August 16th, 2001


so yeah..freshman mike

DivaVivaLF (9:51:59 AM): mike..i'm having a 3-day aprty this weekend... friday saturday and sunday
DivaVivaLF (9:52:31 AM): come friday leave sunday......u should come....and get everyone else to come daria and julia and nicole
inex226 (9:53:08 AM): Mike isn't here right now. But I will tell him OK This is his Grandmother
DivaVivaLF (9:53:46 AM): hi.. thanx...this is viva....


so yeah.....i'm up.

my 'rents leave at around 1pm-ish.. i'll be alone....

i dont know who/how many people are coming this weekend.....its all good.. doesnt bother me....
no alcohol or drugs and i'm fine

friday..salvation army is comign to take some whoever is ehre will just have to ignore that.. my grandparents are going to randomly stop by at random points this weekend....i'm not sure when though... so yeah.... uh oh.....but its ok.....

oh man i love billy idol!....
(sorry random)

so friday.. supposably JT is coming... my friend Charlie.. and Daniel..and even possibly ari.. so that should be amusing...

i know its wrong and probably wont happen but i'd hook up with ari again...... he's an awesome kisser.. not that any of u need to know that.. but it doesnt matter...anyway

i hope jeff comes at least one of the days...i have a cute little present for him..
its SO cute!!!!

i'm sleepy...i got nuthin to do people shoudl come by today.... Mirabai comes home in like 10 days... sweeet... anyway...

i guess thats it.. call me 254-5308 or if u know my house me on that
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today i'm not doin anything so anyone can stop by and/or call...

i have the most horrible craving for beef jerky..its horrible....look what montana did to me!!!..

i need stepdad gave me money to go buy milk..but i dotn wanna walk there... someone go get me milk..or pick me up to go get milk..

stupid whores!


cal me and/or come over


so yeah i've been playing nintendo all afternoon....super mario 2 to be exact..for 4 fuckin hours.....i hate that game.. but i love it

my neck hurts like a mother fucker i need a massage.....OY!!!!!!

someone come over i dont wanna be alone

DUDE!!!!!--the site has been closed

dude....ari's kickass mp3 site closed....cause he's a slacker...check this out

Dear loyal users of,

After close to two years of operation, has decided to close. The motivation for this action was not the recording companies, musicians, or any another MP3-related reason. I simply lack the motivation and time to continue updating and maintaining the site. Therefore, as of Friday July 20, 2001, at 11:00pm, all pages on will close, and will no longer be accessible to the public. In addition, the domain is for sale. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in purchasing this domain, please contact I will also maintain this e-mail address for several monthes, until a buyer is found.

Although will no longer continue to exist, there are still plenty of websites out there which have MP3s. Despite the demise of Napster that seems eminent, there are other programs for people to use to connect to each other. Always remember that we are still the MP3 generation, and the recording companies will never be able to stop digital music, because it is the wave of the future.

I thank you all for your continued support, and patronship of my site.

Ari Rabkin

how weak is that....... i'm mad....i'll yell at him later
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i have beenbored off my ass for the whole entire day......and finally like 10 min ago chris calls... which is the highlight of my day cause NO ONE.....not one other fuckin person called or came by or anything...... grr

my back hurts

i need a hug

so alone!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so alone......someone come over!!!!!!................i dont wanna be alone......this sucks.......i need a hug!!!!!!............someone call and or come over.....

i really hate being alone...especially at night......its scary.....stupid trees

please please please come over
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i'm watching the boy in the plastic bubble...this is like one of the saddest movies ever...... uch i'm so pathetic.......

i dont wanna be alone!!!!!!!!

hopefully people will show up tomarrow!.........

