August 19th, 2001


QUACK!!!!!!!! where's the peptobismol.. OMG I ATE A WHOLE THING OF PICKLES!!!!!!

after i kirked out at like EVERYONE from lack of sleep.. jeff kirked out in the middle of the night when i was sleeping...danile showed up at 2am with his new asian gf..who is SO HOT!!!..who wants to be his gf or something.. she likes him a lot.. and i didnt say anything.. whatever its all good...i was asleep but from my understanding.. daniel went downstairs in his boxers..jeff was on a quest for peptobismol.. and they ended up talking for like a half an hour..i'm confused...

today i have to go out with my grandparents but i'll be home by everyone come after 6....if u are gonna stay over tonight u have to leave by noon the next day..(being monday)

it so unbelievably sucks to be a woman..

i miss chris

if u need me for any reason at all today call my cell 301-254-5308
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so daniel left htis morning with his girl.. thats all good.. jeff left aroudn 11:30-ish..i left to go out to lunch with my grandparents..then to a movie..i saw Rush Hour was funny..i saw Shannon (kevin's gf)..i love her.. and her mom.. hehe... then when my movie ended i was walkin around watiing for my grandparents movie to finish.. the people at hamburger hamlet made fun of my pants (asshole waiters)...then like 20 min later i saw mr gardner and his 12 yr old gf..she's not 12..she looks 12.. btu yeah..he was wearing like skater shorts and adidas shoes..he looked so ghetto..

i'm madly in love with dippen dots..the pspace ice cream or whatever...i LOVE IT>.....its just SO good!!

i'm so tired.....i slept last night... but like not really.. cause i had to get up at random times cause daniel..then randoom wakings.. and uch..i'm tired

my party will still go on tonight.. but everyone has to be gone by like noon tomarrow morning... its all good...

so come over... i just kinda wanna make out with someone....nothing big.. but u would be nice.. ..maybe ari will come...he said he probably wasnt though.....i dunno......

so yeah people come over.....and/or call me at home
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