August 20th, 2001


its over!

so the party is over....i slept from 4am to 11:05.. mike stayed until about 4..we were just talking about yeah.i have nothing to do......i need to clean..i missing encampment for USY....i'm not in USY anymore and thats sad.. but u know...yeah...i dont think i would have gone anyway.. the whole dirty dinker thing.....i dont know if i could go through THAT again....

i still need a job....

i hate cleaning..


so call me ..we'll do something....good times good times

if i'm up to it..i might end up going to the mall.....but i doubt it
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today i'm going to the mall with ben's little brother..... i adore we're going to the mall

i've been tramatized by my mom..i refuse to tell....UCH>>>..anyway..

yeah..i'm going to the my cell after 3

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all day thats what happend.. jon would say slut.. adn i would be like dork..and it was funny.we endded up going to the mall.. good times.. bothered james.. justin and bobby never showed up.. whatever.. i'm tired...the rents come home tonight around if anyone wants to come over before then..they can..

i still cant get the cable box to work even though my step dad told me how.i did exactly as he still doesnt work..i need to know exactly what buttons were pressed when u all fucked it up... and i dont know how to unhook the nintendo from the televeision.. i dint hook it in and i cant reach behind and get the someone needs to come over and do it!...

i dont know if i'll be able to do the juice fast thing..i dotn know if i have the stamina for it...i really want to though.. but u know.. i want good tasting shit.. anyway,.i dunno

someone come over now.. or call or something
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