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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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hmm [27 Aug 2001|12:49am]
i went to the mall today..met up with jon and ben snow..i hadnt seen ben in like FOREVER!!!!.....then hugn out with random mallrats incluiding oliver who went to crystals with me.... i love him...he lives in silver spring.. i got his number..... jimmy wasnt there so i'm keeping his braclet......i got a free cinnebon today from jesse who loves me..he's cool wit me.. james was gonna give me a preztle but they ran ou...but its all good

i saw Jay and silent bob strike back with erica, james and rob... i LOVED IT! its the funniest movie with lots of references to other kevin smith movies....anyway.. eliza dushku...yum

tomarrow i leave for silver spring at noon...call my cell after noon...before noon call my house..i will be back on sunday.....hopefully befoore then
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[27 Aug 2001|10:00am]
i'm awake......stupid telelmarketers....call me at home before i leave at noon......

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[27 Aug 2001|11:55am]
bye all...see u in a week
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OMG!!!!! [27 Aug 2001|11:22pm]
[ mood | horny ]

dude.ok all day i've been thinking about sex.. sex with other people.. other peopel having sex.. my friends having sex with other people.. then in my random day thoughts billy idol and like chris having sex with billy idol..then like me kicking chris's ass for having sex with billy idol...

dude i really just wanna fuck charlie.. damnit..he's like implanted in my head now.. he's great..i really want to get to va tech one weekend..for real though..shit

all day i talked about the mall...i really am a mallrat..when i'm not there i talk about it.. OMG.. i'm such a loser

i leave tomarrow mornign for FL with my grandpa.. call my cell..i have it.. its all good...

i'm bored.. i've been watching bet and mtv and vh1 today and the random movie rushmore..which makes no sense at all


yeah..thats all.bye

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