August 26th, 2001



mall... hookup with random dude agian behind spencers.. almost get what i wanted.....random chick walks int he back hallway.. stays.. DAMNIT!.. then AC (yay).. spencers.. i took a jkey chain that says "your mom is hot"...hehe... then greg and jordan show up.. then they leave.. but greg comes back later and is like..yeah we might goto corner kick.. (after i was bitching how much i wanna go).. they were supposed to call to pick me up and they didnt do either.. they suck.. grr.. so i waited and waited and see if AC could give me a ride..but daniel called and was like yeah i'll give u a ride.. so yay...then he left with asian chick..and like then came back over at like 11:30 and hung out and bitched about his women troubles..he's now passed out on my couch (aka asleep).. he had a random conversation with my mom.. whoa...hehe...

apparently my 43 yr old gay man with a penis ring (aka John David).. is comign down next weekend with his partner David.. but i wont be here!!!! i'll be in FL!!!... damnit..... i leave for FL on tuesday...monday, all day and night i'll be at my grandparents house.. then i leave on tuesday and supposably come back sunday.. then start college on tuesday..

i saw rob today......he rocks...

my 'rents are going on a cruise on sept 9th..for like a week..... so i g the house to myself..parties....hehe......well no...probably not....damn school....peopel can still crash if they want though..

i'm debating on actually going to the mall will be my last day to be a mallrat.. but like i dunnno......i'm tired....gah!.. i'll more than likely end up there......

congrats to erica for getting a job!!!!..(even though i'm secretly jealous cause i want a job--but not a petsmart)..

best wishes and love to ryan.. if u need someone..i'm here for ya babe..

my new goal is to get chris ass....cause i've had my share i guess...he needs it....

anyway....thats all for me at home....unless i'm not which case call my cell

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this morning

daniel stayed on my couch last night.. suprisingly enough my 'rents didnt mind.... this morning...he left in a fit of rage when he found out that cathrine (his love) took some guys virginity.. so he went to go kick his ass.....he left in a fit of rage...hehe... he's like madly in love... but he's confused.. i love a friend...he's a great friend.. i'm really glad i can be there for him... yeah he's not as much of anything i used to think.. he's a decent guy.. good guy.. good friend..

i miss charlie.. he rocks my world..i'm tallkin to him now.. he's still a sweetie

so tomarrow i leave for my grandparents house in Silver Spring...i'll have my phone but i dont know how much i'll be able to use it...u call and leave me messages and i'll get back to you

i really just wanna goto chris's today and hang out all day.. but i dunno if i can....i dont wanna goto the mall...but i'll probably end up there anyway.....

so anyone want to do anythign tonight? denny's? movie? anyone?

call me
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ok new plan

i'm going to the mall today....tonight i wanna go see a movie.. and i want people to come.. either Jay and Silent bob strike back or summer catch..or AP2.. or whatever...but i want all my friends to come and people should call and we'll get a time and everythign and we can meet at the mall since i'll be there anyway??? what do ya think?

call my cell 254-5308
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