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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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today ...... [25 Jul 2001|09:31am]
today i'm going to the mall as usual... HOPEFULLY some certain people will show up (ie.. MCNUGGET!).. but ten to one he wont... grrr... anyway...so call my cell...... and come hang out with me... or take me away to go someplace so much cooler...

i dunno......grr

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[25 Jul 2001|09:39am]
call my cell if u wanna hang 301-254-5308
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today [25 Jul 2001|05:16pm]
[ mood | in pain ]

so i went to the mall today...got a new bag.. its cool.its greenish.. hang out with AC for a while..she works at 6 today..i talk to rene at suncoast for like an hour or so.. she has the greatest stories...i get a call...FINALLY...from mcnugget...he is like i'll be at ur house from like 2-3.. its like 2:0-something now.. so i call my mom cause the bus would take WAY too long..so my mom comes..we hightale it outta there mike is waiting on my drive..he's BIG.. like broadshoulders...(nice arms)....he's like big macho football player prep..so we hang out.. he wont let me take a pic of him.. but i think i managed at least 2... maybe 3.. in the process he fuckin cut my finger and its hard to type now and i'm pissed off.. i also think he stole the only pic i have of him.. the one when he's like with binyam and they are flickin off the cameras...then he left.. minor sexual tension.. NO HOOK UPS! (thank g-d)... not worth my time.. if he lived here my bet is he'd barley talk to us.. probably hang out with the other jocks and shit.... and he's like a druggie.. semi.. i dunno.. he looks fucked up and sounds like it all of the time..

avi got fired from camp... which is sad..so he's home now.. and i love him and i think he should come hang with me..i love him

and so i'm going back to the mall i think..... and possibly marc (c) will come hang with me.. and possibly avi too...maybe if he feels up to it

---call me 254-5308



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