so yeah.... my conversation with ari

DivaVivaLF (10:45:29 PM): hey whats up
Beesonwhatnow (10:45:33 PM): yo
DivaVivaLF (10:45:46 PM): u comin to my 3 day party this weekend?
Beesonwhatnow (10:45:55 PM): probably not
Beesonwhatnow (10:46:03 PM): i don't know
Beesonwhatnow (10:46:05 PM): maybe
DivaVivaLF (10:46:09 PM): not even for one of the days?.....not even for a little bit?
Beesonwhatnow (10:46:12 PM): i'm not sure what i'm doing
DivaVivaLF (10:46:22 PM): u should at least come for a little bit.....and bring people too.....
Beesonwhatnow (10:46:28 PM): i might i don
Beesonwhatnow (10:46:32 PM): i don't know
DivaVivaLF (10:46:34 PM): its all good
DivaVivaLF (10:46:40 PM): dude....u shut down ur site!
DivaVivaLF (10:46:49 PM): i went there today and it was all closed off....that's sad
Beesonwhatnow (10:46:51 PM): i know
Beesonwhatnow (10:46:55 PM): i got tired of dealing with it
Beesonwhatnow (10:47:02 PM): that reminds me, i need to close the e-mail thing
DivaVivaLF (10:47:24 PM): its ok...its just sad
DivaVivaLF (10:49:09 PM): so whats up with you..what have u been doin?
Beesonwhatnow (10:49:24 PM): nm
Beesonwhatnow (10:49:35 PM): working at jcc camps, which end tommorrow
Beesonwhatnow (10:49:40 PM): wooooooooooo i get paid!!!!!!
DivaVivaLF (10:50:29 PM): fun fun!
Beesonwhatnow (10:50:35 PM): ype yep
DivaVivaLF (10:50:40 PM): what r u gonna do for the rest of the summer?
Beesonwhatnow (10:50:56 PM): bum around
Beesonwhatnow (10:51:04 PM): i'm going with my sister up to boston in a week
Beesonwhatnow (10:51:08 PM): and visit colleges and stuff
DivaVivaLF (10:51:41 PM): good times good colleges are nice.... i have a really hot friend named mckenzie going to colelge at boston.. she's really hot....hehe
Beesonwhatnow (10:52:19 PM): nice
DivaVivaLF (10:52:39 PM): i'm all registered for my MC classes.... its frightning...actually going to good news i dont have to get up before noon......and i dont have class on fridays or the weekends
DivaVivaLF (10:53:21 PM): in bad news take my tech classes i have to take 6 fuckin different calculus classes
DivaVivaLF (10:53:26 PM): i hate calculus
DivaVivaLF (10:53:38 PM): i'm debating on changing my major
DivaVivaLF (10:53:41 PM): but its all good
DivaVivaLF (10:53:58 PM): we havent hung out all summer and we should
Beesonwhatnow (10:54:17 PM): 6 classes?
Beesonwhatnow (10:54:23 PM): what r u majoring in?
DivaVivaLF (10:54:34 PM): tech communications and tv production
Beesonwhatnow (10:55:18 PM): and you need caclusus?
Beesonwhatnow (10:55:23 PM): and six classes of it?
Beesonwhatnow (10:55:24 PM): wierd
DivaVivaLF (10:55:52 PM): 6 different classes.... yeah....i had it all explaind by the random professor dude
Beesonwhatnow (10:56:10 PM): that's really odd
DivaVivaLF (10:56:58 PM): yeah.....its for a 2-year program 6 different calculus classes for 2 years.. plus my prerequisits and the tv production class.
Beesonwhatnow (10:58:13 PM): that blows
Beesonwhatnow (10:58:23 PM): do you have to take summer courses too?
DivaVivaLF (10:58:53 PM): yeah...but its ok....i'm taking 3 classses fall semester.....i could...i ten to one will unlessi actually end up going to israel next year..... or alaska or something
Beesonwhatnow (10:59:04 PM): ah,
Beesonwhatnow (10:59:22 PM): but how do you take 6 math courses in only 4 semesters?
Beesonwhatnow (10:59:28 PM): assuming you trasfer after 2 years
DivaVivaLF (10:59:58 PM): the tech classes dont count on a transfer to a 4 year school
DivaVivaLF (11:00:16 PM): its an applied science... its for like career building and stuff.
DivaVivaLF (11:00:33 PM): thats why i'm thinkin abuot changing my major so i can get an associates degree
DivaVivaLF (11:00:49 PM): so i can transfer... granted i dont know what to change my major too but its all good
Beesonwhatnow (11:00:49 PM): oh
Beesonwhatnow (11:00:54 PM): they don't count?
Beesonwhatnow (11:00:56 PM): why not?
Beesonwhatnow (11:01:10 PM): you should like try to work for a tv studio in your spare time too
Beesonwhatnow (11:01:16 PM): like an internship r something
DivaVivaLF (11:02:01 PM): soon as i complete my resume i have like 12 places i'm gonna send ti out to.. and the 7 places i already applied to werent highering when they said they were.. so ......yeah..
DivaVivaLF (11:02:07 PM): hopefully i'll get something
DivaVivaLF (11:02:32 PM): i wish the cable company paid me but thats all volunteer work... i'm a liscenced field technician
Beesonwhatnow (11:02:38 PM): nice
Beesonwhatnow (11:02:45 PM): what do you do for them?
DivaVivaLF (11:02:45 PM): thanx
DivaVivaLF (11:03:03 PM): i videotape stuff and they put it on that public tv channel that hardley anyone watches
DivaVivaLF (11:03:15 PM): like interviews and county events and stuff
Beesonwhatnow (11:03:44 PM): oh, how boring
Beesonwhatnow (11:03:54 PM): you should interview me cuz i'm a "fireman"
Beesonwhatnow (11:03:55 PM): sort of
Beesonwhatnow (11:03:57 PM): bwahahaha
Beesonwhatnow (11:04:04 PM): i couldn't even watch myself cuz i don't have cable
Beesonwhatnow (11:04:08 PM): bwahahahahahahahah
DivaVivaLF (11:04:11 PM): some of its cool.. most of its boring.....firemen....its been done
Beesonwhatnow (11:04:11 PM): i don't why that's so funny
DivaVivaLF (11:04:12 PM): hehe
DivaVivaLF (11:04:40 PM): its the county channel....
Beesonwhatnow (11:04:54 PM): ah
Beesonwhatnow (11:04:59 PM): how interesting
DivaVivaLF (11:05:05 PM): it used to be 21.. but i dont know what it is now
DivaVivaLF (11:05:12 PM): with the new fandangled channels they have
Beesonwhatnow (11:05:18 PM): oh
Beesonwhatnow (11:05:24 PM): that's ok, i don't have cable anyways
DivaVivaLF (11:05:45 PM): its all good

