September 1st, 2001



ok.. after like 20 hours in a car back and between i saw summer catch..which is a cute movie..g ot hit on by the random ugly guy whio works at the movie theatre in Fl....i didnt catcha lizard like i wanted..they were so cute..i had to wait like 2 hours in SIlver spring before i could go home! and i've been thinking about sex all goddamn week!!!..damn Charlie to hell...actually not.. damnit i want him!..grr..its not fair i cant have him.. not yet anyway..i've amde a personal desicion that i want to call jon (like ex-asshole jon) and meet hoim..hopefully he'll meet me..i want to thank him for certain things (shut up chris)....i want to thank him and then be like..yeah this is what u cant get anymore..its all good

i wanna go out tonight!!!!!

i'm madly jealous of jordan going to the weezer concert! me

i wanna go out tonight
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whatever i'm annoyed.....i'm alone and sad....i'm lonely.. like John David and David are here...but they are like hangin out with my mom.. and like my mom isnt even payng attention to me....which is like whatever..but i'm sad..and lonely..adn i still want ass.. andwhatever.. i'm goin to the mall tomarrow..i gotta give jimmy back his braclet.. i REALLY want a ciggarette.. (i know i know..smack on the wrist)..dont worry i dont have any..and AC whatever

i really want someone to smoke me up..i wanna get fucked up..i have one bottle of mikes hard lemonade..but like that wont fuck me up..but whatever... chris found my dream book.. speakin of dreams i had a weird one..which i'll ask someone to interpret later..

oh ..chris and i are getting married...hehe

Blue02Dude (9:46:22 PM): viva viva viva.......will you marry me in 2034 in Las Vegas with a transsexual gay stripper and Jordan dressed as Elvis as our witness?
Blue02Dude (9:46:24 PM): hehehehe
DivaVivaLF (9:46:31 PM): maybe
DivaVivaLF (9:46:35 PM): i'll get back to you
Blue02Dude (9:46:44 PM): what?!?!?!
Blue02Dude (9:46:45 PM): bitch
Blue02Dude (9:46:47 PM): hehe

but its true ya and chris will eventually get married and like have one of those relationships without sex..cause and chris.. but yeah..we're getting married

anyway..i'm lonely..tomarrow i want to hang out.. i'll be at the mall but people should call my cell ..damnit..i want to hang out with people.. my friends.. not mallrats... damnit..

mirabai is home..i really miss her..i want to hang with her and all my freshman (now sophs)..i love them SO MUCH!!!!...ahh...anyway...i miss her hugs..i promised her a party.. but yeah

ok my 'rents go away sept 9the to the 16th.. party..come crash whatever..i have class..but its all good..i wasnt invited to julias movie thing..i'm sad.. whatever.. i'll live.. me at home or on my cell but i robably wotn answer it cause its upstairs and i'll be downstairs watchin tv or something.. my house
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