August 13th, 2001


happy bday daniel

today is daniel's birthday.......well sunday was..

he called me at like 1am.. he's drunk off his ass....go figure..

i've been talkin to a real sweet guy named Charlie...he's a nice guy...


i'm so upset over this whole thing with kimi leaving....i really dont want her to go... and i really dont want her too not love me as much as i love her.. i knew that it was coming up that she's leaving....i was preparing for it in my head... but i didnt realize it would suck this much...oh man... this is really getting to me......i feel like crying like every 10 min..its horrible...stupid love... grr..
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    Janet Jackson - Escapade


i'm in the mood to just be liek everyone get the fuck away from me.. but i'm not.. i'd talk to people.. i just feel like absolute shit....chris says things will get they will....but still it sucks right now
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    Fuel - Bad Day


ok..i got my aol back.. my webpage is still fucked up though.... hmm...apparently if i send emails to over 50 people at a time more than 3 times they have to investigate it


you need to know that not everything i about you! it..I"M goin through shit right no..and u think its because of you and it isnt... just chill out.. and just because i'm igoring cause of my shit..doesnt mean ur not my friend...and when u write shit like "no one likes me" and " i wanna die" it hurts my feeelings so fuckin STOP !!!!
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    Live - The Dolphins Cry


aside from my dentist apt with sherwin kevy--i love sherwin--funny guy----thats at 11am......i'm going to the fair with ryan... i finally get to goto the fair.. i've never been to a fair.. so yeah..she and i are going around 4-ish...

it will be good.. hopefully i can scrounge up money...

i've been listening to A LOT of en vogue lately...they fuckin rock.. one of the first women groups.. i love them... i want to re-live the 80s.. big hair.. other sitcoms.. good times..
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    En Vogue - Free Your Mind