... please...anything to not goto my grandma's house
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[23 Jul 2001|06:26pm]
hey everyone......to avoid going to my grandparents i went to the mall.....i ran into my baby marc (frankel).. ..i almost forgot how adorable he was.... he's SO CUTE!!!!... and then his buddy rueben.. he's cool.. then i called Kimi.. and we talked.. then fedeli showed up to fix the fountain in the mall.. and he's cool.. and then marc and rueben left.. then fedeli left...then i ran into some of the mall rats.. and they're cool.. Shannon --kevin's gf-- she lost her wallet which had like 50$ and all her Ids and shit.. so that really sucks for her...

then i ran into biggie and one of his kids he watches... he works at this place that like helps autistic kids.. the kid like grabbed my boob and then my ass...and then i ran away cause that was weird.. this kid, this little boy who looked like 7.. its just not right.. so i ran away...

i saw Stacey at the mall.. Stacey E.. she's cool...its all good.....

i basically huing out int he fodo court area......i didnt go outside cause i knew if i did i would smoke and that is NOT good.. so i didnt go outside..

i blasted Billy Idol all over the mall on my cd player..i'm like......OH BABY OH BABY.....billy idol is so much hotter than like anyone in the universe......i've very much into 80s rock right now.. 80s.. yum..i personnally think it was one of the best decades... there was still drugs and sex... but better music and nifty clothes.. its all good

then i took the 55 to germantown cause i thought it was the 59.. i'm going blind.. thats not good..
i also have a hearing problem..i cant hear certain things or i hear random things..

anyway...i'm home now..... no calls from mcnugget yet..... grr....anyway

lates..call my house
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tv is good [23 Jul 2001|09:52pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

still no word from mcnugget..... i've spent the whole night like watching tv..... its great.....that's pretty much it...i guess.... livejournal has been actin up a lot..i wish i could afford a paid account.. but i cant.. and that's sad... i wanna hug......

i'mm ore than likely not doing anything tomarrow..so i'll probably end up back at the mall......go fuckin figure...

call my house......i'm bored.... and lonely :(

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:( [23 Jul 2001|10:14pm]
someone hug me
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my lil bro [23 Jul 2001|11:01pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i've been talkin to my "adopt a gay boi" little brother who is in NJ...he's SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! i just love him to peices..he's absolutely great!...

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[23 Jul 2001|11:58pm]
i'm having a very dirty conversation with scotty about his disney world trip.......DAMNIT no geckos......hehe

SoccerScott2002 (11:54:58 PM): well one day the rain was like buckets
SoccerScott2002 (11:55:13 PM): I was wearing a white shirt too
DivaVivaLF (11:55:17 PM): thats the funniest line in the world!!!!!

DivaVivaLF (11:55:25 PM): hehe
DivaVivaLF (11:55:38 PM): one day the rain was like buckets
DivaVivaLF (11:55:38 PM): hehe
DivaVivaLF (11:55:41 PM): its great
SoccerScott2002 (11:55:55 PM): then I went on splash mountain and was even more soaked
SoccerScott2002 (11:56:11 PM): I'm glad you like that line
DivaVivaLF (11:56:18 PM): oh baby oh baby
DivaVivaLF (11:56:23 PM): scotty in a wet t shirt
DivaVivaLF (11:56:23 PM): hehe
SoccerScott2002 (11:57:58 PM): my shorts were soaked too and you could almost see through them
DivaVivaLF (11:58:06 PM): oh baby oh baby
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