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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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all kinds of mornin [02 Sep 2001|09:53am]
[ mood | bored ]

John David and David left this morning.. they should be back kon sept 17th or somewhere around there...i love them SO much..they are just the coolest...john david did open my box of coco puffs.but i'll live.. my mom really hates that i have them.. but its all good..

apparently stacey, andy and other stacey arent friends anymore.. i dunno..its sad..they are sall still my friend though.i hope they work it out..

some 14 yr old in colorado wants to go out with me.. hehe.. i just think thats funny..

on to the mall i guess..not now..i'm probably gonna end up going around noon or 1..as opposed to 2 or 3.. whatever call my cell 301-254-5308

i'm supposably getting my grnadpas old e-machine so i'm thinking about selling my uncles computer.. anyone interested..it works great.. its got i think windows 98..not sure.. i'll check it out.. its all good... .it has acid tetris on it..its so cool..hehe.

umm.. i wanna hang out with my buds before school starts..hopefully tonight..cause chris isnt having his thing.. DAMNIT! i wanted speghettie.. i'm sad.. but i'll live..

for the MTV awards on the 6th..i wanna have a thing..so we can all hang out and watch and stuff.. on the bigass tv.. cause u know it rocks..

i also still have monkey bone from rob..i havent seen it yet..anyone wanna come watch with me? call me


yeah..call my cell today if u want me


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new plan... [02 Sep 2001|11:16am]
[ mood | content ]

today i'm going to the mall (as planned)..then nick (funny monkey buddy) nick is gonna meet me and we'll hang out at the mall..then i'm gonna go hang out with AC and Shannon and see the 4:40 movie atlantis at the rio..i've never seen it and neither has AC and she wants to..then i'm free...i'll be at the mall until whenever.. call my cell 301-254-5308...


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