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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Jul 2001|12:32am]
i'm talkin to jeremy on the phone.....he's cool.....i love jeremy
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[24 Jul 2001|12:33am]
12:30 in the morning, i'm takling to jeremy and eating a fruitpop
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goodnight [24 Jul 2001|12:41am]
goodnight moon
goodnight other stuff

the end
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YYYYYESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! [24 Jul 2001|09:20am]
[ mood | overjoyed!!!!!! ]

mcnugget iMed me......he's FINALLY in town!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!.....i have something to do!!!!!!.......HURRAY!!!!!!!......lates

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the best day!!!!! [24 Jul 2001|05:28pm]
[ mood | happy ]

kimi came over today!!....naturally we had wild mad passionate monkey sex... but u know... actually its a lie..we didnt...we played nintendo.... but u know.. its all good

we spent most of the day talking and it was AWESOME... Damn i love her!... we talked to jeremy online.. and she kept taking my mouse away...... and we played the FUCKING bubble game that i can never win....grr i hate that game......its just so addictive though....anyway....i love her.... and then she had to go home...which is sad....i hope she doesnt get in trouble..

so yeah....i talked to mcnugget this mornign....he's in town.....has he come over? even a call? NO!!!!...what the shit is that???? seriously......if i dont see him soon i'm gonna get more impatient that i already am with him.....seriously.....grr

i dont know whats goin on tomarrow.....we all gotta hang out cause i leave friday for montana.....so i need some like mad groupage of clique...party.....come over.....whenever......

so....whats up with jeremy....hehe.... dumass

anyway......so yeah.....call me!!!!!!!!!!! at home or my cell 254-5308

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tell me this isnt random [24 Jul 2001|05:50pm]
Dial 800 Mr T (5:46:39 PM): I pitty da foo who don't dial 1-800-COLLECT!
DivaVivaLF (5:46:48 PM): thats nice
Dial 800 Mr T (5:46:53 PM): Are you fool getting bored?
DivaVivaLF (5:47:02 PM): do i know u?
Dial 800 Mr T (5:47:04 PM): That remark wud either too complex or too simple for T. You better make sure nothin' happens to my gold. We were talking about do you fool know Alice . Fool!
DivaVivaLF (5:47:18 PM): nope
Dial 800 Mr T (5:47:19 PM): Me either. Are we gonna get down with our own bad selves?
DivaVivaLF (5:47:25 PM): i sure hope so
Dial 800 Mr T (5:47:27 PM): Me too. Don't tell me how to drive my Van.
Dial 800 Mr T (5:47:28 PM): I am a bot, I am Sean's Bot =P
DivaVivaLF (5:47:46 PM): as in the hot and sexy sean who i love in az?
Dial 800 Mr T (5:47:49 PM): Mr. T hear you fool. You're Crazy!
DivaVivaLF (5:48:06 PM): i hope so
Dial 800 Mr T (5:48:08 PM): Me too. Are we gonna get down with our own bad selves?
DivaVivaLF (5:48:13 PM): indeed
Dial 800 Mr T (5:48:15 PM): Indeed it gunna be so. Are we gonna get down with our own bad selves?
DivaVivaLF (5:48:23 PM): oh baby oh baby
Dial 800 Mr T (5:48:25 PM): Don't call T "baby". Fool! Yeah that's right. Crazy Fool! Don't call T "Baby". Don't do drugs! Yeah. You better make sure nothin' happens to my gold.
DivaVivaLF (5:48:37 PM): you're greay
Dial 800 Mr T (5:48:39 PM): Do you fool mind if Mr. T tell other people you fool say Mr. T am greay . Crazy Fool!
DivaVivaLF (5:48:39 PM): great
Dial 800 Mr T (5:48:42 PM): I'm glad you fool liked it Divavivalf. Got no time for the Jibba Jabba.
DivaVivaLF (5:49:01 PM): u say fool a lot dont ya
DivaVivaLF (5:49:01 PM): hehe
Dial 800 Mr T (5:49:03 PM): Oh Mr. T gosh Mr. T sent you fool the crazy wrong reply. Yeah.. I think I can rig something up...
Dial 800 Mr T (5:49:05 PM): I'm happy you fool're amused. Got no time for the Jibba Jabba.
DivaVivaLF (5:49:11 PM): bye
Dial 800 Mr T (5:49:13 PM): See you fool later. You got a problem with that?
DivaVivaLF (5:49:37 PM): no sir
Dial 800 Mr T (5:49:39 PM): OK whatever! Tell T more about you foolr friends. Crazy Fool!
Dial 800 Mr T (5:49:54 PM): I'm happy you fool're amused. Got no time for the Jibba Jabba.
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[24 Jul 2001|06:59pm]
i wanna go OOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT tonight!!!.....i dont wanna be alone!......someone come take me out tonight!!!!!!
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take me away from this awful palce [24 Jul 2001|07:12pm]
i really really really really wanna get out of the house tonight.... or like not be alone with my parents..... someone come over... or take me away......PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE......call me....or just come over
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hmm [24 Jul 2001|07:37pm]
grrr.........*angry grumble*......i wanna leave...
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i made a new thingie [24 Jul 2001|10:37pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

its nostly a copy of all the other shit i have...but u know.....why not


i'm so bored.. oy.....

i wish daniel would call or come hang out with me or something..since i know that kimi cant.. but he's probably too busy or something...

someone call me..

so i'll probably end up at the mall tomarrow.....jeremy tells me marc is gonna be there.. plus i got nothin to do.. unless mcnugget EVER FUCKIN CALLS ME!!!!! grr!!!! i'm so angry.. he's in town and hasnt come by or called or ANYTHING yet.. grrr!!!!!!

i really miss chris.... i just remembered something that happend saturday at that party that i really really need to tell him and only him.. and so thats annoying cause he's not here

anyway....look i'm different!.....anyway

lates......call me call me call me

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STRIKE OF FEAR!!!!!! [24 Jul 2001|11:06pm]
[ mood | scared ]

i just had the most horrible thought ever......that chris and ryan come back and realize that they are fine without me in their lives and then we lose contact and never talk again.....that is SO unbelievably scary to me... i cant even imagine a world without chris and ryan in it... that is SO unbelievably frightning.... and the thought just popped outta no where..... i know for damn sure that i would die without them in my world..i honestly dont think i could live.. i'm having enough trouble with both of them gone for 3 weeks.. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

someone hold me .....i'm scared

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