August 8th, 2001



ok so i'm home now.. i'm not too sure i wanna go to the mall with erica and jenny today.. i probbly will but i'm just not too sure...

me i bit rob a few times yesterday... then we had a really intense conversation...its all good now

I"M MISSING BILLY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm SO unbelievably sad :(... i dont know if i can ever forgive myself for not being able to go.. oh the horror of it all...

hopefully people will randomly come over today.. erica, daniel, maybe jenny, i dont know.. i dont particularly feel like going out.. its SO hot outside...

my mom leaves on thursday.. to monday.. fun fun... i'm gonna eb in baltimore for otakon.. i'm debating on just making a sign that says "i couldnt afford a chain shirt.. so i'm using this as a replacement" the guy at katsucon with the box on his head that said "i am a gundam"...hehe... fun fun

anyway... i rank so i'm going to shower.. lates
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    Nelly Feat. Jagged Edge - Where da Party At


apparently its my stepbrothers birthday.... UCH>.... his age is somewhere between 20-27... somewhere in there..i dont remember... whatever... step siblings...

so i have to go out to dinner with my family... double uch.. i'm missing billy fucking idol and hanging out with chris..... little fuckers

random note.. i really DISLIKE IMMENSLY michael mcfadden..he should be stabbed with a pointy whittled stick..from montana


if u all wanna know about me... or call or somethin..i'm not gonna type it all out
it smacks of effort
i got my pics back though
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la did da di da

ericas gonna come over for a little bit..

no call from daniel..he's like washing his car or something

i got my pics back from montana... yay...

gotta love hot 43 yr old gay men with penis rings... definaltly gotta love them...

i'm sleepy

call my cell tonight..i'm definatly gonna need an excuse to get out of dinner every chance i get.. i hate family shit


next weekend ... my rents are going out of town and i want to have a party... on friday or saturday.. or both..17th 18th.. or even sunday 19th... cause u know they are leaving thursday and coiming back monday... so u know i miss the parties.. its all good.

i'll have more details later


i talked to ari tonight (ex-ari).. we might hang otu next weekend.. he might come to my party (pending i have one)... he's my buddy

daniel was supposed to hang out with me today but didnt.. he was probably busy ... as usual

i think i'm either gonna go play nintendo (while i still have it)
or watch tv for like 5 hours

they changed all the channels around..its confusin..

anyway.. yeah.. call my house up to 11:47pm if u want me..after that.. call my cell