Auto response from Beesonwhatnow (11:05:45 PM): dealing with sister's laundry, back in a jiffy

Beesonwhatnow (11:08:42 PM): yep yep
DivaVivaLF (11:09:10 PM): so yeah......uch..i hate being alone
DivaVivaLF (11:09:18 PM): u should come over and keep me company
Beesonwhatnow (11:09:28 PM): right now?
DivaVivaLF (11:09:31 PM): granted its like 11.....but its all good
Beesonwhatnow (11:09:32 PM): i have to work tommororwow
DivaVivaLF (11:09:46 PM): what
Beesonwhatnow (11:12:52 PM): hmm
DivaVivaLF (11:13:28 PM): yeah u should come over
Beesonwhatnow (11:13:35 PM): eh
DivaVivaLF (11:14:13 PM): i'll take that as a " yes i would love to come over and hang out with you"
Beesonwhatnow (11:14:13 PM): i'm ored
Beesonwhatnow (11:14:15 PM): bored
DivaVivaLF (11:14:18 PM): hehe
Beesonwhatnow (11:14:20 PM): what shuold i do
DivaVivaLF (11:14:26 PM): u should come over
DivaVivaLF (11:14:34 PM): i have a regular nintendo
Beesonwhatnow (11:14:42 PM): so do i
DivaVivaLF (11:15:22 PM): i have a shit load of will be fun
DivaVivaLF (11:15:24 PM): come over
Beesonwhatnow (11:16:38 PM): eh
DivaVivaLF (11:16:47 PM): come on!.....u know u want to
Beesonwhatnow (11:17:08 PM): eh
DivaVivaLF (11:17:26 PM): ;-)
Beesonwhatnow (11:17:36 PM): :=0
Beesonwhatnow (11:17:39 PM): :-0
DivaVivaLF (11:18:11 PM): come on... its all good
DivaVivaLF (11:18:17 PM): come hang out with me
Beesonwhatnow (11:18:21 PM): not tonight
DivaVivaLF (11:18:26 PM): oh you suck!
DivaVivaLF (11:19:18 PM): u shoudl come anyway
Beesonwhatnow (11:19:35 PM): nah
DivaVivaLF (11:19:48 PM): why?
Beesonwhatnow (11:20:14 PM): not tonight
DivaVivaLF (11:20:26 PM): ok.... but still

my peer pressure didnt work.....i know i'm upset.....i hate being alone..and i was this close to having company *makes random hand gesture*
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i think in the morning i'm going to go grocery shopping... i have like 5 $ which i need to get milk with.. so yeah.. good times..

tomarrow morning i'm going grcery shopping... i'll leave a msg on here.. call my cell in the am