August 9th, 2001


so yeah..

apparently chris is coming over tomarrow to abuse my nintendo that i'm not giving back to rob until he bitches for it... hehe.. mule

my back HURTS... so incredably much..i was at the airpot in denver and they had a massage thign and this 6'9 (hunk a chunk of yummy black man) gave me a massage.. but he REALLY sucked at it.. so now my back erally hurts and i need a good back rub!!.. any volunteers???

i'm sleepy.. i goto sleep soon...
daniel might come bring me coffee in the am.. i doubt it.. but he might.. its all good

chris be comin tomarrow afternoon..
NINTENDO!! whahoo!!

RIGHT ON!!! that's BITCHEN!!
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"damnit i forgot to ask for danny"

so yeah..daniel was supposed to come over this morning.. he didnt.. go fuckin figure.. no call or anything... whatever..

chris came over.. we played nintendo for like 5 hours... we FINALLY beat super mario 3... without using the whistles.. we like beat the whole thing.. it was crazy!... chris beat most of it (bitch)..hehe...good times good times...

we ordered pizza and forgot to ask for danny.. i ate WAY too almost the whole pizza...i threw it up cause i ate to much..but its ok..

i'm thinking about going on a juice fast... like nothing but juice that i made in my juicer.. my 43 yr old gay man with a penis ring (aka john david or JD aka my illigitimate father ) was telling me about it..... it hink its a really good idea.. its supposed to clean out ur system and give you a LOT more i think i'm gonna do that.....i gotta see whether i'm going to alaska first.. i doubt i am...but still.. its the 20th-25th..we'll see

anyone wanna hang out tonight??

apparetnly rob's van got wrecked (he and mom are ok)... but now a whole bunch of us are out of a ride to otakon...i dont know whats gonna happen...just someone should fill me in..cause its ya know.. tomarrow.. hehe

anyway.. i should pack or somethin..

call me at home or on my cell 254-5308

i'm bored
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my dirty dinkers IM info

If G-d does have a last name, do you honestly think it's Damnit?

What happened to the first 6 ups?

What happenes if you scare yourself half to death twice?

Why does the Lone Ranger have a partner?

There are two kinds of people I dont date: Men, because Im not
gay, and feminists, because they want to be treated like men, and Im
still not gay.


rob just called

so he's pickin me up in the am and everyone is meetin at his house...then we are all driving up there..and kimi is gonna meet us later that night...i'll have my cell phone all weekend 301-254-5308...its at the baltimore convention center

its friday through sunday..i should be home like sunday night i think.. at some point on sunday..

its all good.. see u all soon
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dooby dooby doo

jordan is comin over tomarrow mornin... NO not for coffee (chris)...hehe.. to pick up his skateboard.... apparently tiha,stacey,lila and emily are giving me a ride to otakon.. so its all good..

jordan in the am.. anime freeks in the evening

good times.. good times

i'll have my cell all weekend.. call me call me call me..301-254-5308
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